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For managed service providers (MSPs), it is crucial to have the right tools to manage and monitor client IT environments effectively. For a long time, MSPs have relied on Atera for IT management due to its all-in-one capabilities coupled with industry-disruptive pricing.

Understanding Atera’s pricing plans is essential for MSPs considering Atera as their IT management solution. Unlike traditional MSP pricing, Atera charges a pay-per-technician fee, which allows MSPs to scale without incurring prohibitive costs.

In this article, we’ll look closer at Atera’s different MSP pricing plans, compare them, evaluate the value proposition, and analyze customer reviews related to Atera’s MSP pricing. To begin, let’s briefly discuss what Atera is.

Note: Are you part of an IT department? Atera provides tailored pricing solutions for both MSPs and IT departments. This article focuses on Atera’s MSP pricing, but IT departments can benefit from Atera’s IT department pricing.

What is Atera?

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Atera is an all-in-one IT management solution for MSPs and IT departments. Atera integrates remote monitoring and management (RMM), professional services automation (PSA), reporting and analytics, remote access, IT automation, and scripting into one platform. 

The all-in-one feature set Atera provides, along with a flat monthly rate, is one of the main reasons MSPs prefer it. Instead of having to invest in multiple software solutions, Atera offers all the necessary IT management tools on one platform.

Atera is the first IT management solution to power its platform with AI through Atera Copilot. This helps technicians work 10X more effectively and improves nearly all aspects of IT management.

Atera Pricing Structure

Atera’s pricing plans for MSPs fall into four categories: 

  • Pro ($159/month billed monthly or $129/month billed annually)
  • Growth ($209/month billed monthly or $179/month billed annually)
  • Power ($249/month billed monthly or $209/month billed annually)
  • Superpower (Pricing based on custom quotation)

Atera’s pricing plans for MSPs are based on pay-per-technician, determined by the number of technicians using the platform. All of Atera’s plans come with a 30-day free trial without a credit card required.


The features and capabilities of the Pro plan are:

  • Remote management, automation, and scripting: Manage clients’ devices and networks, run scripts, and manage and install applications remotely.
  • Remote monitoring and alerts: Keep track of system activity in real time and set alert thresholds to prevent incidents.
  • Remote access: Access client devices remotely through Atera’s remote access feature (through Splashtop integration with two concurrent sessions).
  • Patch management: Maintain clients’ OS for Windows, Mac, and Linux and integrate with Chocolatey and Homebrew for automatic software updates.
  • Reporting: Get access to a variety of reports that help to demonstrate your worth and value to your clients.
  • Helpdesk & ticket automation: Access Atera’s AI-powered helpdesk and ticketing tool, schedule tickets ahead of time, and create up to 5 custom support addresses.
  • Billing and invoicing: Easily create, customize, and send client invoices.
  • Time tracking: Automatically track and record the time spent working on a ticket.
  • Service portal: Create a customer portal where clients can open, track, and view company tickets and access knowledge base articles.
  • Mobile app: Monitor your client’s IT environment on the go using Atera’s mobile app.
  • Audit log: View the Audit log of activity performed by technicians within your Atera account (1-month retention period).
  • Azure AD integration: Sync and import customer contacts from Azure AD to Atera.
  • Windows support: Access 24/7 live chat and email support for Windows devices.
  • Atera Copilot: Access to Atera’s AI-powered tool, Atera Copilot (at an additional cost).
  • Third-party integrations and Network discovery: Access to Atera’s security, remote access, backup, sales integrations, and Network discovery tool (at an additional cost).


The Growth plan offers all the features of Pro, plus:

  • Asset management: Add assets and create asset types to manage your unmonitored devices (up to 5 custom asset types, unlimited items).
  • Expanded customer support: Access 24/7 live chat and email support for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.
  • Extended remote access: Remotely access clients devices and networks via AnyDesk and Splashtop (unlimited concurrent sessions for Splashtop).
  • Enhanced helpdesk and ticketing: Chat with end users and create up to 10 custom support addresses.
  • Advanced analytics: Gain deeper insights and make better decisions with advanced analytics.
  • Extended Audit log: View the audit log of technician activity within your Atera account (6-month retention period).
  • More integrations: Integrate with QuickBooks Online and Xero for simplified invoicing and accounting.


The Power plan offers all the features of Growth, plus:

  • Data recovery: Recover lost data and keep current data safe.
  • Custom reporting and analytics: Create custom reporting and analytics to showcase your value to clients and stakeholders.
  • Extended Audit log: View the audit log of technician activity within your Atera account (12-month retention period).
  • Extended asset management: Add assets and create asset types to manage your unmonitored devices (up to 20 custom asset types, unlimited items).


The Superpower plan offers all the features of Power, plus:

  • Single sign-on (SSO): Streamline user access with single sign-on capabilities.
  • Private software repository: Link an integrated repository with Atera for enhanced security.
  • Enhanced Azure AD integration: Continuously sync customer contacts from Azure AD to Atera.
  • Unlimited custom analytics: Generate unlimited custom analytics for detailed insights.
  • Extended asset management: Add assets and create asset types to manage your unmonitored devices (unlimited custom asset types, unlimited items).
  • Extended Audit log: View the audit log of technician activity within your Atera account (12-month retention period).
  • Network discovery: Discover and map network devices for comprehensive visibility.
  • 99.9% uptime SLA: Ensure high availability with a 99.9% uptime service level agreement.
  • Business associate agreement (BAA) under HIPAA: Comply with HIPAA regulations through a Business Associate Agreement.
  • Custom domain SSL for Customer Portal: Secure your customer portal with a custom domain SSL certificate.
  • Increased customer support: Access a dedicated account manager, premium customer support, and tailored Atera onboarding.

