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Almost every business around the globe relies on digital systems, and fast food is no exception. Technology such as remote management software is frequently used by companies in the fast food industry and is fundamental to their success. Fast food organizations often require versatile networks to connect teams across the nation.

Many fast food companies are reliant on several digital systems, such as point-of-sale software for fast food that keeps track of all customer transactions. Yet even as fast food technology progresses, it continues to rely on old systems, which are often vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity for the fast food industry is not only important but also attainable. By investing in IT solutions, fast food companies can protect their business operations as well as the privacy of their customers.

Understanding the cybersecurity threat landscape in the fast-food industry

Data breaches, point of sale (POS), and ransomware attacks are common threats encountered by many fast-food businesses. They target the company’s or the customer’s data to sell for profit. In today’s world, data is a currency — and safeguarding it should be a priority for all organizations, regardless of industry.

Criminal groups carry out data breaches by exploiting vulnerabilities in a network. This can be done through malware attacks or another form of manipulation, such as phishing. Phishing is when hostile links are sent out to employees in a company through fabricated emails. Cyber-education coupled with effective security bundles can prevent these attacks.

Point-of-sale attacks are when data is taken specifically from point-of-sale machines such as registers. By installing malware on fast food POS systems, cybercriminals are able to access customers’ bank information, names, emails, addresses, passwords, and more. Mobile apps for fast food can be especially exposed, exemplified by the attack on DoorDash in 2019. POS malware affected 4.9 million DoorDash users after going undetected for five months.

Ransomware attacks are another prevalent threat in cybersecurity and require the installation of malicious software to encrypt company data. The data remains inaccessible until the ransom is paid, completely halting business activities. Yum! Brands (parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell) was the victim of a ransomware attack that was part of a streak of cyberattacks against UK organizations.

The move to online ordering for fast food has increased both the rate and severity of cyberattacks. Today, customers expect a high-quality virtual experience. Many companies have employed the use of digital menu boards for fast food to encourage digital transactions. With so many new opportunities for cyberattacks, it is critical that companies take the necessary steps to prevent them.

How Atera protects fast food businesses against cyberattacks

Atera offers an all-in-one management network software for your business, complete with optimized security features and cloud-based solutions for fast food. Below are some components of Atera’s system that can help fast food organizations guarantee data safety.

Vulnerability detection

Remote monitoring systems allow you to see your entire network at a glance. Through automated network scans, these systems are able to find potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Real-time threat detection

Network monitoring alerts you of threats immediately instead of allowing malware to linger unseen within your system. With Atera’s remote capabilities, threats can be dealt with as quickly as they arise.

Vulnerability management and patching

Automated patch management can fix possible security loopholes proactively. By systematically applying patches, these systems ensure your software and operating systems are always current, reducing the risk of exploitation. Patching systems are able to guarantee your system is constantly up to date, blocking off possible entry points for cybercriminals. Moreover, automated patch management minimizes downtime and enhances overall system performance by addressing bugs and improving functionality. This continuous update process is essential for maintaining a robust security posture and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Data encryption and storage

Encrypting is the process of encoding data to make it unreadable to unauthorized personnel. All Atera data is encrypted to ensure maximum security.

Specialized employee training

Employees are one type of vulnerability that is commonly overlooked. Phishing, a common scheme when it comes to leaking data, targets employees through disguised emails and links. Training from cybersecurity experts can counteract phishing attacks.

Case studies: real-life examples of Atera’s effectiveness in the fast food industry

Data security in the fast food industry should be a priority for any fast food company, yet frequently goes overlooked. Proper safety precautions not only safeguard business operations, but also consumer trust, which is critical for maintaining a positive business image.

At Atera, we have experience providing solutions to companies based in the food sector. Lekker Foods, a food distribution company in Victoria, Canada, originally sought out Atera’s services after some customers were victims of cyberattacks. With many team members working remotely, it was critical for them to employ adaptable security solutions to best extend their reach.

Lekker found that Atera’s customizable security solutions were easy to implement and use. With patch management and employee education, they were able to solve their security crisis.

The cost-effectiveness of Atera for fast food businesses

All cyberattacks result in a loss of revenue for fast food companies. In the case of a ransomware attack, a large amount of money must be given directly to the attacking group to recover data and restart activities. While systems are down, the opportunity to create profit is lost.

Through data breaches and point-of-sale attacks, criminals can gain access to important information and even financial accounts. Even if no money is stolen from the company or consumer accounts, these attacks often mean a loss of trust in your business, with few customers returning to buy your product.

The only way to fortify your network against these threats is by using cybersecurity software. Atera offers flexible pricing tailored to your company’s needs for a bunch of different cybersecurity integrations and platforms, like Acronis, Bitdefender, and so many more. Our system is completely scalable to grow with your company. While it might seem like an investment, it’s better to spend money upfront to safeguard your network than to lose far more money after an attack.

Constructing your own safety plan with various security software, which may not be compatible, is difficult and leaves gaps in your security. Additionally, this process is costly and time-consuming. Atera can guarantee top-notch security, and our systems are constantly updated to remain on the cutting edge.

Count on Atera’s App Center for your cyber safety

Cybersecurity in the fast food industry is under attack, and companies are suffering. There are many types of threats, like point-of-sale systems, data breaches, and ransomware. To protect your business, you must protect your network first.

With Atera’s comprehensive cybersecurity packages, you will be able to monitor and manage your network remotely, take advantage of Atera’s industry-leading vulnerability patching capabilities for Linux, MacOs and Windows, and much more. Atera’s comprehensive cybersecurity packages will give you the peace of mind you need to protect your network and data.

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