2020 has been a year of innovation, growth, and impact for everyone in the Atera community. Here are 25 awesome new additions that we’ve launched this year, all of which are live now, and ready to help you to grow your MSP business.


One of our core values is to make sure that we ‘build with passion and impact’, so every single new update is aimed at adding true value to your daily work.

Atera means community and your feedback means the world to us. We’d love to hear from you which of these 25 additions (or several of them) has been most valuable for your business: [email protected]


1. Atera’s Mobile App


We’ve launched a brand new mobile app this year, giving you guys the ability to access the RMM and PSA functionality you love from anywhere, even MARS. Highlights include a highly-functional new standalone tickets category, a ‘trust device’ feature for login, and a high focus on design and functionality. If you don’t use it yet, go check it out!


2. Script Library


Earlier in the year, we launched the Atera Script Library! We started off with a few dozen scripts, allowing users to launch these as automation that could streamline IT processes, or be utilized for a specific need. Very quickly, we realized this was an opportunity to bring the community together, so we created…


3. … Our Shared Script Library!


Thanks to you, our beloved Aterans, for taking the IT community to the next level, we now have more than 200 scripts and counting! All of these go through internal QA before they are added to the library, and are helping all of our MSPs become better at working smarter and adding automation to the mix. Check out our top 10 automation for MSPs.


4. Quickbooks Online



QuickBooks Online: Accounting integrations have been high up on the features board for some time, so we started off with QuickBooks Online as our first full offering. If you’re a QuickBooks Online user, you can now complete a simple integration wizard from the Accounting section of your Atera console, and you’ll be able to merge all your billing and payment details for ultimate ease of use, including customers, invoices, and more. Awesome!


5. Xero Integration!




Xero: We quickly followed the QuickBooks Online integration with a similar offering for Xero! Both accounting solutions can be managed through a simple wizard process from inside Atera, saving you hours on your monthly billing and invoicing processes. To make sure these integrations are as simple as possible to get started with, our very own Yasmin held a webinar to walk you through it. Catch up here! Oh, and watch this space for Wave integration, coming soon!


6. Work-From-Home (WFH) Remote Access



2020 was the year we all turned to work from home, and Atera didn’t miss a beat. Within days, we provided a smart remote access solution that allowed your clients to keep business running as usual and empowered you to manage their IT systems remotely to support them, for anything from troubleshooting to remotely installing and deploying agents on customer devices.


7. 365, 24/7 support


You can now get all the technical support you need, exactly when you need it, with 24/7 support via tickets, and 24-hour support via live chat Monday through Friday. Live chat means an immediate response, so you can rest assured we’re here for you exactly when you need us most.


8. Acronis Integration



Backup functionality is one of the most important security tools for business continuity, so this year we introduced Acronis integration, making it easier for you to ensure your customers never lose a single file, with reliable and easy to use backup. If you aren’t using it yet, what are you waiting for?


9. Network Discovery


Network discovery enables you to keep track of all the devices you manage for capacity planning or handling billing. It also allows you to highlight out of scope devices, or those that are unmanaged or unauthorized. This year’s updates included the remote installation of agents on customer devices across networks, the set up of SNMP device monitoring with a single click, and the addition of IP address and Organizational Unit (OU) columns to the workstations and server tables.


10. Network Discovery Opportunities



Many Aterans have gotten in touch to share the business impact of our Network Discovery Opportunities tool, which identifies and alerts on specific upsell opportunities for each client within the network. We even include a price point for each opportunity, so you can see exactly what potential business strategies are right there on the table. There’s now an opportunities link within each customer, so you can get ready for a meeting or a review with ease.


11. Ticket Queues


Be as flexible as you like with your ticketing, with new tiers and categories that are fully customizable. Set up automations to handle the order of the tickets you receive, such as basing the ticket queue on the importance of a ticket, or offering a VIP level for specialized support.


