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Atera and ManageEngine are two major names in the IT management software space. If you’re looking for IT management software for your company, then you’ve probably come across each of these options before. However, it can often be challenging to understand the differences between the numerous similarly packaged software platforms in today’s crowded market. 

While these two platforms might seem similar on the surface, there are a number of differences that IT decision makers should understand before deciding between the two. Atera and ManageEngine serve different functions, and each have a unique approach to the way they handle their product offerings. 

Where ManageEngine offers a variety of different packages with different offerings, Atera provides an all-in-one system that is both accessible and intuitive. 

As you search for the right IT management software for your organization, it is crucial that you do your RMM comparison right and fully evaluate your needs to ensure that you end up with a provider that offers everything that you are looking for. In this article, we aim to provide an in-depth look at ManageEngine vs. Atera to help you give you a better understanding of which solution matches your company’s needs and goals.

Read on to find out more. 

User interface and usability

Atera is lauded throughout the IT world for its accessible, intuitive interfaces that reflect the needs of its tech-centric users. For ManageEngine, on the other hand, this is an area where the product has received poor reviews. For instance, one customer on Reddit who has been using ManageEngine says: 

“It’s a powerful product but very difficult to learn. I still often have to look up how to do something because it is not intuitive.”

Atera, however, prioritizes creating intuitive user interfaces (UI) that allow for a smooth transition for clients who switch over to our product. 

Our modern and aesthetically pleasing dashboards are fully customizable, and our baseline product is designed to ensure a seamless experience from day one. In other words, you will find that learning and mastering our platform is far less challenging. 

Our platform is set up to allow you to access all of the data you will need in a few clicks. We don’t like to boast, but the results speak for themselves. From asset discovery to a comprehensive analytics and reporting suite, you will find everything you need through a single pane of glass. As you can see below: 

Screenshot of Atera’s ticket reporting analysis (via Atera)

Features and capabilities

It is important to note that ManageEngine offers numerous different products that fall under multiple categories. For instance, you might choose to use the product “AD360” under the “identity and access management” category. Alternatively, you might choose the “NetFlow Analyzer” under the “IT operations management” category. 

Of course, there are pros and cons to this structure. With ManageEngine, you can build your own package, so to speak – you can choose exactly which products you need and none that you don’t. However, this is where ManageEngine can get expensive. Often praised for its low prices on the surface, once you begin stacking ManageEngine products, you will find costs can add up quickly. 

Atera’s all-in-one approach provides a holistic set of features and capabilities, which include IT automation, real-time monitoring and alerts, patch management, remote maintenance, ticketing, Helpdesk, asset and inventory scanning, robust reporting, and so much more, alongside multiple software add-ons. 

But our existing features are just the beginning. We are on a consistent mission to ensure our product continuously meets our customers’ evolving needs. For instance, we have harnessed the power of AI to improve organizational efficiency, accuracy, and other crucial aspects of day-to-day IT management. With our AI integrations, users are seeing enhanced productivity, faster and more effective ticket resolution, as well as many other benefits. 

Performance and reliability

Whether you are working in-house for an IT department, or you serve numerous clients as a growing MSP—every IT technician understands the importance of reliability and performance. Downtime can be a major issue, creating security risks, along with countless other problems. With that in mind, it’s crucial to choose IT products with strong reliability scores.

ManageEngine has faced some criticism. Many users have complained that the interfaces are buggy, and that upgrades seem to cause more problems than they are worth. Plus, tech support can be difficult to reach, making it challenging to resolve these issues when they inevitably occur. For instance, a customer’s review said that the service desk application is inferior – based on G2

Atera’s high levels of performance and reliability are at the core of our product. Backed by live 24/7 support in several different languages. Recently, we have doubled down on our commitment to expanding support offerings. With a stockpile of digital resources, including a deep knowledgebase, a constantly updated blog, a thriving online community, and around-the-clock support from live agents—we believe your success is ours.

Pricing and value for money

As you choose between IT management platforms such as Atera and ManageEngine, budget is an important factor. When you work Atera, you will always know what you are paying for, as we are committed to transparent pricing–we want you to fully grasp our value proposition. 

Our thoughtful pricing model is unlike anything else on the market. We make growth and scalability possible with pricing to match. Our pay-per-technician model starts at $129 per month per technician and includes all of our top features, including RMM and PSA, as well as unlimited endpoints. From there, you can upgrade to different tiers, which range from “pro” to “superpower.” 

Atera's MSP pricing

As we mentioned earlier, ManageEngine offers a range of stand alone products. Each with a different price point, but many charge per endpoint, making it challenging to grow and scale your business. Many of these products are often niche in nature–in other words, you will get a lot more holistic functionality with Atera. 

Customer support and community

As any IT pro knows, effective customer support is a piece of the reliability equation. Atera and ManageEngine both have asynchronous resources like blog posts, guides, and tutorials available for users at any hour of the day (or even late at night). 

When it comes ot ManageEngine, many customers have criticized the lack of communication from support teams and noted that it is difficult to reach them outside of standard business hours. For instance, take a look at this user’s review via G2

At Atera, our support is available 24/7 via live chat, with an SLA of under a minute. We also boast a thriving community of IT professionals that developed into a welcome and effective space to troubleshoot with others who have dealt with similar situations. We are proud of our close-knit community, and if you do choose Atera, we are already excited about welcoming you into our online family. 

One of our customers highlights on G2 the easy-to-use nature of our product and the responsiveness of our customer support team.

Security and compliance

Although we can all agree that security and compliance are crucial for IT departments and MSPs alike, ManageEngine has fewer products in this space than in others. While users have commented that ManageEngine’s security offerings get the job done, many have also noted that a more consistent approach to security would be better. 

Conversely, Atera is more focused than ever on our commitment to compliance and security. With smart logging and reporting as well as strict adherence to all major industry standards, we are able to provide our customers with peace of mind with the knowledge that their organizations are safe from the ever-evolving reality of cyber threats. 

User feedback and reviews

Across the board, users consider Atera to deliver robust and effective suite of IT solutions for both MSPs and IT departments. With our transparent pricing that makes growth and scaling simple, Atera appeals to both start-up and enterprise professionals alike. Our short learning curve makes the setup time associated with Atera’s products shorter and simpler than what you might find in other options. 

Here is one user’s review, which applauds our feature-rich platform, calling it a “swiss army knife for IT” – that’s the power of all-in-one tools like Atera. A user review on G2 said about Atera: A Swiss Army Knife for IT.

On the flip side, as you can see in this ManageEngine customer’s review on G2, which highlights some issues with the pricing structure, the lack of support, and problems resolving basic tickets: 


If you’re considering Atera or ManageEngine as your new IT platform, we hope this guide is helpful in highlighting a few key similarities and differences. While both platforms offer a range of features, Atera takes these offerings to the next level with innovations like AI automations for both IT departments and MSPs, a robust support system, and an unshakable commitment to security. 

Another key difference is Atera’s rapidly-growing online community of IT professionals, who are always there to help users with troubleshooting and build strong virtual bonds. Overall, Atera offers a capable alternative to ManageEngine, and is primed to support organizations through every stage of growth.

Before you make your final decision about the right IT software, it is important to do thorough research. Some of the best strategies here involve requesting demos, signing on for trials, and speaking with company representatives to garner more information about each platform’s capabilities. Where should you start? We suggest talking with the Atera sales team today.

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