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Following along with popular IT-related newsletters is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with innovative developments, news stories, and rising trends in our industry. These newsletters are short reads that get delivered directly to your inbox. In other words, all you have to do is sign up, open your email… and voila! 

That said, there are countless newsletters out there. For many IT managers, the most difficult question is where to begin. Luckily, we are here to help. Our team at Atera has vetted and reviewed each of these newsletters, and we are confident that this is the definitive list of IT newsletters for 2024. 

So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out our top picks for this year. 

The 15 must-read IT newsletters

Stay informed and ahead in the ever-evolving world of IT with our curated list of the top 15 must-read newsletters. From industry trends to expert insights, these newsletters are your go-to source for staying in the know.

#1: The hacker news

The Hacker News is one of the most popular cybersecurity news sites on the internet. They also have a carefully curated newsletter made for anybody in the IT space. In other words, it is designed especially for YOU. With over 120,000 subscribers, you can join a robust community of IT professionals who are soaking up knowledge in this daily newsletter. Subscribe here.

Subscribers: 120,000+
Main Topic: Cybersecurity
Release Schedule: Daily

#2: Import AI

With the onset of AI-powered IT and the exponential growth of AI (artificial intelligence) in the IT industry, staying on top of AI and utilizing it in your organization is crucial. Import AI is a weekly newsletter written by industry expert Jack Clark. With over 48,000 subscribers, Import AI is a must-read for anyone interested in how AI will shape the future of our society… and let’s be honest, who isn’t wondering that? Subscribe to Import AI here.

Subscribers: 48,000+
Main Topic: Artificial intelligence
Release Schedule: Weekly

#3: SRE weekly

Launched in 2015, SRE Weekly is an unusual newsletter that covers the ins and outs of website outages. The writers share why websites, and sometimes entire web platforms, go down – but better yet, they discuss what can be done differently in the future to prevent downtime. For any IT professional, SRE Weekly is a fascinating look at how to amplify security, efficiency, and productivity by limiting outages. Subscribe right here. 

#4: IT brew

An offshoot of the popular daily newsletter Morning Brew, IT Brew is made specifically for IT professionals. It covers a range of topics from cybersecurity to software development… and then some. 

With a focus on the current trends shaping the IT industry, IT Brew is the perfect daily dose of reputable info and down-to-the-minute news for anyone in the IT space. The best part? This one is short! It’ll take you just about 5 minutes to read, because its authors understand that you are busy. Subscribe here. 

Subscribers: 6,000,000+
Main Topic: IT trends
Release Schedule: Daily

#5: Benedict’s newsletter

With a focus on tech and upcoming changes in the industry, Benedict’s Newsletter is a favorite of IT professionals across the nation. Curated by Ben Evans, the publication is released every Tuesday and covers topics like machine learning, augmented reality, tech industry trends, and business news. With in-depth commentary and a curated selection of links, this newsletter is sure to get your brain churning. Subscribe here.  

Subscribers: 150,000
Main Topic: IT trends
Release Schedule: Weekly

#6: DevOps’ish

This popular weekly newsletter is targeted at… you guessed it… DevOps folks. Curated weekly by DevOps expert and cloud computing enthusiast Chris Short, DevOps’ish offers links and articles with a technical slant. Much of the content centers around open source cloud, DevOps culture, and the like. Plus, they provide a roundup of funny IT mishaps that are sure to get you laughing. Subscribe here. 

Subscribers: Unknown
Main Topic: DevOps
Release Schedule: Weekly

#7: DevOps weekly

Can’t get enough of DevOps? Well then we have another newsletter for you! A developer, product owner, and designer at Sync, Gareth Rushgrove curates this weekly newsletter focused on trends and news in the DevOps space. Plus, Rushgrove shares updates with subscribers about his favorite hobby: playing around with up-and-coming programming languages. What’s not to love? Subscribe to DevOps Weekly here.

Subscribers: Unknown
Main Topic: DevOps
Release Schedule: Weekly

#8: Gartner for IT

While you may have heard of the publicly traded tech consultancy firm Gartner, you may not know that they also have an IT newsletter that educates IT professionals on everything from IT automation to disaster management. And as a research firm, their newsletters are even powered by relevant and helpful data.  Subscribe to the Gartner for IT newsletter here.

