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The transformative power of AI has made waves across just about every industry, and IT management is no exception. And why would it be? The juggling act of troubleshooting, optimizing, and ensuring the smooth functioning of organizational systems leveraged by RMMs is in deep need of improved efficiency. 

To get a better understanding of where AI fits within the realm of IT management and RMM software, we surveyed over 7,000 of our loyal users to see where they stand on AI, how they could most benefit from it, and the future possibilities. Here are the results:

Looking back at 2023

It’s no secret that implementing AI can enhance nearly every work function. However, it’s worth noting that the AI explosion truly gained momentum in 2023, reaching a broader audience. Despite IT specialists typically being early adopters, many didn’t fully embrace it last year. Hence, the unsurprising fact that a majority of IT specialists had yet to even utilize it. In response to our question about their use of AI in 2023, 41% stated they hadn’t used it at all.

The results: In 2023, I’ve used generative AI for: 

  • Data analysis and reporting – 18%
  • Optimized IT support/ticketing – 30%
  • Predictive maintenance – (data not provided)
  • Haven’t used AI for my job – 41%

The current systems 

A robust ticketing system is fundamental to effective IT management. Seamless communication with end users, efficient technician scheduling and enhanced customer satisfaction all depend on the effectiveness of your ticketing system. With that in mind, how do users perceive their current ticketing system? Interestingly, we found “neutral” and “effective” came rather close. 

The results: How would you rate the effectiveness of your current ticketing system in managing IT support requests?

  • Very ineffective: 1%
  • Ineffective: 7.1%
  • Very effective: 15.2%
  • Neutral: 39.4%

Predicting the most AI-prone areas 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to AI. IT professionals have the power to eliminate the mundanity of repetitive tasks with intelligent automation capabilities. With such advancements, RMM systems have a lot to benefit from, across different functions. But which areas could benefit the most?

The result: What part of your job do you think AI will be the most helpful for in 2024?:

  • Automated issue diagnosis and resolution – 31.5%
  • Ticketing/helpdesk – 19%
  • Automating patching – 26.9%
  • Mitigating cyber threats – 10.7%
  • I don’t plan on using AI – 11.8%

What about identification and resolution? 

One of the more time-consuming aspects of IT management involves manual identification and resolution of issues. Aside from being painfully slow, this is an error-prone process. Thankfully, Atera is leading the way in AI-powered RMM tools, shifting this slow and painstaking process to swift and accurate. With AI at the forefront, do IT professionals see a change in this area?

Results: Do you see AI playing a significant role in enhancing RMM tools for faster problem identification and resolution?

  • Yes, but only moderately – 55.2%
  • Yes, significantly – 27.1%
  • Not really – 15.6%
  • Not at all – 2.1%

The challenges 

Atera’s AI integrations have fundamentally raised the bar for nearly all aspects of IT management, but even with that, a whole host of challenges come with implementation. From organizational changes to cost and security, while the benefits are clear, getting there can be a challenge. Here are some perceived challenges when it comes to AI integration.

Results:What do you perceive as the biggest challenge in integrating AI-powered IT (AIT) into your current workflows and tasks?

  • Compatibility with existing systems – 25%
  • Cost of implementation – 14%
  • Skills gap – 19%
  • Data privacy and security concerns – 34%

Tips to grow AI adoption 

Not everyone is an early adopter. Some need a little more time for newer technologies to enter the mainstream before they jump in and start experimenting. That’s why we have you covered. Here are some tips, according to early adopters, that can help ease people into AI-powered RMMs:

  • Better Alerts: Users emphasize the need for Event Logs to directly link to solutions, saving valuable time.
  • Enhanced Automation: From managing VMs effortlessly to expanding drives with a single click, users seek automation features for simplified tasks.
  • Reliable Search Results: A strong demand exists for AI-generated scripts to yield dependable search results, minimizing the need for extensive modifications.
  • Clear AI Functions: Users advocate for clearly defined AI functions within software, along with automatic suggestions for addressing alerts and issues.
  • Identifiable Use Cases: Practical and identifiable AI use cases are deemed essential, offering tangible benefits with minimal input.
  • Sandbox Environments: Users desire sandbox environments for risk-free experimentation, allowing them to test AI responses without compromising stakeholder care.
  • Incremental Automation: Overcoming initial time investment hurdles requires incremental automation, facilitating deeper AI integration and exploration, 

To next-level IT management 

Insights gleaned from the feedback of over 7,000 loyal users have provided valuable understanding into the relationship between IT professionals and AI, particularly in how they leverage it to bolster their RMM tools. Despite encountering challenges and initial skepticism, it’s increasingly evident that AI-powered RMM solutions offer substantial benefits for IT professionals. With Atera leading the charge in AI innovation within the industry, we are empowering businesses with scalable efficiency and spearheading a transformative shift in IT management practices.

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