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With the recent popularity of ChatGPT, you’ve likely heard of its parent company, OpenAI. The company, which has a mission of ensuring that artificial intelligence (AI) benefits humanity, is the brains behind the internet’s trendy chatbot. But that’s not the only revolutionary AI innovation it has supported.

OpenAI is also the parent of OpenAI Codex, another AI model that’s designed to turn instructions given in simple, natural English into code using over a dozen popular coding languages. Codex was created with the goal of supplementing the work of developers and increasing development teams’ productivity.

It turns out that it’s instrumental in the world of IT as well. Microsoft Azure has begun providing its enterprise customers with a limited access preview of OpenAI services, but they’re not the only ones. At Atera, we have embedded Codex into our platform as well.

In this article, we’ll explore everything we hope to offer with our AI ticketing automations and integration. We’ll cover what it means, what it can do, and how it can increase day-to-day productivity and efficiency for any IT professional.

What are Atera’s AI capabilities powered by AI?

Let’s start with the basics. Atera integrated OpenAI’s advanced AI technology and language models into our platform, embedding the Codex within our product offerings. Why did we do it? We’re committed to empowering users to generate PowerShell scripts  .bat, .sh, or .ps1 file types at lightning speed. With our integration, you can execute tasks even faster.

Since then, we’ve also added our AI IT ticketing system powered by ChatGPT, that can summarize tickets, suggest replies and solutions, and then you can use it also to generate a solution for that particular ticket!

Tal Dagan, our company’s chief product officer, demonstrated how our OpenAI integration has allowed for an easy-to-use script-generating tool. He asked the tool to write a code that would create a restore point for a user’s computer.

Then he asked it to create a script that would reboot the computer from that restore point. This is just one of many use cases for the integration that can help automate common IT functions, including supercharging your helpdesk easily through Atera’s AI-powered ticketing system.

But don’t worry – our AI-powered capabilities are by no means meant to replace the jobs of IT professionals.

The integration still requires users to be knowledgeable enough to improve the query in order to generate the script they’re looking for. Our goal is not to eliminate the jobs of hardworking IT professionals, but rather to provide a generative AI that can quickly generate codes or scripts for professionals to review and perform quality assurance checks.

In Dagan’s words, “It’s not replacing you… but it can speed up the process.” We see Codex and other AI models as productive additions to the suite of tools that IT professionals use to improve their day-to-day work. But it will never replace the human touch in an IT department.

What is the value of the AI integration?

We’ve spent months fine-tuning our AI-powered capabilities to ensure that it can provide value to our customers.

By typing in a set of instructions, whether they’re simple or complex, Atera users can now generate powerful scripts with just the click of a button. This level of automation provides the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication, saving our users countless hours of manual coding and responding to helpdesk asks.

The Codex integration empowers computers to better understand user intent, which in turn helps Atera users create more accurate scripts on a much faster timeline. Having OpenAI integrated into the Atera system allows us to preserve functionality and user experience. You’re already familiar with where to go in order to upload or create a script, which dramatically improves the process.

Our AI integration is just one of the many innovative IT automation solutions we offer. As an IT management software provider, we’re excited to provide our users with integrations and experiences that are at the forefront of our ever-evolving field.

Command generator

Atera’s AI is your dependable friend when using Command Line Interfaces (CLI), saving you the struggle of memorizing various commands and terminal operations. Simply describe your objective in plain language, and it will translate it into an accurate command for your selected terminal. Read more

About Atera’s AI-based ticketing system

Atera’s AI-driven capabilities kick in immediately after a ticket is created. In addition to traditional ticket summaries and auto-generated responses, the platform provides AI-suggested solutions, intelligent insights, and even scripts to automate IT processes.

A key feature of the Atera platform is the seamless integration of Microsoft Azure-OpenAI end-to-end into the Atera platform. Observations from the field indicate that efficiency has been boosted by 10X – the time-to-resolution has been slashed, and accuracy has even improved.

Using Atera’s AI ticketing system you can:

Generate ticket summaries: Atera’s AI IT ticketing  make summarizing a breeze, so you don’t have to read through each and every ticket and focus that time on strategic projects instead!

Generate replies: With our suggested replies, you can communicate with your users politely and quickly, every time.

Generate solutions: we not only craft effective solutions for your IT issues, but also quickly produces scripts for implementation. No more lengthy draft or trial phases; you get actionable solutions paired with ready-to-use scripts. Read more

What are some examples of AI-generated scripts?

You might be wondering about the particulars of the integration and what kinds of scripts you can use it for. Here are a few examples of the types of scripts you could create using our integration of Microsoft Azure Open AI:

  • Delete temporary files for all users
  • Flush the DNS cache to clear browsing history
  • Clear all files from the recycle bin
  • Run Windows cleanup to free up disk space
  • And many more.

Our OpenAI Codex Integration allows you to automate the more mundane tasks your department is faced with in a much quicker and easier manner. That way, you’ll free up your team to focus their knowledge on more complex problems, best utilizing the talent you have available as seasoned IT professionals.

Where can I learn more about your AI features?

We’ve put together plenty of resources to help users understand and utilize the capabilities of our generative AI script recommendations. To find out more information, check it out here.

When is it available for testing?

Our generative AI script recommendation tool is currently available for all our customers.

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