Subscribers: Unknown
Main Topic: IT Trends and News
Release Schedule: Weekly

#9: IDG’s enterprise top stories

This newsletter is made up of top stories from 6 websites under the IDG umbrella; Computerworld, Network World, CIO, CSO, InfoWorld, and JavaWorld. It offers a 3x/week roundup of IT news and trends that you can’t miss out on. While you’re at it, you might want to consider signing up for their more general AI and tech newsletters as well. Subscribe to Enterprise Top Stories here.

Subscribers: Unknown
Main Topic: Software development
Release Schedule: 3x / week

#10: The AIEdge newsletter

Compiled by author Damien Benveniste, the AIEdge Newsletter is focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Topics often cover machine learning applications, machine learning system design, machine learning ops, and other news and trends in this area. If you are interested in the growth of AI in the IT industry and beyond, this is a smart pick. Subscribe here.

Subscribers: 10,000+
Main Topic: AI and machine learning
Release Schedule: Twice weekly

#11: TechCrunch

While not IT-specific, TechCrunch offers a variety of newsletters for anyone in the tech space. Whether you are interested in more general news or specific topics like crypto or fintech, TechCrunch has a newsletter for you. We particularly like TechCrunch AM & PM, the brand’s hallmark newsletter that is released twice daily to ensure you are alway in the know about the latest developments in the tech space. Subscriber to a newsletter of your choice here. 

Subscribers: 1,000,000+
Main Topic: All things tech
Release Schedule: Twice daily

#12: Bizarro devs

This popular, niche newsletter is a hallmark of the tech space. The publication has branded itself as the go-to place to get tech and IT news that the mainstream media has glossed over or missed entirely. Released weekly, each edition comes complete with three key stories – plus, you’ll get a monthly collection of ten must-see links to further your learning and numerous quirky statistics in the tech and IT fields. Subscribe here. 

Subscribers: 11,000+
Main Topic: Tech and IT news
Release Schedule: Weekly

#13: The download

This daily newsletter is compiled by MIT Technology Review, making it an extremely trusted and reputable source for breaking IT news and information. While some other newsletters on this list are conversational, The Download typically applies a high-level lens with deep commentary and philosophy to its analysis of tech trends. It’s a great place to discover the latest in the tech sphere, especially if you are looking for a deep dive. Subscribe here.

Subscribers: Unknown
Main Topic: Tech news with a philosophical slant
Release Schedule: Daily

#14: Tech Daily

From Bloomberg’s tech department, Tech Daily is a popular newsletter that looks holistically at the world of tech, IT, and beyond. Instead of simply collecting and compiling the day’s top tech stories, the Tech Daily team leans on Bloomberg’s strong talent base to recreate these stories in a narrative format that leads to enjoyable reading. Subscribe here. 

Subscribers: Unknown
Main Topic: Tech news
Release Schedule: Daily

#15: TLDR

If you’re looking for a short burst of information that you can consume in under five minutes, TLDR is the newsletter for you. The publication’s tagline, “byte-sized news for busy techies” truly says it all. In one short email, delivered daily, you’ll find summaries of all you need to know about top stories in science, coding, tech, IT, and more. Sign up here. 

Subscribers: 1,250,000+
Main Topic: Tech news
Release Schedule: Daily

Dive into the top IT newsletters today

When you are looking to broaden your horizons and stay on top of the latest IT news, these newsletters are a great place to begin. In each one, you will find fresh perspectives, timely insights, and top updates to ensure you are always ready to participate in workplace conversations about the latest IT developments. 

Looking for a space to converse directly with your fellow IT pros? Don’t miss Atera’s online IT community, where like-minded individuals come together to troubleshoot, support one another, and discuss the latest industry trends. Plus, dive into our knowledge base to explore timeless articles and down-to-the-minute updates on all things IT. 

Continued learning is crucial for anyone in the IT space, and with these resources, you are set up to stay on top of new IT developments and ensure you’re always in the know. The only question now is… which one will you read first? 

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