Never Leave Money on the Table Again With ScalePad (Warranty Master™)

ScalePad (Warranty Master™) keeps track of Warranty Expirations to show you instant revenue opportunities. Get started in 2 clicks.

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Continuous Warranty Lookups

ScalePad's (Warranty Master™) super-powerful warranty management solution automatically performs continuous warranty lookups on your Atera devices.

Quickly Identify Expired Devices

Take advantage of ScalePad's (Warranty Master™) game-changing reports to help your customers replace or renew their high-risk and problematic devices.


Largest Worldwide Device Coverage

ScalePad (Warranty Master™) boasts the largest worldwide device coverage with the greatest accuracy and highest speed. Watch in real-time as your warranty lookups become available.

Dramatic ROI with Just a Few Clicks

ScalePad (Warranty Master™) stands behind its Masterful service level with a low monthly fee, ultra-easy setup, and a cancel-anytime policy.


100% Cloud Based Solution

There’s nothing to install! Simply connect ScalePad (Warranty Master™) to Atera’s API in a few clicks and watch your warranty reports flow in.


Get Familiar with Free Edition

ScalePad's (Warranty Master™) Free Edition works with Atera and can get you connected in less than a few minutes, without any credit card.

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