12. File Transfer


Head to file transfer, and you’ll see that you can now remotely search for files on your customer directories, as well as upload files to (or download files from) customer devices. All of the magic happens behind the scenes, with no disruption to your customer’s business as usual.


13 + 14. Chocolatey and Homebrew


Chocolatey and Homebrew


One of our most exciting new features this year was Chocolatey and Homebrew integrations! These allow Windows and Mac users to automatically install and update software, without any need for manually working out specific system requirements, finding the right up to date versions, or handling multiple installation wizards. It all happens from one place, automatically up to date, and without any impact on the customer. Watch this space for software bundles, coming soon!


15. Our New Blog


If you haven’t noticed, our blog has had an extreme makeover! We’ve divided all of our valuable articles into categories, so you can find information on business tips, cyber-security, webinar recaps, and more without abusing that ‘next page’ button too much. It’s all about making it easier to deliver our Aterans with exactly what they need when they need it.


16. Our Full Adaptation to French


We’re “très excités” about this one, offering a full French language experience on desktop and mobile app, dedicated support, and an extensive Knowledge Base. German-speakers? Mach dir keine Sorgen! We’re halfway through our German adaptation, too!


17. Out-of-the-Box SNMP Monitoring


Our new SNMP monitoring makes it a whole lot easier to manage SNMP devices. Check out our automatic OID monitoring on Linux-based devices such as firewalls, routers, and PCs, all taken automatically from the devices, and added to the device console. You can also set up SNMP device monitoring from Network Discovery. Cool!


18. Updated Mac Agent


You may have noticed the new and improved Mac agent, which offers more reliability, and stronger performance. Try out some of our new Mac agent functionality, such as creating customized download links, using the terminal command, or the simplified way to associate devices with customers.


19. MSP Minds Live



We’ve introduced a new series of live webinars this year, the much-loved MSP Minds! Each session, we get up close and personal with veteran MSP experts who have years of experience and plenty of pearls of wisdom to share! If you’ve missed the first episodes, you can watch their replay right here.


20. Powershell Scripting


You can now use Powershell from inside Atera! This Microsoft tool will help you with task automation and simpler configuration for your processes and can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux, too. If you have repetitive tasks that drive you crazy, you can combine multiple commands and create scripts that will help you run them automatically, without lifting a finger. Just go to manage devices on the agent of choice, and click Powershell.


21. In-app Command Prompt


This year, we added the ability to send remote CLI commands to any end-user device using the Atera in-app command prompt. Features include caching all recent commands, sampling and output in real-time, and a fully redesigned interface. We automatically terminate the session after an hour for your own security, and we support a wide range of commands, such as FTP and netsh.


22. Latest Releases Webinar


We know, release notes can be a little bit TLDR for some people’s tastes. For those of you that prefer to get all the latest news via video, complete with live demos of the latest features and updates – our Latest Releases webinar is just for you! We don’t want you to miss a trick, so we’re collecting all the updates you need to know, and summing it up in half an hour every 4-6 weeks. Simple.


23. Atera Academy


Have you checked out the Atera Academy? This is our IT Service Providers’ education portal, where you can learn everything you need to know about making the most out of your Atera subscription as well as further developing your business. First up is our onboarding course, with dozens of lessons on getting started with both RMM and PSA.


24. Ticket Scheduling


The new ‘scheduled tickets’ feature means that technicians can make better use of their time by planning activities ahead of time, either for a one-off date and time or even on a recurring basis. We’ve made the management of these scheduled tickets simple, keeping them as drafts until they go live, and then adding them to your SLA automatically.


25. Bitdefender integration



Our integration with Bitdefender now allows Aterans to benefit from Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud. This is just the start of our Bitdefender integration, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on deepening the relationship soon.


Now, what’s Next?


Atera is going through a growth period! Our current focus is on hiring new talent to our development team so that we can enable an even greater pace of improvement, and keep adding the valuable features that our community wants to see.


If you have a great idea for what you want next, make sure to add it to the Features Board! You never know, 2021’s version of 25 impactful additions could include your suggestion!


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