The Nexus Program
for Next-generation Affiliates

Become one of Atera’s exclusive affiliates — upgrade your tomorrows by earning up to $1,300 for each conversion.

Up to $1,300 CPA

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  • Content creators

    Storytelling influencers with a talent for building a big social-media following from the IT world — form an orderly line.

  • IT educators

    Join Atera’s partnership enterprise by adding your unique affiliate Atera link to your next-generation courses built for IT professionals.

  • IT consultants

    Your mission to introduce clients to the perfect solution for their work starts and ends with upgrading to Atera today.

  • Affiliates

    Affiliate by name, affiliate by nature, you know exactly what to do. Press the little pink button.

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Why partner with us?

  • It’s all about the moola

    Our competitive payouts for affiliates — up to $1,300 per conversion — is one of the highest in the industry.

  • A fast-growing product
    that sells itself

    We don't mean to boast but — Atera is a next-level, fast-growing product that quite literally sells itself.

  • Track and trace your playground

    Maximize commissions with a dedicated platform to monitor all your referrals' activities, from trials to purchases.

  • Create a buzz with next-level marketing assets

    Choose from a wide selection of banners and ads to complement your website and amplify your campaigns.

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    As soon as your sign up process is unlocked, you’re all set for your first mission as Atera’s newest affiliate.

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    Armed with a unique and dedicated link to Atera and tailor-made marketing materials, it’s T-0 ‘til your first affiliate mission.

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    It’s time to take that bottom line right to the top. Start making up to $1,300 per conversion — today!

Working smarter,not harder just reached the next level.

Between physical and virtual
lies a whole universe of opportunities.
We don’t predict the future because together, we can create it.

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