Bitdefender Protects Your Customers with Advanced Security & Protection

Get the most advanced security solution so your customers are fully protected. Start Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP Security for $1.20/mo, per protected device, get started with a full 45-day free trial.

500 Million Reasons Why This is ADVANCED

Bitdefender empowers MSPs to prevent threats before they happen with the most advanced machine learning, set of prevention and detection layers and the behavioral technologies perfected over more than 10 years with data from over 500 million devices.

Automatically Stop Threats

Proven in real-world tests, Bitdefender stands out because of a unified layered approach that stops threats before they turn into breaches. Streamline your tasks, automate your security and grow revenue in one place.

Streamlined Security Management

Get the most advanced security solution for your IT Service to prevent, detect and respond to all threats so your customers are fully protected, always. Start Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP Security for $1.20/mo, per protected device, get started with a full 45 day free trial now.

Complete Visibility of Your Customers’ Security

Instantly see how vulnerable your customers are with Bitdefender Endpoint Risk Analytics.
Get continuous visibility of your customers’ security position, compare risk across companies and time to lower risks, reduce attacks and automatically solve issues with simple patching.

Super Advanced Threat Prevention

Don’t rely on outdated solutions when you can get the most effective, advanced, and automated security platform using our most advanced prevention technologies, including:

  • HyperDetect Tunable Machine Learning: This uses Machine Learning Algorithms to stop advanced attacks well in advance of them being seen.

  • Fileless Attack Defense: This blocks script-based attacks by analyzing command code in the memory, using tools like PowerShell or Command Prompt.

  • Sandbox Analyzer: This instantly destroys suspicious files or scripts on autopilot by having a full threat context visibility of the changes an item is trying to make.

Designed Specifically for MSPs

Experience the highest level of security and protection for even the most vulnerable customers to stop advanced persistent threats (APTs), thanks to threat hunting, detection and response designed for MSPs. Get the most advanced solution to offer the best service to your clients.

See Atera in Action

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