Never Leave Money on the Table Again With ScalePad (Warranty Master™)

ScalePad (Warranty Master™) keeps track of Warranty Expirations to show you instant revenue opportunities. Get started in 2 clicks.

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Why ScalePad?

Managing warranty expirations is an important part of looking after an IT environment, but the manual work and visibility required can be a real headache. ScalePad continually monitors warranties for servers, workstations and networking devices, alleviating the security risk of aging hardware and the associated performance issues.

ScalePad offers the ability to connect to multiple data sources to manage warranties. Whether you’re an MSP or working within corporate IT departments, expand your service offering to monitoring, managing and extending warranties – adding to your own bottom line at the same time as best supporting your end-user.


Continuous Warranty Lookups

ScalePad's (Warranty Master™) super-powerful warranty management solution automatically performs continuous warranty lookups on your Atera devices.

Quickly Identify Expired Devices

Take advantage of ScalePad's (Warranty Master™) game-changing reports to help your customers replace or renew their high-risk and problematic devices.


Largest Worldwide Device Coverage

ScalePad (Warranty Master™) boasts the largest worldwide device coverage with the greatest accuracy and highest speed. Watch in real-time as your warranty lookups become available.

Dramatic ROI with Just a Few Clicks

ScalePad (Warranty Master™) stands behind its Masterful service level with a low monthly fee, ultra-easy setup, and a cancel-anytime policy.


100% Cloud Based Solution

There’s nothing to install! Simply connect ScalePad (Warranty Master™) to Atera’s API in a few clicks and watch your warranty reports flow in.


Get Familiar with Free Edition

ScalePad's (Warranty Master™) Free Edition works with Atera and can get you connected in less than a few minutes, without any credit card.

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