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Welcome to the big game Monday Survival Guide for IT professionals! In this post, we’ll explore the unique challenges faced by IT warriors on Big Game Monday and provide valuable tips to help them stay healthy and productive during this demanding period.

What is Big Game Monday?

Big Game Monday is a phenomenon that occurs after the big football game on February 11, where many employees call in sick due to the festivities of the previous day.

With more than 25 million U.S. employees expected to skip work following the big game on Sunday, February 11, 2024, IT professionals have no room for taking a day off. While others take the bench, IT MVPs are there to tackle any issue.

Pre-game preparation

Tip 1: Prep like a Pro

The night before, set the stage for success. Organize your desk, lay out your superhero IT cape (aka your favorite hoodie), and prepare for battle. Remember, a well-organized station is half the battle won!

Morning rituals for the IT brave

Tip 2: Caffeine is your co-pilot

Embrace the magic of coffee. Whether it’s a triple espresso or a gallon of green tea, let caffeine be your guiding light through the fog of Big Game Monday.

Tip 3: Master the art of email jujitsu

Facing an inbox with more unread emails than there are fans at the big game? 

Channel your inner email ninja and slice through them with precision and a bit of whimsy.

Meeting survival — stay awake, stay alert

Tip 4: the power of strategic nodding

Stuck in meetings while your brain is in sleep mode? Master the art of strategic nodding — it gives the impression of deep contemplation, even if you’re replaying the best big game ads in your head.

Handling IT emergencies with heroic flair

Tip 5: expect the unexpected

Be prepared for anything, like the time someone spilled their super-sized soda on the server. Remember, in the world of IT, every day is an adventure, especially after the big game!

The lunch hour — more than just sustenance

Tip 6: Choose your fuel wisely

Opt for energy-boosting foods that won’t leave you snoozing at your desk. Think of it as fueling up your internal processor for optimal performance.

The final countdown — surviving the afternoon

Tip 7: Laugh in the face of adversity

As the clock ticks down, keep your spirits high. Remember that time you almost rebooted the entire network, mistaking a screensaver for a system meltdown? Laughter is, indeed, the best medicine.

Embracing the Big Game Monday Challenge

As we conclude this guide, remember that IT professionals are the unsung heroes of big game Monday. Your resilience and humor not only keep the digital world spinning but also bring light to the bleakest of Mondays.

Share your stories

We’d love to hear your own tales of big game Monday heroics or misadventures. Share them with us on social media (remember to tag Atera, and use #Atera ##BigGameMonday4IT) and let’s keep the spirit of camaraderie alive!

Calling all IT heroes: Sign the petition for Big Game Monday as a day off! 

IT heroes, as you navigate the challenges of big game Monday with your incredible expertise and unwavering dedication, we invite you to join forces and make your voice heard. 

While we wait for national recognition, we’re stepping up so that IT pros can get the post-game day off they deserve. And to show that we stand by our words, we’re offering world-class prizes to match.

Atera’s campaign for a day off after the Big Game aims to recognize the tireless efforts of IT professionals like you. By signing the petition, you can contribute to the movement and help us advocate for the well-deserved rest and recognition you deserve. 

Together, let’s rewrite the rules and ensure that IT pros are granted the respite they need after conquering the chaos of Big Game Monday. 

Sign the petition today and let your superhero status shine!

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