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Atera’s responsible AI principles

Atera is committed to safeguarding the trust and privacy of our customers and to the responsible development of our AI solution.

Our commitment

Atera believes in harnessing AI to drive positive impact for individuals and organizations, while adhering to ethical principles. 

We strive to ensure our AI algorithms are fair, reliable, free of bias, and based on verifiable and accurate data, while empowering our users to leverage the technology for their own unique IT needs. Furthermore, our partnership with Microsoft and Azure OpenAI ensures our technology also adheres to Microsoft’s own responsible AI principles.

We also believe that responsible AI is a journey, not a destination. As technology advances, the discourse surrounding norms, standards, and regulations also evolves, giving rise to new challenges and opportunities.

We strongly advocate for open and continuous dialogue to promote responsible development, implementation, and utilization of AI, and actively look to engage in such discussions.

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Responsible AI, privacy, and security

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