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What Attracts Customers to level up their IT operations with Atera?

The IT services market is booming, and you might feel like everywhere you look there are software solutions throwing their latest features in your face, and trying to get you to move from your current vendor, or onboard technology for the first time.

We hear some lovely things from our own customers about why they took the leap to join the Atera family, and we wanted to share some of the most common reasons we turn heads! So, without blowing our own trumpet too much… 🎺🎺🎺 let’s get to it!

The pricing structure

We often hear from customers that they come for the price, and stay for the functionality! It can’t be denied that our innovative RMM pricing model is often complimented across our customer-base. Here’s how it works:

Other IT software solutions charge for every endpoint that you monitor and manage, and in fact – this was the standard way of doing things before Atera came along. However, we felt this was unfair. After all, this model punishes you for being thorough, and makes it harder to keep an eye on every single machine or device that you are responsible for. Often, these costs would have to be handed over to your clients, or come out of your corporate budget, which made it more likely that IT service providers would skip steps. Not only that – but paying per endpoint means as your business grows, your IT software is costing you an increasing amount of money each month. We didn’t think that our Aterans should be punished for their own success, and so we came up with our per-technician model. At Atera, you pay per technician who uses the software, no matter how many endpoints they manage. Simple.

The rapid release cycle

We hear compliments like “the platform is always evolving” or “there are new features coming out faster than I can try them” All. The. Time. That’s thanks to our rapid release cycle, which gives us a release every three weeks, or thereabouts. The new features are fantastic of course, and allow us to create big wins for our Aterans and their customers, but just as important is the way this allows us to fix bugs and add improvements. We’re continually developing, testing, tweaking and adding to Atera to make sure that it’s the best that it can be.


It’s not just words – at Atera we really feel like a partnership with our users. Everyone from the community manager to the CEO is active in the Facebook, Reddit, and Slack groups – answering questions and adding updates to keep everyone in the know. The Features Board is often praised for the easy way that customers can suggest new functionality, and upvote each other’s ideas for a real view of what MSPs and IT service providers need in the trenches of their own client and corporate environments. The top-voted features will often head straight for our roadmap, and as we have that three-week release cycle we mentioned above – Ateran’s are rarely waiting long!

There’s also a total feeling of support and friendship within the Atera community itself, as shown by our Shared Script library and Shared SNMP library. We have hundreds of community-submitted scripts, checked by Atera and easy to use with our IT automation profiles, if you want all the benefits of automation but code-writing isn’t your thing. This is another compliment we love hearing, that Atera allows customers to push out fast solutions on a large scale using scripts, reducing the manual and repetitive work that can suck up so many hours of a technician’s day.

Simple yet robust

We always say that Atera is about having all the features that you need, with none of the features that you don’t. A customer recently commented that other RMM and PSA solutions often feel cluttered or a mess, and we’ve seen that ourselves, how many of our competitors add tons of bells and whistles that don’t actually make it easier for MSPs and IT service providers to grow their businesses or get more done in the day.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry so that we can add exactly what you need when you need it. One great example is when COVID-19 hit the headlines, and within 10 days we had a robust Work from Home package that Aterans could offer their customers to support remote working. We’re focused on providing the best suite of IT solutions, without making you pay for add-ons that you don’t need.

Easy integrations with powerful tools

Just like kids, we love all our integrations equally, and you won’t hear us saying otherwise! However, there’s no doubt that some of our integrations get more love from our customers, so here are a few that regularly get lauded from the rooftops as reasons to join the Atera family.

Remote Access: It’s super simple to use Splashtop or AnyDesk from within Atera, offering on-demand, instantaneous remote support at the point of need. These tools come with chat features, unlimited technician access, screen recordings and screen capture.

Billing: With billing and accounting you can manage your customer relationships and invoices from inside Atera. Create purchase orders, claim expenses, and even align your taxes. Pay day just got even more fun!

Software install and update: Chocolatey and HomeBrew already sound like awesome tools – and they live up to their names! Install and maintain software with a single click, even creating smart bundles to make onboarding quicker, or updates more smooth.

Calendar: Office 365 (with Google Calendar on the way!) is a great new integration that’s already making our customers smile. View and manage calendar events directly from the Atera dashboard, and see your availability reflected in Outlook for ease of business.

We love hearing from customers about their favourite Atera features and functionality, and we’re also just as delighted when you reach out with some constructive criticism about where we can improve! Reach out directly if you have any comments or feedback.

If you’re not yet a member of the Atera family, and you’re thinking about your next IT software – why not give Atera a try, risk-free for 30 days, and see if we check all of your boxes?

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