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Everyone learns in different ways — some of us like reading articles, others watch videos, and many of us enjoy listening to podcasts to soak up information. Whether you are walking, driving, or even cooking dinner, listening to an informative and fun IT podcast can be an excellent way to discover new IT trends, explore interesting topics, and learn new skills. 

That said, there are a seemingly limitless number of podcasts on streaming platforms that you can choose from — so where should you begin? Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you. 

We’ve collected our top ten IT podcasts so that you can dive right in without going down the rabbit hole of browsing. Whatever your IT interests, you’re sure to find a podcast that gets the job done for you. 

10 best IT podcasts to keep learning in 2024

Looking for a career change or a new job in IT? Hoping to expand your skills and learn about fresh topics? Want to stay up-to-date on the latest IT news? These podcasts have got you covered. Here are our top ten picks to get your listening started. 

#1: Ticket Volume

Hosted by Matt Beran, Ticket Volume is a weekly IT podcast that is focused on IT service management, with episodes that diverge into cybersecurity, AI trends, and more. 

With a wide selection of episodes and renowned guests from the IT industry and beyond, Ticket Volume is a must-listen for anyone looking to modernize their understanding of IT and stay in tune with the hottest conversations in our space. 

#2: IT Visionaries

The IT Visionaries podcast is a high-level exploration of new trends and developments in the IT space that features weekly interviews of executive leaders in IT. Recent episodes have focused on cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (artificial intelligence). 

AIOps and AI-powered IT are featured strongly on this show, so if you want to stay on top of what’s next in the IT sector, IT Visionaries is a great place to start. 

#3: Darknet Diaries

One of the more niche podcasts on this list, Darknet Diaries takes a closer look at… you guessed it… the dark side of the internet. This podcast has a rabid following of IT professionals who love soaking up the narratives that host Jack Rhysider shares about hacking, data breaches, and cybercrime. You’re sure to walk away from this one with a renewed appreciation of the importance of cybersecurity

#4: Risky Biz

Speaking of cybersecurity, the Risky Biz podcast offers deep analysis, news, and interviews with industry experts about IT security issues. You will get the scoop on everything from the latest ransomware attacks to the complexities of international cybersecurity regulations and relationships. 

Hosts Patrick Gray & Tom Uren are seasoned IT profs who aren’t afraid to get into the nitty-gritty. This podcast will make you want to get your latest IT security certifications ASAP. 

#5: The Cloudcast

You might have already guessed the topic of this IT podcast from its name… but The Cloudcast is all about cloud computing. A fixture of IT podcasts since 2011, The Cloudcast is released weekly and features interviews and updates with leaders in the IT space. 

Topics include cloud-based software, open source, and severless. For IT professionals interested in the cloud, this podcast is a must-listen. 

#6: ITPro

As the name suggests, ITPro is a podcast that keeps you up to date on all things IT. As they’ve been airing episodes for a very long time, if you have a question about IT, ITPro has probably covered it. 

And for those who learn better in other ways, ITPro also has an IT newsletter where they focus specifically on AI and cybersecurity in the IT space, in case you prefer learning through reading. 

#7: Linux Unplugged

This one goes out to all you Linux lovers out there! 

A self-described “Linux talk show,” this podcast is released weekly and dives into all things Linux. If you work closely with Linux operating systems or are an open-source fan, this podcast may be a great place for you to get the most up-to-date information about your native OS and related news stories. Check out Linux Unplugged here. 

#8: Heroes of IT

While this podcast has not been updated in a while, we still love listening to the backlog of episodes on here. Heroes of IT brings on veteran IT professionals to discuss hot topics in the IT industry as well as funny stories, career growth, and successes and failures they have experienced. Past guests have included IT pros who work with organizations like the Golden Globes, Essence, Snap, and more. 

#9: Service Management Leadership

A daily podcast with a rotating schedule of hosts, Service Management Leadership is focused on ITSM (IT service management). It’s targeted at current and hopefully, ITSM leaders who want to learn more about the business, managing people, and achieving success in the IT space and beyond. While the conversations are more high-level than nitty gritty, this is an excellent show to listen to if you have dreams of rising up the ranks in ITSM. 

#10: The IT Experience Podcast

This podcast, brought to you by the team at HappySignals, is focused on how to provide users with a better experience in the IT realm. Topics include making data-driven decisions to improve outcomes and customer satisfaction rates for both IT departments and MSPs (managed service providers). For ITSM professionals — and really anyone in the IT space — this podcast is an unconventional look at how to do business in the world of IT. Listen here.

Listen to the top IT podcasts today

There are about a million reasons why listening to information technology podcasts is a great use of your time. You will be able to discover new areas of interest, stay up-to-date on the latest IT news and products, and continue developing the skill set that makes you incredible at your IT job, among other great benefits. 

During your commute to work, while you’re walking your dog, or while you are simply lounging around at home, put in your earbuds and tune into one of these top IT podcasts. 

While the sheer number of options across streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music can be overwhelming, we have narrowed it down to ten of the best IT podcasts in 2024. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start listening!

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