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In the world of IT management and remote monitoring solutions, two names stand out prominently: Atera and Datto. Both platforms offer a range of features designed to streamline IT operations, enhance efficiency, and provide comprehensive support to businesses of all sizes. 

Initially established as a cybersecurity company, Datto was acquired by Kaseya in 2022. Atera was built as an all-in-one IT management solution, with designated products each for IT Departments and MSPs. Atera is a cloud-based IT management platform that offers a wide range of features, including remote monitoring and management (RMM), professional services automation (PSA), and remote access. It provides real-time monitoring of devices, network performance, and security, allowing IT professionals to proactively address issues. Atera also offers ticketing, billing, and reporting functionalities to streamline business operations.

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As you look for the perfect RMM software for your organization, it is important to fully evaluate your needs and then ensure that the provider you choose offers a product that is aligned with everything that you are looking for. 

In this article, we aim to provide an in-depth look at Atera vs. Datto to help you discover which solution best fits your priorities. 

User interface and usability

Both Datto RMM and Atera offer a range of capabilities that users can access and take advantage of through robust dashboards. Each platform allows users to review numerous reports and analytics at the click of a button. 

However, many users have commented that Atera’s dashboards and user interface is more intuitive and easy to use, leading to a quicker time-to-use curve and an easier onboarding process. 

Overall, users of Datto say the user dashboard is simple, attractive, and easy to use. However; some users say it’s glitchy and non-functioning at times, according to Datto’s user reviews. 

Screenshot of Datto’s System Status Interface (via Datto)

At Atera, we have put extensive time and effort toward creating an intuitive user interface (UI) that will allow for an easy transition when switching over from other IT management platforms. 

Our modern dashboards are totally customizable, but we have set up the baseline product to ensure a low barrier to entry and access to all of the data you will need seamlessly. 

Screenshot of Atera’s ticket reporting analysis (via Atera)

Features and capabilities

Both Atera and Datto RMM offer cloud-based remote monitoring and management capabilities for both IT departments and managed service providers. Datto’s suite of provisions includes monitoring, automation, and scripting as well as patch management, remote access, and security integrations. It is most compatible with Windows operating systems. 

Despite these features, many users have commented that the quality of Datto has gone down since the platform was purchased by Kaseya in June of 2022. Many customers have reported billing issues, including overcharging, as well as slower support and glitchy features. While Datto has had a strong reputation in the past, it appears to be headed downhill. 

Review from Capterra

Atera, on the other hand, embraces a holistic set of features and capabilities, including IT automation, real-time monitoring and alerts, patch management, advanced remote maintenance, numerous integrations, asset and inventory scanning, robust reporting, and so much more. 

But these features are just the beginning. Atera is harnessing the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to improve IT department efficiency, automations, and more. 

Performance and reliability

Every IT professional knows that performance and reliability are crucial as you look for the best IT management tool. Excessive downtime can be a serious problem, as it leads to increased security risks and other issues. With that in mind, you must ensure that your next IT investment protects you and your organization from these problems.

As you compare Datto vs Atera, you will find stark differences in the level and quality of support to ensure performance and reliability, as reported by users of each platform. After parent company Kaseya acquired Datto nearly two years ago, users have experienced significantly less reliable support and long wait times to speak with a live agent or receive assistance. Support is a crucial piece of avoiding downtime, and Datto has been falling in that area recently. Here is one user’s perspective noting that the software often stops working: 

Review via Capterra

In recent years, our team at Atera has made incredible strides in expanding our support offerings. We have compiled a veritable treasure trove of digital resources, including a deep knowledge base, a constantly updated blog, and a thriving online community – and that’s all before we have touched on 24/7 support. We are proud of our commitment to making troubleshooting simple and minimizing downtime. 

Pricing and value for money

When evaluating IT management platforms like Atera and Datto RMM, any decision maker will need to account for the budget. With Atera, you will always know what you are signing on for. We are dedicated to transparent pricing – we want you to fully understand what you are getting and our value proposition. 

Our unique pricing model makes growth and scalability possible without emptying out your wallet. The pay-per-technician model starts at just $129 per month per technician. From there, you might choose to invest in a different tier, which ranges from “pro” to “superpower.”

Atera's MSP pricing

Unfortunately, Datto does not provide transparent pricing information online. You will need to reach out to their sales team to get a customized quote. With a lack of clear pricing information, it can be difficult to tell if you are truly getting strong value for your investment.   

Customer support and community

We have touched on the importance of reliability and performance – and customer support is a piece of that equation. Atera and Datto both have a selection of online resources such as blog posts, guides, and tutorials available for users at any hour of the day (or even night). Despite that, Datto’s customer support has been reported by users on review sits to be slow and unreliable. 

What sets Atera apart is our active community of users who support each other around the clock. Our community is the subject of strong praise from users, who find it an excellent place to network with fellow IT pros, be the first to know about Atera news and features, and receive feedback from others who have dealt with similar situations. 

We are proud of our close-knit community of IT professionals and look forward to welcoming you into the Atera Communtiy if you end up choosing our product! 

Security and compliance

Datto was initially created as a cybersecurity-focused company, and its commitment to safety and security remains strong. Its reputation in this area precedes it. However, that is not to say that Atera lags behind – in fact, the opposite is true. 

We are highly focused on our commitment to compliance and security. Atera’s robust, built-in security is at the center of everything we do — so you can be sure your data is always safe and protected. Atera has achieved ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, and 27032 compliances.

User feedback and reviews

Customer reviews of Atera consistently highlight the platform’s ability to streamline IT operations, enhance productivity, and drive business growth. 

From remote monitoring and management to ticketing and reporting, Atera offers a wide range of tools that cater to the diverse needs of IT professionals. Users appreciate the platform’s all-in-one approach, as it eliminates the need for multiple software solutions and simplifies their IT management processes.

Atera’s commitment to customer support is also highly regarded by its users. The platform’s responsive and knowledgeable support team ensures that users receive prompt assistance whenever they encounter any issues or have questions. This level of support has fostered a strong sense of trust and reliability among Atera users, knowing that they have a dedicated team to rely on whenever they need assistance.

Furthermore, Atera’s continuous innovation and regular updates have been praised by users. The platform consistently introduces new features and enhancements based on user feedback and industry trends. This proactive approach to development ensures that Atera remains at the forefront of IT management solutions, providing users with the latest tools and technologies to stay competitive in their respective industries.

With our pay-per-technician pricing model, Atera appeals to organizations of all types, as companies can grow their users or customers without increasing their bottom line. 

Here is one user’s review, which applauds Atera’s feature-rich features:

This is what one Atera customer mentioned on Reddit who switched away from Datto:

Atera vs. Datto: what’s the conclusion?

In conclusion, when comparing Atera and Datto, it is evident that both platforms offer robust IT management solutions with their own unique strengths. Atera stands out for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set, and commitment to continuous innovation. The platform’s intuitive design allows businesses to easily navigate and leverage its powerful tools, even without extensive technical expertise. With a wide range of features, from remote monitoring and management to ticketing and reporting, Atera provides a holistic solution that caters to the diverse needs of IT professionals.

Atera is also the only IT management platfrom is powered by Action AI to help organizations eliminate Tier 1 support , cut down response and resolution times and boost operational efficiency by leveraging AI and automation.

Before making a final decision about IT software, it’s important to conduct thorough research. Some of the best ways to do so are by requesting demos, signing up for free trials, and speaking with company representatives to garner more information about each platform’s capabilities. Wondering where to start? Talk with our customer support team today to see if Atera is right for you. 

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