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Thinking about which Atera plan you need for your IT business? You’ve come to the right place! Deciding which plan best suits your needs can be challenging. Atera pricing, long-term costs, and features are just some factors to consider when selecting the right plan.

In this guide, we’ll break down the different Atera plans to simplify the decision-making process and ensure you pick the right plan for you!

Step one, buy according to your needs

Atera’s tool suite boosts productivity and savings via smart automation, allowing you to cut costs, gather crucial data, and produce detailed reports. Through the unique Atera pricing model, we let you customize your solution to suit your needs, whether it’s per device—be it a server, workstation, or laptop—regardless of your team’s size or customer base. As your network expands or new customers join, you won’t face extra charges.

Consolidate your tools

With an all-in-one IT management platform, you get heaps of advantages. Features such as real-time monitoring, automation, remote access, security measures, and reporting in a single place simplify management and reduce the need for multiple systems. Additionally, seamless integration ensures smooth interoperability across the IT infrastructure, minimizing compatibility issues and offering centralized control. Managing one platform streamlines workflows, reduces complexity, and leads to quicker issue resolution, less downtime, and increased productivity.

Are you an MSP or IT Department?

So, how much does Atera cost? That depends on a few things. The first question to ask is what type of IT business am I in? Am I an MSP (Managed Service Provider) or do I operate within an IT department?

Managed Service Provider: As an MSP, you manage IT services for multiple clients, each with unique requirements. You navigate varied IT environments across different organizations, considering factors such as hardware/software procurement, industry type, and compliance or security needs.

IT Department: In this scenario, your focus is solely on the IT needs of a single business. As an in-house IT manager, you oversee the internal IT domain and collaborate closely with security and DevOps teams. Clear oversight is paramount, ensuring seamless management across all sites. Once you establish this, you can assess which plan you need.

Breaking down our MSP plans

Flexibility and customizability are the name of the game. As an MSP your customers have different needs depending on their environment, requirements, and resources. You need a solution that is tailored to this type of dynamic. Here we detail all the features you get across the different Atera plans for MSPs, so you get the most cost-effective solution to run your IT business.

Atera MSP plans:

  • Pro plan
  • Growth plan
  • Power plan

The pro plan (aka The MSP starter pack)

If you’re just beginning and working within budget constraints, the Pro or Professional plans may be ideal. These options allow you to explore Atera’s foundational technology and unique features that distinguish us from other IT software solutions.

As cost-effective solutions, these plans offer a comprehensive range of tools to help you meet your customers’ SLAs. They provide full functionality for tasks such as setting up, managing contracts, and invoicing at month-end. Additionally, you can conveniently track tickets and notifications using the Atera mobile app.

What’s included in the plan:

  • Remote management
  • Automation and scripting capabilities from inside the Atera platform
  • Full monitoring and alerts
  • OS and software patching
  • Helpdesk and ticket automation
  • Remote Access sessions using Splashtop at no additional charge (limited concurrent sessions)

The growth plan

The mid-tier Growth plan for MSPs offers several key advantages. It provides unlimited concurrent Splashtop sessions and multi-monitor remote access through AnyDesk, enabling real-time chat capabilities within the Atera platform.

This facilitates quick issue resolution without the need for ticket submissions. Additionally, unlike the Pro plan, the Growth plan unlocks Mac agent support and allows MSPs to view files and transfer up to 15GB at a time. Moreover, MSPs gain access to up to 10 support addresses for streamlined communication and can utilize the Atera API for up to 600 RPM.

The power plan

With the Power plan, the top-tier option, you gain a lot of peace of mind. This is facilitated by two key features that are not available for those on the lower tiers:

  • Database snapshots: If at any point you accidentally delete any data, such as customer profiles, contracts, applications, or files, database snapshots allow us to provide you with the CSV file so that you can restore that data without any gaps. Whether it’s an intentional attack or an accidental misclick, you know that you’re covered.
  • Geo-redundant database: By storing your data on more than one database, you have far greater security and control if one of the databases experiences a failure or outage. This isn’t necessarily related to where your business or your customers are based, giving you the ability to ensure business continuity no matter what.

Users can also unlock unlimited support addresses at this tier, providing the ability for limitless customization of ticket queues, dispatching, and customer service and support.

For MSPs, upgrading to the Power plan unlocks the Atera API up to 700 RPM and allows for up to 50GB per file transfer, making it even easier to work with your customers. Keep your eyes peeled for customized reporting, which will change the way you handle your data, providing business intelligence and insights from the information within the Atera platform. This will help prove the value of your work and encourage upsell opportunities and loyalty for MSPs.