Comparing Atera Plans

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the different Atera MSP pricing plans, including their features and support levels.

Pro planGrowth planPower planSuperpower plan
FeaturesProvides key IT management features, including:
Remote monitoring and management (RMM), real-time alerting, patch management, reporting, remote access via Splashtop, API access, and Audit log
PSA capabilities include helpdesk and ticket automation, SLA and automated time tracking, contracts and invoicing, customer support portal, and up to five custom support addresses
Eligible for Atera Copilot
Integrations with third-party software and access to Atera’s Network discovery tool (at an additional cost)
All the features of the Professional plan, plus:
Remote access using AnyDesk, unlimited Splashtop concurrent sessions, asset management, advanced reporting and analytics, and extended Audit log

Additional PSA capabilities include the ability to chat with end users

Extended integrations with QuickBooks Online & Xero
All the features of the Expert plan, plus:
Custom analytics, extended asset management, and Audit log, unlimited custom support addresses

Additional PSA capabilities include data loss and recovery tool
All the features of the Master plan, plus:

Private software repository, unlimited custom analytics, unlimited custom asset types, network scanning and monitoring, extended Audit log, and Azure AD continuous sync

Additional PSA capabilities include custom domain SSL for customer portal and Single sign-on (SSO)
99.9% uptime SLA%
Business associate agreement (BAA) under HIPAA
Atera’s Network discovery tool (with no additional cost)
Support level24/7 live chat and email support for Windows24/7 live chat and email support for Windows, Linux, and MacThe same support as with the Expert planDedicated account manager, premium customer support, and tailored onboarding

User limits

The user limits of the Professional plan include:
File view

1 month retention for Audit log
5 custom support addresses
Asset management is not available

Remote access via Splashtop is limited to 2 concurrent sessions.

Same as with the Professional plan, plus:
File transfer 15GB per month
6-month retention for Audit log
10 custom support addresses
5 custom asset types, unlimited items
Unlimited concurrent sessions for Splashtop

Same as with the Expert plan, plus:

File sharing 50GB per month
12-month retention for Audit log
Unlimited custom support addresses
20 custom asset types, unlimited items

Same as with the Master plan, plus:

File sharing 100GB per month
7-year retentionfor Audit log
Unlimited custom support addresses
Unlimited custom asset types, unlimited items

Atera pricing for MSPs

Value Proposition

MSPs handling dozens of client devices will find Atera’s transparent pay-per-technician pricing useful. With Atera, you can add unlimited endpoints/devices to the platform for a fixed monthly fee. Atera’s per-technician pricing ensures cost-effectiveness and predictability because you always know what you’re paying and what you’re getting.

Instead of investing in numerous IT management solutions, Atera’s MSP pricing plans include the all-in-one IT capabilities MSPs need. With every Atera MSP plan, you can access RMM, patch management, remote access, reports, PSA, and IT automation capabilities. Through the Atera Copilot add-on, IT professionals can benefit from AI capabilities, further cut costs, and increase technicians’ efficiency by 10X.

Atera’s per-technician pricing differs from most MSP pricing models, which are based on how many endpoints you manage. With per-endpoint pricing, the price increases as you add more endpoints/devices, which makes scaling costly and unpredictable.

Customer review on Atera pricing

MSPs using Atera to monitor, manage, and secure their clients’ devices appreciate Atera’s per-technician pricing, which is accompanied by a comprehensive feature set.

Here are several Atera pricing-related reviews from platforms such as G2, Capterra, and GetApp:

  • Pay-per-technician pricing: A G2 user mentioned reviewing many different RMM solutions for his one-man MSP business and ending up choosing Atera. The main reason why he chose Atera was that it provides a bundle of tools for a flat per-technician fee. Atera’s pricing and comprehensive feature set have boosted his abilities to help clients more efficiently.
  • A wide range of features at a reasonable price: An MSP/consulting business owner on G2 mentioned using Atera since 2016 for all of his IT management needs. He particularly likes Atera’s pricing plans, which are per-technician instead of based on the number of devices managed. MSPs managing many endpoints with few technicians benefit significantly from the pricing.
  • No additional cost for experimenting: A Capterra user appreciates Atera’s fixed per technician pricing, which allows them to test new things on devices before fully deploying them. With pay-per-endpoint pricing, every device you add results in an additional cost, making it more difficult to test out different things.
  • Pricing that supports scaling: A Capterra user appreciates the fact that he can add devices to Atera without worrying that it will show up on the next bill. The same reviewer mentions saving a lot of money that could be reinvested.

AI-powered IT management: Only with Atera

To conclude, Atera offers industry-disruptive pay-per-technician pricing, which is highly advantageous for MSPs. Atera’s per-technician pricing model allows MSPs to scale their services effectively and manage costs.

Atera’s MSP pricing plans consist of all-in-one IT management capabilities, which is what most MSPs require. Every plan includes RMM, PSA, IT ticketing, reporting, and remote access capabilities. Atera’s features are powered by AI through Atera Copilot, which helps MSPs operate more efficiently and provide better service to their clients.

Based on your needs, we recommend evaluating the different Atera plans and selecting the one that meets them. Atera offers a 30-day free trial without a credit card if you want to see how it fits within your organization. You can also contact our sales team for a demo.

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