MSPs from about 120 countries speaking over 50 different languages rely on Atera to run their IT business



Atera has transformed our business from having to worry about every little machine that we monitored to having the flexibility to monitor what we need to. I can easily install Atera on a client or even prospect’s machine without worrying about what my bill will be at the end of the month.


Parkwaytech, US

Back in late May 2020 when COVID-19 was just rearing it’s ugly head we knew things would change for our clients. We immediately contacted our major vendors and asked for help getting our users remote access to their PC’s and financial relief. Our main RMM Vendor SolarWinds offered us deferred billing as the only solution or the disconnection of all our client offices that temporarily close. Since a majority of our clients are Dental/Medical we knew they had to close but we were also optimistic that they would eventually open back up!

Having been with GFI->LogicNow->SolarWinds for many years I was not particularly fond of the direction thing were headed. It seemed to me that every time they were bought things got more expensive and the core features we needed lost focus as “new features” were added. Support requests took longer and longer and updates to the platform were sporadic. COVID-19 made us revisit the other RMM vendors in this space and Atera came up a winner!

Migrating to Atera was easy. We did a 30-day trial and by week two we knew this was it. Atera had everything we wanted and more!

Security & Patch Management
Remote Management / Remote Access
Mobile App
Mac Support
Acronis Backup
Responsive Support & Consistent Platform Upgrades

Atera also has a Password Manager, Ticketing, Knowledge Base, Invoicing and a bunch of other features included. There was so much that I felt like a kid in a candy store!

So is the honeymoon over? Absolutely not! It’s been 7 months and every day we discover more features. I even asked for a feature and within a month it was incorporated in the next release! Talk about responsive.

Looking back this is the best thing that could have happened to ABS. We have an excellent platform partner at a reasonable cost with all the advanced security features needed to help us and our client succeed.

Advantage Business Solutions, US

I own a small MSP and was using GFI max before switching to Atera. First of all the price is attractive. Priced based on technician over endpoints saved me hundreds of dollars. The integrated helpdesk is a plus. The system is easy to use and their support is fast, friendly and responsive.

Prymis, US

I was previously a client of GFI Max, and knew it was time to switch. I was paying roughly $240 a month, just for Monitoring, AV, and Remote access. This didn’t include a help desk or PSA system at all. Plus the back end always seemed clunky and I didn’t really get much accomplished with it. I found Atera on a stroke of luck, and I’m glad I did. The first thing that really impressed me was the fact that there is no per device fee. This would allow me to grow, and appropriate more of my money into other areas. Second, with the PSA and Help desk being tightly integrated into this product, it made Customer management super simple. I seem to open Atera every day, because I find it to actually help me keep an eye on my client’s systems, like it should.

Nano Geeks, US

After having trialed many different RMM software like Kaseya, ConnectWise, I finally settled on Atera. As a new SMB IT service provider with a relatively smaller client base that was at the time just starting out, I found it difficult to justify the ~$10 per endpoint that most of these other RMM software charge. Further to that, there are always hidden costs to most RMM – but I found with Atera this was not the case. Once I started the instant trial I found the user interface to be laid out quite intuitively and the agent deployment to work amazingly well

FOCIS Information Systems, New Zealand

I searched RMM platforms on the Internet and saw Atera and others like Kaseya and ManageEngine. I liked Atera because it’s important for me to have no limit on the number of clients. When I add more customers, it will be less expensive to pay per technician without paying for clients.

Espaço-TI, Portugal

The Atera system is a God sent for any Serious IT personnel as it has all the tools for support and management at a very affordable price. We use the software as a MSP and it covers us perfectly from the on demand support to remote monitoring and patching. Overall atera has managed to meet the demands of every service provider in the IT industry from ticketing to self service platform for clients. Personally id recommend anyone to use it and that coming from me really is saying something.

MyLab, Zimbabwe

Since we started using Atera a lot off our ‘normal’ time goes to real income situations. Before we had a lot of quick jobs, called the client and by this non-chargebale. This has changed and our profits started rising. We are very happy with Atera.


PC Doktor, Belgium

Après avoir travaillé avec plusieurs RMM aux fonctionnalités complexes, nous avons retenu ATERA pour ses aspects intuitifs, sa rapidité d’exécution, ses connecteurs API et bien entendu son modèle économique qui simplifie notre passage à l’échelle.


Dirigeant / CEO Provectio

We’ve swapped from SolarWinds N-Able and haven’t looked back. There are some more advanced management features missing that some of other providers offer however in reality we rarely used them and when we did they were exceptionally complicated and usually it was just easier to remote into the machine and fix manually. Support from the Atera team has been great and there’s been several updates to the system adding new features in three months we’ve been using it (specifically focusing on requests from the end users).

Another Computer Store, Australia

I think Atera has a better approach. It’s per technician pricing hooked me in. My SMB customers just aren’t going to pay $60/per month/per PC for monitoring and management. Thus, the Atera MSP platform model fits a flexible, workable and affordable solution with considerable growth opportunity. I do not subscribe to a per device business model for anything IT. The changes are just too frequent and dynamic for such a model.

