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So, you’re new to Atera — welcome! Whether you’re new to RMM and PSA solutions, or just new to the Atera family, we’re delighted to have you with us. To help you get started strong and make sure you’re getting the most out of Atera, here’s your getting started guide.

You’re brand new to IT software solutions

Using IT software can 10x your business by streamlining the way you work, adding automation to all the repetitive and manual work your technicians do every day, and allowing you to get better visibility and control over the way you work. If you’re brand new to IT software solutions, start on the Atera website, and see what features we offer. We’re rolling out new features and updates every few weeks, under these main categories:

RMM: Remote Monitoring and Maintenance is your eye in the sky over your IT environment. Visualize all devices, including alerts for maintenance or troubleshooting, availability, and performance, at a glance.

Patch Management: Keep all of your end-user devices fully patched to ensure no security concerns or gaps. Automate this to happen behind the scenes, and you’ve just saved hours of work that can be channeled elsewhere.

Network Discovery: Continuously scan your whole environment, including workgroups, utilizing this feature to onboard new sites or customers, keep security up to date, and complete asset management tasks.

Professional Services Automation: PSA gives you a single dashboard to communicate with end users, keeping track of incoming requests and historical information, with chat, reports, billing, and more.


You know IT software, but how do you start using the Atera platform?

If you’re moving onto Atera from another solution, you probably already know all the benefits you can get from the platform. But practically speaking, how can you get started? The best option for you is to watch one of our walkthrough webinars on onboarding to the Atera platform. In the webinar, you can learn the following:

  • How to install your first agent
  • How to set up a helpdesk, billing, and reporting for MSPs
  • Getting the best out of RMM, including patch management and remote access
  • Important tips for admin and reporting

For those of you who want to get an overview of how to get started on Atera in just an hour, these webinars are invaluable.

You want to teach your team how to use Atera, step by step

There’s no doubt about it, there is change management involved with getting an IT team to onboard a new tool. Whether you’re a one-man-band, or you have a team of technicians to get up to speed, the Atera Academy can help you get started. In fact, we have an onboarding course that is targeted at exactly… you!

During the onboarding course, you’ll learn everything from performing your first Network Discovery scan and setting up IT threshold profiles and alerts to using scripts and templates and the Atera mobile app. We include quick quizzes to help with knowledge retention and that dratted forgetting curve and give you peace of mind that everyone on the team is ready to hit the ground running with the platform.

As each class is only a few minutes long, it’s easy to encourage bite-size learning that sticks, and even if you only do one class a day, you’ll be up to speed before your trial clock runs down to zero!

You’re good to go on technical, and you want to learn from others

One of the great things about Atera is the real community that we’ve created for IT professionals. It’s not just about the best technology that solves your problems — it’s also about the people who do this every day, and support one another with questions big and small. In a peer group, a rising tide lifts all ships, and that’s exactly what we’ve fostered within the Atera community.

If you’re looking to learn from other MSPs and IT professionals who have been there and done that, check us out on Facebook and Reddit to become part of our social community. Many of our top experts are the people who use the software every day and can answer your questions about getting the most out of the platform, plus give advice on broader IT support issues for your business.

When we spot a thread where we can add greater value to the conversation, we often create a long-form blog or article about the topic, so make sure you’re subscribed to the Atera blog, too — so that you never miss a topical issue that could help boost your knowledge or improve your process.

You have a specific question about a niche part of using Atera

As you learn more about using Atera, your questions are likely to get more specific. While the community is a great place to meet like-minded IT professionals, you might need quick answers when you’re dealing with a customer issue.

Here’s where the support portal is a great resource. Atera has thousands of articles and how-to’s on everything the platform has to offer, from getting the most out of an integration to accessing the right reports or utilizing contracts and billing.

Our Help Center is split into categories for ease of use, with sections for MSPs and IT departments, plus categorized by features. You can also search using keywords from the support page at any time. For specific queries about an area of the platform, it’s the fastest way to get the answers you need and get back to delighting end-users ASAP.

One step behind, and still working out which price plan makes sense for your business? Check out our ultimate guide to your package options for getting the most out of the Atera platform.

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