We, the undersigned, inspired by the values of Atera—a company committed to the well-being of IT professionals worldwide—call upon legislators across the nation to recognize the invaluable contributions of IT professionals by declaring the day after the Big Game, commonly known as Big Game Monday, as a national holiday.

In a recent survey led by Atera, it was found that Big Game Monday is one of the busiest days in IT ticket influx, due to multiple reasons. While many employees choose to work from home or call in sick, IT professionals are still expected to deliver speedy support and be always on call.

🌐 Survey insights:

Atera’s survey of 508 IT administrators and 1500 general workers in the US reveals the significant challenges faced by IT professionals on Big Game Monday:

  • 66% find it harder to take days off than their non-IT colleagues.
  • 75% anticipate Big Game Monday to be the busiest day for remote work IT needs.
  • 77% expect a surge of IT tickets from colleagues working from home.

📈 Impact on IT professionals:

  • 81% feel pressure to be online to support colleagues’ IT needs.
  • 79% believe increased remote work creates a surge in IT tickets.

📊 General workers’ perspective:

  • 41% of hybrid workers plan to work remotely on Big Game Monday.
  • 64% agree that “it is unacceptable for IT professionals to be slow to respond on Big Game Monday.”
  • 41% agree that the day should be recognized as a national holiday.

🔗 Why is this important?

This Game Day Monday, more than 25 million American employees are expected to call in sick. Recognizing Big Game Monday as a national holiday aligns with the values of promoting a healthy work-life balance and prioritizing the well-being of IT professionals, in and out of the office. This initiative aims to uplift workplace morale and acknowledge the hard work of IT professionals.

✍️ How you can help:

By signing this petition, you support our call for legislative recognition of Big Game Monday as a national holiday. Once we reach our goal of 15,000 signatures, we will submit the petition to local legislators for review.

Let’s make a change together! Sign and share this petition to show your solidarity with IT professionals across the nation. #BigGameMonday4IT #ITRecognition