Whilst some of your customer problems can be fixed by email or with a simple phone call, there are other issues that require the technician to access the computer directly. Getting into your car and driving to a customer site is expensive, time consuming and tiring. Add onto that the time wasted travelling backwards and forwards, money for gas, coffee, wear and tear on your car and you can see why more and more IT Professionals are turning to remote support software.

Sometimes it’s easier and better to stay indoors!

Connecting with customers doesn’t mean you have to be face to face with them. On the contrary, there may be times when your clients are too busy to have you come around and sometimes it’s easier to please your clients and take care of business through remote support software. And let’s be honest for a minute. Sometimes trying to talk a lay person on the phone through the process of troubleshooting their PC can be extremely tedious and frustrating. Things can go much smoother and quicker when you have control and can troubleshoot by yourself.

Let’s also not forget that many times your customers can have emergencies after hours. There are certain situations (such as Windows updates – especially on servers) where working after hours is the only way to get something done. For those times, remote support software will allow you to take care of their workstations without leaving your office – or even your house.

What does Atera offer me?

Using remote support software with Atera’s RMM software offers you another way to monitor, diagnose and solve customer issues. It will step up your game and make both you and clients happy! Atera is happy to offer not one but two different remote support software solutions to enable technicians to access and control remote computers and other Internet-connected devices in order to provide technical support.

The following two options are supported:

Splashtop: Fully integrated with Atera UI at no extra cost.

Go-To-Assist: Fully integrated with Atera. However, you have to buy a separate license from Citrix.

Let’s focus on Splashtop as it’s the more popular remote support software option among our MSPs and let’s face it – is more cost effective!

remote support software

Let’s use splashtop for easy access and control

Splashtop offers the following crucial features:

Unattended computer access: Support remote computers and servers without an end user present. You can connect at any time to unattended machines for emergency work or routine maintenance.

Remote diagnostics: Easily access your customer’s system information, including hardware and software configuration.

File transfer: Securely send and receive files in a live or unattended support session, which is useful for applying patches, updates and more.

Multi-monitor navigation: Easily switch or scroll between all of your customers’ monitors.

Log in as admin: Perform system commands including Ctrl-Alt-Del, user profile switch and reboot computer.

Grouping: Organize your computers into groups to make finding and managing them much easier. Organize your users into groups to make managing their access permissions much easier.

Connect from Smartphone/Tablet: You can use Splashtop RMM to remotely connect to a device using the mobile version of Atera’s web app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Security: All remote sessions are protected with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption. User IDs and passwords are encrypted in-flight and at rest. All connections, file transfers, and management events are logged.

Splashtop fully integrated with Atera!

Using Splashtop with the Atera agent is a very simple process. Simply navigate to Devices and select the relevant agent. Click Connect. If it’s the first-time use, then follow the prompts in order to install the Splashtop tool directly on the Agent and click Open. It’s that simple to connect to the end workstation!

There is even an option to bypass this installation step by purchasing Splashtop on Demand SOS remote support software directly from Splashtop. This option enables a Quick Connect approach to your client and, together with a secure 9 digit code, provides you with immediate access to client stations.

To sum up, Remote Support Software is a game changer that will benefit both you and your clients.

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