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IT departments require a robust tool to monitor, manage, and secure their endpoint devices effectively. Atera has been a trusted IT management solution for IT departments for years, because of its all-in-one capabilities and continuous improvements, including AI-powered IT (AIT).

Understanding Atera’s pricing plans is crucial for IT departments considering using Atera. Clear insights and comparisons help IT departments budget effectively, evaluate the cost-benefit ratio, and make decisions that meet their financial and operational needs.

To assist you, this article examines Atera and its pricing structure for IT departments, compares the different plans, examines the value proposition, and analyzes customer reviews regarding pricing. With this information, you can determine which plan best suits your needs.

Note: Are you a managed service provider (MSP)? Atera offers tailored pricing solutions for both IT departments and MSPs. While this article focuses on Atera’s pricing for IT departments, MSPs can take advantage of Atera’s MSP pricing plans.

What is Atera?

Atera is a cloud-based IT management platform offering remote monitoring and management (RMM), professional services automation (PSA), help desk and ticketing, remote access, IT automation, and patch management – all in one platform. It is the first IT management platform to power its platform with AI through the Atera Copilot, enabling technicians to be 10X more efficient.

Atera also integrates dozens of tools into an all-in-one IT management solution, providing IT departments with a unified IT management solution. This eliminates the need to invest in multiple and redundant software solutions, reducing costs, and streamlining processes.

Atera pricing structure

Atera’s pricing plans for IT departments fall into four categories: 

  • Professional ($169/month billed monthly or $149/month billed annually)
  • Expert ($229/month billed monthly or $189/month billed annually)
  • Master ($269/month billed monthly or $219/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise (Pricing based on custom quotation)

The pricing plans are structured pay-per-technician, and customers are charged according to the number of technicians using the platform. Don’t forget you can try a 30-day free trial with no credit card required!

Below is a breakdown of the different plans and their features and capabilities.


The features and capabilities of the Professional plan are:

  • Remote management, automation & scripting: Remotely manage devices and install applications, execute scripts, and perform virtually any command.
  • Remote monitoring and alerts: Monitor system activity in real time and set alert thresholds to prevent incidents before they occur.
  • Remote access: Remotely access end-users’ devices through Atera’s remote access feature (through Splashtop integration with up to two concurrent sessions).
  • Patch management: Manage all OS patches for Windows, Mac, and Linux and integrate with Chocolatey and Homebrew for automatic software installation.
  • Reporting: Get access to reports, such as hardware and OS distribution, server and workstation configuration and status, software inventory, and more.
  • Helpdesk and ticketing: Access Atera’s intelligent IT ticketing system to resolve and automate support requests. This includes SLA management and one custom support address for resolving customer issues.
  • Service portal: Customer portal for opening, managing, tracking, responding to support tickets, and accessing knowledge base articles.
  • Mobile app: Manage your IT environment on the go through Atera’s mobile app.
  • Audit log: Get an overview of activities performed by technicians within your Atera account (1 month retention).
  • Azure AD integration: Import and sync customers’ contacts from Azure AD to Atera.
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux support: Get access to 24/7 customer support for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • Atera Copilot: Eligible for Atera’s AI-powered tool Atera Copilot (at an additional cost).
  • Third-party integrations and Network discovery: Access to Atera’s wide range of third-party integrations and Network discovery features (at an additional cost).


The Expert plan offers all the features of Professional, plus:

  • Enhanced remote access: Remotely access end-users devices through AnyDesk and Splashtop integrations (unlimited concurrent sessions for Splashtop)
  • Advanced helpdesk and ticketing: Communicate with end-users through Atera’s intelligent IT ticketing tool, schedule tickets ahead of time, and get access to two custom support addresses.
  • AI ticket tagging: Categorize incoming tickets by specific keywords so that all requests can be allocated to the best IT expert for the fastest resolution.
  • Extended audit log: Get an overview of activities performed by technicians within your Atera account (6-month retention).
  • Advanced analytics: Access to automatically generated analytics and reports to assist in making informed decisions.
  • Asset management: Manage your unmonitored devices by adding assets and creating asset types (Up to 5 custom asset types, unlimited items).


The Master plan offers all the features of Expert, plus:

  • Custom reports: You can create up to 10 customized reports and schedule them to be sent to technicians and customers.
  • Extended audit log: Get an overview of activities performed by technicians within your Atera account (12-month retention)
  • Extended asset management: Manage your unmonitored devices by adding assets and creating asset types (Up to 10 custom asset types, unlimited items).
  • Data recovery: Access to a data loss and corruption recovery feature


The Enterprise plan offers all the features of Expert, plus:

  • Single sign-on (SSO): Enable secure and easy access to your Customer Portal for end-users.
  • Extended customer support: Access tailored Atera onboarding, premium customer support, and dedicated account manager.
  • Extended custom reports and analytics: Create and access unlimited custom reports and analytics.
  • Extended audit log: Get an overview of activities performed by technicians within your Atera account (7-year retention).
  • Extended asset management: Manage your unmonitored devices by adding assets and creating asset types (Unlimited custom asset types, unlimited items).
  • Network discovery: Access to Atera’s Network discovery tool for a complete view of end-user networks and devices.
  • Business associate agreement (BAA): Business associate agreement (BAA) in compliance with HIPAA to maintain security and privacy
  • Enhanced Azure AD integration: Continuously sync customer contacts to Atera through the Azure AD integrations.
  • 99.9% uptime SLA: Atera’s commitment to uptime and connectivity

Comparing Atera Plans

Following is a side-by-side comparison of the different Atera plans and their features, support levels, and user limits.

