Augments IT Automation and MSP Efficiency with Enhanced Monitoring and Auto correct Capabilities, this release contains a huge suite of upgraded processes and features. So, let’s look at the line-up this month.


First out of the gate, huge improvements to IT Automation processes in the form of Auto Healing via scripts, several new out of the box Threshold Monitoring Items, and a new ability to assign your scripts to a category for easier script management.


Just behind our automation front runners we have a host of efficiency improvements including simplified and improved Agent and Remote connection processes.


The next big feature in the running is detailed invoicing, something that many of you have been asking for and we are now proud to deliver, alongside new Notification Alerts for Expiring Contracts so you will always be on top of your contract management.


Finally, bringing up the rear we also added, improved Ticket Timer options, as well as a host of other features you can read about in more detail below.


IT Automation Improvements

  • Auto Healing (Scripts): This new feature triggers a script to run when a Threshold level is exceeded e.g. an alert on hard disk usage will be automatically remediated with a script to delete temp files, or if a specific service stops a script will automatically run to restart it. For more information on this feature see the KB.
  • New Out of the Box Threshold Monitoring Items: Some powerful new features and improvements to Threshold Monitoring. See the list below for additional items that can now be monitored:
    • Monitor Disk Active Time
    • S.M.A.R.T Disk Monitoring
    • New Service State ‘Monitor Existence’ option
    • Monitor Multiple Event id’s
    • Process Monitoring
    • Excluded Drives

For more information on this feature see the KB.

  • New Script Category Feature: The new Category feature gives you the option of classifying your scripts by category making them easier to organize and search for. You can think of this feature as a ‘folder’ for your Atera scripts. For more information on this feature see the KB.


Enhanced Efficiency

New Agent Installation Process

The new agent Installation process streamlines the installation process by adding several new capabilities:

  • Integrated trouble shooting diagnostics: If an installation failed, the step will be identified with an exclamation mark, and a button will be available on the right-hand side to help you resolve the issue.
  • Company selection at install: You can now select which company the agent/s will be automatically allocated to when installing the agents at the customers remote site.
  • Share agent installer link: You can now share the agent installer link with your customers. This new feature provides you the option to send a direct link to download your customized account agent.
  • There are also links to new detailed diagnostic files that are available to be viewed in browser.

For more information on these features see the KB’s:

New Agent Installation Process

Share Agent Installer Link.


New Remote Connection Process

The new remote connection process makes it much simpler and easier to launch Splashtop Remote Connection to a new device. Simply click connect and enter a simple code provided by the user and you are ready for remote support in moments.

For more information on this feature see the KB.



Detailed Invoicing

This new feature in the Billing Batch form allows you to generate detail invoices based on grouping by three different options.

  • Contract
  • Ticket
  • Time Entry

For more information on this feature see the KB.



Notification Alerts for Expiring Contracts

Use the new alert drop-down to set a notification to be sent when a contract is due to expire within:

  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks
  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months

When a contract hits the selected expiration warning date a notification will appear in the Atera notification area and an email alert can optionally be sent.

For more information on this feature see the KB.


Everything Else

Wake on LAN

This new feature wakes a PC or Server from shutdown mode via LAN if it is connected to a power cable.

For more information on this feature see the KB.


Ticket Reply Draft Mode

With this new feature once you have started typing into the ticket reply box the entered text will be auto-saved after five seconds. Once you return to the ticket you will see the option to Restore or Discard the draft text.

For more information on this feature see the KB.


New Time Entry Feature

The improved Time Entry clock simplifies the process of manually entering and editing exact start and end times for work performed.

For more information on this feature see the KB.


Edit Ticket Title

This new feature provides the ability to update the title of a ticket once it has been created.

For more information on this feature see the KB.


Invoice Contract in Advance

The new Invoice Contract in Advance functionality provides the ability to bill on any day of a contract period, for example you can now bill upfront for a Block Hours contract and then have the Block depleted over the month. The new feature applies to the following contract types:

  • Retainer: The agreed amount can be billed on any day of the period.
  • Block Hours / Block Money: The overage amount can be billed on any day of the period.
  • Monitoring (Devices and Online Backup): Can be billed a single time on any day of the period

For more information on this feature see the KB.



User Activity Status

You can now view in real time if a user is active on a device, disconnected idle etc. This feature is useful prior to remote connecting to a user’s workstation.

The following statuses are supported:

  • Active: User is working on the station
  • Disconnect: User is disconnected
  • Idle: User did not move the cursor for 5 minutes
  • Locked: User is in lock mode

For more information on this feature see the KB.



Ticket Timer Options

The new ticket timer options allow greater flexibility with your ticket setup. You now have the following ticket timer options.

  • Ticket Timer is Automatically Started: If this option is selected the timer starts automatically whenever a ticket is accessed by a technician. All work hours will be assigned to the ticket.
  • Ticket Timer does not start automatically (Manual mode): If this option is selected the timer is OFF when a ticket is accessed and the technician must manually press ‘play’ to START the ticket timer, and remember to stop it again once work hours are completed.
  • Ticket Timer is Hidden: If this option is selected the timer is hidden from the technician and does not run- this option is good if you want to only enter time tracking information manually.

For more information on this feature see the KB.



Fixes and Updates

Various bug fixes, see the full list here.




A big release featuring important improvements to key Atera processes and a host of other features and improvements.

One step closer to our vision of Atera being the only tool you need to manage your customer’s needs.


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