Have you heard about Atera’s new Refer a Friend program? Here’s the lowdown, with five awesome benefits, so that YOU can make the most of it!


1. We all love sharing the things we love


According to The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, there are 2.4 BILLION brand-related conversations every single day, and that’s only in the United States! When you find a great thing, it’s natural to want to share it. We love hearing about how much you ❤️ Atera — and trust us, the feeling is mutual!


A referral program is a great fit for our brand, as we’re always reliant on our community to tell us what you love about the product, what changes you would like to see, and what we can do to make the experience even better. So who better to advocate for us, than you — the Atera community!


2. Amazon Gift Cards = free money!


Any user can refer someone and is eligible to earn gift cards for these referrals. Of course, we want to make it worth your while. That’s why for every friend or contact that you bring to Atera, you’ll get up to $250 in Amazon Gift Cards.


We’ve seen other companies offer discounted subscriptions or upselling within their own IT service platform… that didn’t make sense to us. We want to offer you something that’s a pure-play win for you, not an additional way to add to our own bottom line.


3. No limit to the number of people you can refer


We’re sure you have LOADS of friends and colleagues who are looking for the most reliable and affordable IT support software on the market. We also wouldn’t want to make you play favorites! That’s why there are no limits on the number of people that you can refer! Your first referral will bag you that neat $250 in Amazon Gift Cards, and any additional referrals will add $200 per referral to that amount.


That means if you refer 5 friends or colleagues, you’ll get over $1,000 in Amazon Gift Cards, and if that number reaches 10, you’ll be adding another $1,000.


4. Super easy to refer


We’ve also made it as easy as possible to refer friends. From the left-hand panel in Atera, click on Refer a Friend. You’ll be prompted to add your email address, which is where we’ll send your well-deserved reward.


Refer a friend



Once you’ve clicked “Start earning” you’ll get your own personalized link. Copy and share this link with anyone you choose, via email, social media, WhatsApp, Signal, Messenger, or anywhere you want. Heck, rent out some billboard space if it makes you happy!


5. 120 days from trial to subscription


Now just wait for your friends to fall in love with Atera as much as you have! For every single referral who signs up for an Atera trial and becomes a paying customer, completing at least 60 days with Atera, you’ll get that neat $200 Amazon Gift Card directly to your email address — plus a cool $50 bonus for the first!
We also want to give you and your friends the best chance of getting those gift cards, and we know that no one likes to be rushed into making an important decision. That’s why we’ve opted for a full 120 days of eligibility (from the time the trial starts, through to making a subscription).


So, what are you waiting for? Start referring and earn Amazon Gift Cards to treat yourself!

Looking for more information about the Refer a Friend program? Check out the knowledgebase article, here.

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