Professional planExpert planMaster planEnterprise plan
FeaturesContains the key IT management features, including:   Remote monitoring and management (RMM), patch management, remote access via Splashtop, IT automation, reporting, and Audit log.   Includes all the key PSA capabilities, including helpdesk and ticketing, SLA management, auto-tagging, and custom support address.   Eligible for Atera Copilot.   Access to third-party integrations and Atera’s Network discovery tool (with an extra cost).All the features of the Professional plan, plus:    Asset management for 5 asset types, ticket auto-tagging, 7 preset reports, remote access via Anydesk, extended Audit log, and advanced analytics.   Contains additional PSA capabilities, including ticket scheduling and end-user chat.All the features of the Expert plan, plus:   Custom reports, 20 asset types, and an extended Audit log.

Contains additional PSA capabilities, including unlimited custom support addresses and data loss and corruption recovery.
All the features of the Master plan, plus:   Private software repository, unlimited custom analytics, network discovery and monitoring, extended audit log, unlimited custom asset types, and continuous Azure AD sync.   Contains extra PSA capabilities, including custom domain SSL for the service portal.   99% uptime SLA/   Business associate agreement (BAA) under HIPAA.   Single sign-on (SSO).
Support level24/7 live chat and email support.The same support as with the Professional plan.The same support as with the Expert plan.Tailored Atera onboarding, dedicated account manager, and premium customer support.

User limits
  The user limits of the Professional plan include:   File sharing 15GB per month.   1 month retention for Audit log.   1 custom support address.   Asset management is not available.   Remote access via Splashtop is limited to 2 concurrent sessions.  Same as with the Professional plan, plus:   File sharing 50GB per month   6-month retention for Audit log   2 custom support addresses   5 custom asset types, unlimited items   Unlimited concurrent sessions for Splashtop.  Same as with the Expert plan, plus:   File sharing 80GB per month.   12-month retention for Audit log.   Unlimited custom support addresses.   10 custom asset types, unlimited items.  Same as with the Master plan, plus:   File sharing 100GB per month.   7-year retention for Audit log.   Unlimited custom support addresses.   Unlimited custom asset types, unlimited items.

Value Proposition

Atera offers pay-per-technician pricing for IT departments, where you’re charged based on the amount of technicians using the platform, as opposed to per-device, so you can continue adding more devices without growing your bottom line! 

 Atera’s base pricing includes all the key IT management features, including RMM, patch management, remote access, PSA, reporting and analytics, and IT automation.

Atera’s RMM pricing differs from that of most competitors, which are structured based on pay-per-endpoint. With pay-per-endpoint, you pay extra every time you add more endpoints/devices to the platform. 

Another differentiator for Atera is the Atera Copilot, your new IT companion, designed to support you with your everyday tasks and streamline your workflow. With Atera Copilot, you can troubleshoot IT issues using real-time device diagnostics and AI-recommended actions, instantly summarize tickets to expedite troubleshooting, and generate tailored responses with your selected tone of voice. This powerful tool provides proven AI solutions based on device diagnostics and ticket history, generates knowledge base articles directly from your ticket resolutions, and creates custom, context-specific scripts in seconds. Simply insert a description to receive tailored OID recommendations or convert your words into precise terminal commands instantly. Whether you prefer written or voice communication, Atera Copilot is here to make your IT management more efficient and effective.

Customer review on Atera pricing

Atera’s customer reviews highlight our transparent pay-per-technician pricing, making it a cost-effective and great value for money IT management solution.

Let’s summarize a few reviews related to Atera pricing:

  • A cost-predictive pricing structure: One G2 user mentions that Atera’s transparent pay-per-technician pricing model simplifies budgeting and cost prediction, giving the company a clear financial advantage. The same reviewer mentions that the pricing is highly beneficial for small businesses with a small number of technicians managing a high number of endpoints.
  • Unlimited endpoints: A Capterra user appreciates that whether you have 5 or 5000 endpoints, the price remains the same. This means that the pricing is more predictable and stable. Another Capterra user mentions managing 250 devices with two technicians, so Atera’s pricing makes sense for them.
  • More value than with competitors: A Capterra user points out that Atera’s pricing is fair, considering the range of IT management features it offers. The same user mentions that Atera’s pay-per-technician base price allows users to test certain things on devices before releasing everything without being charged per device.
  • Significant cost savings: A GetApp user appreciates that Atera charges per technician instead of per endpoint, unlike most competitors. The same reviewer says Atera is a great value for anyone looking for an RMM/PSA IT management solution.

Flexible and predictable 

To summarize, Atera offers flexible and transparent pricing for IT departments based on pay-per-technician. Atera enables IT organizations to scale their operations without incurring prohibitive costs by charging on a per-technician basis rather than per device.

Atera’s AI-powered capabilities, including AI scripting, proactive IT troubleshooting, and AI-powered helpdesk and ticketing, provide significant benefits in terms of productivity, cost-effectiveness, and overall IT management.

Based on your specific needs, we encourage you to evaluate the different Atera plans and select the one that meets your requirements. If you want to try out how Atera fits within your organization, Atera has a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. You can also contact our sales team for a free demo!

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