Kodot, US

It’s Like Having a Cloned Employee of Yourself. When I came across Atera, it filled in the gaps. I loved the fact that it had remote access. And, I liked the idea of having one program that could do just about everything.

My Local IT Guy, Australia

Atera’s RMM tool came in as I wanted to grow my business, but not wanting to increase my costs dramatically, which my then-RMM vendor wanted to go to the next licensing level. I was impressed with the product, the roadmap for features, and perhaps more importantly, the people behind it.


IT Service Works, US

I really like Atera – It’s great for startups and new MSPs, we use it for a 360 view of our business; Alerts, Tickets, Billing, Reports and Remote Access. The pricing model is also very good – so you can control costs and growth. The combination of monitoring and professional services automation in one system without the hassle of integration is very powerful

PC4Less, Israel

Been using Atera for a few months now to replace Labtech. Overall, very glad we made the switch. The biggest thing that sets Atera apart from all other RMMs is its pricing model. Essentially, with only one tech, you can have unlimited seats.. Very appealing to small tech companies.


The cost of Atera compared to the accumulation of the other tools is a 78% savings. We have all the tools in one box, it’s cost effective, saves time and it does what it says on the tin. As long as the cost is reasonable and it does the job, then that’s good. But if you’ve got a tool like Atera that does the job well, AND it’s MUCH cheaper, then that’s double win!

Microtek Solutions, UK

With 26 years of experience in IT and after having used different RMM tools in recent years, we find in the Atera Software the true concept of “less is more”. We are very excited about the simplicity and efficiency of the product and we are migrating our customers to this new platform. Not mentioning the fair value, an important factor for choosing it. If you are searching for a RMM tool, needs to know the Atera Software, simplicity will surprise you…

PC TECH, Brazil

Atera stuck out because of its pricing model. I started a trial and immediately starting onboarding my clients. What a pleasant suprise it was to use

Intelligent IT, US

Nous avons préféré Atera pour son modèle de facturation au technicien avantageux pour nous.
L’outil est puissant, simple à utiliser, pertinent et efficace.
Je recommande vivement.

Avenir Numérique, FR

We have been using Atera for quite a while now. It has evolved to a great product and it is still evolving. I also think that is it’s greatest pro. They listnen to their users and incorporate input and ideas. There could be some more improvement here and there, but at this moment I only think the remote control feature is not up to par yet. Overall we are very satisfied with it.

All Office Van den Corput, Netherlands

So Quick to Install. In Literally 30 Seconds, It’s Up and Running. Atera has been instrumental in helping me run my business and grow it, the all-in-one concept, the structure and the per technician based pricing made it a simple decision.

SilvaGroup, South Africa

Atera a offert une nouvelle dimension à notre entreprise depuis que nous utilisons leur système de monitoring et de ticketing. Atera nous permet de consulter en temps réel l’état du parc informatique de nos clients et des alertes automatiques sont remontées pour anticiper leurs problématiques. Nous utilisons l’interface de ticketing pour gérer les demandes d’intervention et prioriser les urgences. Nous recommandons Atera à toute entreprise qui souhaite gagner du temps et augmenter leur satisfaction client !

Dirigeant Intrapole

We looked at many different MSP platforms for our growing business, such as Solarwinds N-Able, Managengine, PRTG, but found that Atera has the easiest interface to use. It is also feature rich, while not having the clutter that many other over-the-top MSP platforms have. Setting up tickets and customers is quick and easy and on-boarding new engineers is simple.

Secure Communications Advisors Australia, Australia

Having “one pane of glass” for monitoring, ticket tracking, device auditing, business performance reporting and remote access doesn’t only save on cost, it simplifies the whole business.

David Allen IT Solutions, UK

Atera is the best RMM & PSA I’ve tried and I’ve tried quite a few. The program is super user friendly and the customer service is better then top notch. I’ve been using the program for a couple months now and just received an email asking me if I had any questions to call the Manager directly. The price alone is worth it, unbelievable pricing and a must for new MSP’s and it has plenty to offer for older MSP’s as well. I think we are going to have a nice long lasting partnership.

Haire’s Computer Repair, LLC, US

As an MSP for the past 23 years, we’ve used and evaluated more solutions and tools that can be remembered – rarely does an MSP find a solution as utterly groundbreaking as Atera. Disruptive pricing model, agile, fast, comprehensive and easy to use, and a game changer for the bottom line. We are sold on Atera and you should be as well.


Information Systems Integration, US

Als kleiner MSP sind wir nach 2 erfolglosen Versuchen mit anderen RMM Lösungen zu Atera gestoßen und haben es bis heute nicht bereut. Nach dessen Einführung hatten wir schon nach Stunden kleine und nach ein paar Tagen die meisten Ergebnisse, die wir uns erwartet haben, zur Hand. Bei den “Großen” schafften wir das nach Wochen nicht. Und auch das Kostenmodell verschafft uns immense Freiräume!