PSA software is an absolute non-negotiable for any MSP looking to streamline their workflows and scale their business. By offering MSPs key visibility over their IT environments, automating key processes, and optimizing client communications, PSAs help MSPs on both an internal and external basis. Critical at every stage of project management, from proposal, inception, onboarding to billing, it’s clear why so many MSPs swear by their PSA.

If you’re not yet convinced or aren’t sure if you really need to implement a PSA within your business, this article is here to tell you why you do. We’ll walk you through the advantages of using a PSA and how it will most definitely enhance the service you offer your clients.

PSA software benefits

What is PSA Software?

PSA stands for Professional Services Automation and it’s software that is specifically designed to support key processes for MSPs. PSAs generally provide MSPs with invaluable high-level oversight over all the processes they’re managing, help to automate and facilitate certain tasks, as well as delegate to and manage their teams. Some also offer finance-oriented features such as billing and accounting. Essentially, a PSA is an all-in-one tool that supports MSPs in every aspect of their work.

Advantages of PSA Software

PSA software exists to enhance and support MSPs in every facet of their work. Here’s how it helps:

Automation replaces administration

Some of the most labor and time-intensive tasks in an MSPs workload are the most menial and mundane. Using PSA software to automate these crucial, but tedious, tasks frees up MSPs’ time to tend to higher-priority workflows. PSAs can help to streamline key administrative processes such as scheduling, billing, and overall project management.

Central dashboard

A PSA essentially represents a centralized hub for all an MSPs key information, project management, and more. As such, MSPs no longer have to deal with disparate, siloed pools of information, but can enjoy the efficiency and ease of having everything in one place. The value and time saved by using the same tool for a variety of processes cannot be understated.

More efficiency and visibility

The clear and incisive oversight that a PSA provides means that MSPs can identify areas of inefficiency. PSAs should provide MSPs with the ability to generate granular data reports, measure efficiency across the board, speed up ticket resolution, and even monitor their financial profile. This is essential for tracking how resources are managed and assigned.

Enhanced service

The net impact of using a PSA should be an enhanced, improved, and more efficient service. Many PSAs come loaded with features specifically designed to proactively enhance the service that MSPs can offer, and this includes both from an internal and customer-facing perspective.

Atera: the ultimate PSA software for MSPs

Atera is an all-in-one RMM and PSA platform that offers remote access, IT automations, patch-management, ticketing, reporting, and more. Atera brings MSPs the best of both worlds, whilst still integrating with their existing tools and offering software add-ons for when and if their business scales.

Powerful PSA capabilities

Atera is designed to streamline and optimize how MSPs are able to interact with their end users, whilst giving them a total 360-degree view of all processes that are happening.

Network discovery

Atera’s Network Discovery Tool levels up MSPs’ visibility over their client’s IT environment and network, giving them a real-time picture and status update. The Network Discovery tool automatically identifies and records every asset that is active within the client environment and notifies MSPs of any open and unleveraged upsell opportunities.

Integrated helpdesk

Atera’s helpdesk is specifically designed with IT departments in mind. MSPs gain the ability to schedule tickets in advance, create recurring tickets, create quick reply templates to keep their clients happy, and connect to end-users’ devices directly from within tickets. Atera’s helpdesk is also driven by AI technology, which means that tickets are assigned and categorized more efficiently. Atera also integrates directly into MSPs’ calendars so they can always keep track of their open tickets.

Smart billing integration

Atera’s PSA software also covers billing, so MSPs don’t need to resort to different software to manage their accounting needs. MSPs can create contracts from within the platform, manage different client rates, track their timesheet, and monitor their billing from within Atera.

PSA software: the next step for your MSP business

Integrating a PSA is the logical next step if you’re looking to streamline your business and give yourself room to scale. By streamlining your existing workflows, your clients will experience a better quality of service, and you’ll find you and your IT professionals with more time to tend to the important tasks at hand. Atera is designed specifically with MSPs in mind, consolidating the functionality of RMM and PSA together to elevate and enhance key internal and external facing processes. Try it today with a free trial!

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