As the seasons change outside our windows, there’s nothing better than getting in-depth with the Atera C-suite for our fan-favorite, the bi-annual Fireside Chat! This was your chance to hear straight from Gil Pekelman, our fearless CEO, Oshri Moyal CTO-extraordinaire, as well as our rockstar CPO, Tal Dagan. We were also joined by VP Product and Partnerships, Hila Naor – who is a guru on all things integration-related.

If you missed the live event, you can watch it right here, or keep on reading for a recap of all the highlights!

Gil answers… How are things going at Atera?

Atera keeps moving from strength to strength, with more than 11,000 accounts in 105 countries around the world. Our awesome Aterans manage more than 3.5M devices, solving 1.2M tickets each month, and opening 850,000 monthly remote connections!

Our goal is to continue to drive positive disruption in the IT industry, through four pillars:

Product excellence: This starts with high quality, with teams working hard to keep problems and bugs to a minimum. High velocity is also essential, getting the balance of new releases right to meet your needs. And of course, at all times, our service aims to be 5*.

Time savings: Our North Star is efficiency, supporting your businesses in saving hours and reducing unnecessary manual and repetitive tasks via automation. With extra hours in the day, you can provide better service and onboard more customers to see your own growth.

Disruptive business model: We’re pioneers of the technician-based approach, with a pricing model that’s the most affordable in the business, and that never fluctuates. As the cost of living crisis hits everyone, this stability and low cost is more important than ever.

Security: Providing managed services comes with high stakes. We are continually working on new methods to improve the security posture of our customers and your own end users, and adding more partners and tools to give you options for shoring up your defenses.

Under these four pillars, here are some announcements!

You may have noticed that we’ve split our product offering in two, and we now offer one product for MSPs, and one for IT departments. This allows us to provide a catered offering that meets specific challenges and pain points, and allows our customers to benefit from the right features and tools to suit your business model.

The Atera mobile app has been going through some improvements and changes. You will soon be able to do almost everything you can on desktop via mobile, supporting you in being even more efficient.

You may have noticed that we have updated the Atera brand! The company is evolving and growing, and we are pushing the notion of excellence in everything that we do. You may have noticed a nod to our internal geekiness and fun in the branding and design, and we’re #sorrynotsorry, but that’s part of the deal when you work with us! Don’t forget to watch the full webinar to see the story behind our website font – the only font to exist on the moon!

Oshri waxes technical about new Atera features

Never one for burying a headline, Oshri jumped in to deliver an impromptu demo of the brand new Linux agent! He walked us through how to utilize this great new cross-platform infrastructure, including an installation process that takes seconds, and how you can see monitoring details like availability, disk space, distribution, CPU and more on this new kind of device. On the roadmap is running scripts, and AnyDesk for remote connection. We’re offering a Beta, so get in touch if you want to be involved!

Next up, Oshri went through updates for security and compliance. Atera is working hard to enhance security, recognizing our responsibility for you and your end users. Adding to our other certifications, we are currently in the final process of security compliance for SOC 2 and ISO-27001, which should be complete by the end of the month.

Tal spills the tea on some exciting product updates

We loved hearing Tal discuss advanced custom reports! You can now create custom reports from any data you have in your database, including contacts, agents, customers, and more. Create the reports that suit your business needs, with granular visualization that tells the perfect story.

Not to give you too much FOMO, but Tal showed us a live demo where he demonstrated how the report creator works in more detail, by creating a report on the fly which displayed out of date devices and whether they can be updated. We also got to see some examples of the different visualizations, from comic style to pie charts and beyond.

Tal also went over some of the new features that have been updated in Q3, including:

Custom statuses for ticketing, allowing for flexible use of the ticketing feature. Assign your own states, such as open, closed, resolved and pending.

Time-based ticket automation, added to automation rules by providing the option to create tickets based on time parameters, eg: closing a ticket a set time after the last customer reply.
Mobile app updates, including device name search, and manual time entries for being more productive on the go.

Device console updates, specifically the battery status of each device and the Bitlocker key. Next quarter, this will be available offline, too!

New policies, specifically the ability to define how long after a patch devices should restart, to ensure minimal interruption.

Coming up in Q4

Watch this space for updates to the PSA, including shared views between technicians for better collaboration, and improved sync with Azure AD. We’re improving spam management, and launching ticket automations based on replies.

You’ll soon be able to run scripts from inside the mobile app, including from the shared script library, and also show the details of alerts from a push notification. In terms of RMM, we’ll be extending Linux capabilities, including the AnyDesk remote access for Linus, and the ability to remote connect from the technician’s Linux device. We’re also adding the ability to maintain cached info for offline agents, so stay tuned for that!

Payments are also due an update! In Q4, you’ll be able to pay with your local currency in the UK, Australia, and Canada. Changes are also happening in system services, adding support for custom device creation, and Atera app SSO support for Active Directory. Finally, look out for new features in Network Discovery, allowing users to scan on dynamic public IP networks, as well as improving the export of CVE info, too.

Hila gets chatty about a more comprehensive marketplace

The partner ecosystem is changing fast. We’ve been researching tools that can best support your business, and we want to make it easier than ever for you to quickly integrate and use them. Hila talked to the audience about the process of how we take feedback, recognizing that we need more integrations, and also a greater depth of integrations. We can already see the results!

We have deepened our integrations with existing partners, adding transparency, offering simple deactivation, expanding the product offering, and adding installation from within Atera where possible.

We’ve also been adding more strategic partners to our marketplace, enhancing endpoint protection with Malwarebytes and Emsisoft, adding email protection with Ironscales, and network monitoring from Domotz. Zero trust is part of the family now with ThreatLocker, as well as many more. Of course, each vendor has different depths of integration, but we’re working hard to make these solutions valuable for you.

In Q4, we’ll be working on integrating alerts from third-party solutions within Atera, facilitating smarter onboarding, and adding new best-of-breed solutions, too. Watch this space for an open marketplace where vendors can offer their platforms for your business, making it easy for you to find the add-ons and integrations you need.

We sat so close to the fireside… we’re feeling the burn!

Thanks for all your awesome feedback about this season’s fireside chat, we had a ball discussing this quarter and the next with you all, and we were stoked (pun intended) to get so many amazing questions during the live Q&A.

To hear the Q&A, and see the two live demos for yourself, make sure to catch up on the full event here, and we’ll see you next time!

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