Breaking down Atera’s IT Department plans

If you’re in the IT department, you manage IT services for a single business. While there may be multiple offices and remote work sites to consider, all your efforts are focused on one entity. You serve as the internal IT department, overseeing all IT-related matters. Collaboration with Security or DevOps teams may be necessary for closer alignment. Your aim is clear visibility and oversight, ensuring seamless management across all sites. Below we detail all features and capabilities you get across the different Atera plans for IT departments

IT department plans:

  • Professional
  • Expert
  • Master

Professional plan – all the basics

Similar to the Pro plans for MSPs, the Pro plan provides remote management, automation, and scripting features within the Atera platform, coupled with comprehensive monitoring and alerts, OS and software patching, and helpdesk and ticket automation. Furthermore, they have access to Remote Access sessions using Splashtop at no additional charge (limited concurrent sessions).

This plan offers invaluable benefits for IT departments. Even the basic Atera plan provides the ability to monitor using the Mac agent alongside Windows OS, a feature that’s increasingly valuable in today’s business landscape with the growing prevalence of Mac users, particularly in remote work setups. Moreover, IT departments gain access to Azure AD integration, ensuring seamless synchronization of Active Directory with Atera across all sites. This integration not only simplifies management but also adds significant value by enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a seamless user experience across the organization’s IT infrastructure.

The expert plan

Taking it up a notch, we have the Expert plan for IT departments. This allows specialists to benefit from as many concurrent Splashtop sessions as they need, and use multi-monitor remote access through AnyDesk, too. Both groups can chat with their users in real-time through Atera, too. That’s quick questions answered in a flash without the need to go through the whole process of opening tickets and waiting for replies.

The Expert plan gives you a lot more control and flexibility over the way that you work. You’ll unlock Network Discovery free of charge, so that you can see all of your devices and site activity through scheduled scanning and monitoring at a glance. You can also get proactive by scheduling tickets ahead of time. This means maintenance reminders, and the ability to handle repetitive tasks proactively so that nothing gets forgotten.

You can also benefit from AI auto-tagging, the Atera API up to 2000 RPM, and 2 support addresses, which we find IT departments use to separate out queries for different teams, such as technical support and Sales for example.

The master plan

IT departments gain significantly more peace of mind by opting for this tier. This is facilitated by two key features exclusive to this tier. With the Master plan, IT departments experience a substantial leap in API capabilities, reaching up to 4,000 RPM. Additionally, you unlock VIP support, ensuring a dedicated customer support manager, faster resolution times, and the assurance of timely assistance whenever needed.

Like the MSP expert plan, the master plan for IT departments has two features that are not available for those on the lower tiers, namely database snapshots and geo-redundant database (see in MSP expert plan). Wth the master plan, users can also unlock unlimited support addresses at this tier, giving the ability for limitless customization of ticket queues, dispatching, and customer service and support.

Add-ons and integrations for all!

What makes our IT solutions the go-to choice? Besides cutting-edge technology and attractive Atera pricing plans, we offer a range of add-ons and integrations. Whether you’re an MSP or an IT department, Atera provides the same awesome integrations across all tiers. Here’s a glimpse into some of the categories of partners we work with.

Ensure comprehensive security across customer environments and different sites with top-tier tools. Utilize virus and malware protection from Emsisoft, advanced ransomware and spyware prevention with Malwarebytes, prevention, detection, and response capabilities from Bitdefender, email security with Ironscales, and Ninite Pro for seamless application patching across all networks.

Partnering with leading backup providers, Atera offers robust data protection solutions. Acronis provides continuous data protection and flexible storage options, while Axcient specializes in business continuity and disaster recovery, offering chain-free backup solutions.

Tailored for MSPs, our Billing integrations simplify invoicing processes, allowing you to easily add taxes, track expenses, manage work hours, and create customized invoices and reports for each customer relationship. Integrated with QuickBooks Online and Xero, streamline your business management without switching between multiple applications.

Remote Access:
With Splashtop sessions available from the Pro and Professional plans, upgrade to Growth or Expert to access unlimited concurrent sessions or utilize multi-monitor remote access via AnyDesk. Additionally, Splashtop facilitates Atera Work From Home, enabling employees to seamlessly remote into their office computers.

Whatever the plan, we’ve got your back!

Regardless of whether you’re an MSP or an IT department, and irrespective of the RMM price plan you select, you’re part of our community! We’re committed to understanding your unique business requirements and providing tailored recommendations. Additionally, Atera seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of third-party technologies and tools to enrich your experience.

If you need any more help discussing your options, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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