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In the most basic sense, IT support is about assisting end users and employees and, more generally, your organization, with almost all-things technology. 

But for both managed service providers (MSPs) and in-house IT departments, IT support is much more than being the office’s “Mr. Fix It.” Sure, you’re the go-to person for helping end users with common tech problems. But that’s far from the extent of your responsibilities. 

The duties of an IT support team are often quite broad, ranging from equipment configuration to optimizing network performance and from cybersecurity to end-user tech support to patch management. Ideally, IT support will help organizations proactively monitor the network to avoid downtime and ensure productivity and efficiency for all. 

However, many IT teams are bogged down with busy work, ticket management, and everyday tasks that divert their attention and make them reactive. Processes are slow, users are complaining, and things get missed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game. By boosting the everyday efficiency of IT support teams, AI is transforming IT environments from end to end. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the exciting new trends in the world of AI-powered IT. 

Streamline your IT operations
with AI

Create scripts, automate tasks, and troubleshoot issues with a click of a button, cutting response and resolution times by almost 100%.

AI in IT support

AI-powered IT refers to the integration of various artificial intelligence capabilities into the IT field. AI technologies are diverse, but some of these functionalities include natural language processing, speech recognition, automation, advanced analytics and pattern recognition, and even AI-powered chatbots. These capabilities are helping to transform IT processes, workflows, and task completion rates. 

The benefits of AI for IT support are virtually limitless. Historically, the IT sector has suffered from technological stagnation and siloed tools — but those days are over. Integrating AI into your IT support team can facilitate levels of efficiency and productivity that we’ve never seen before. 

It can help technicians make better decisions, aid in troubleshooting, anticipate and predict IT issues, generate scripts, and even help with support tickets. And that’s only a sampling of the innumerable opportunities available with AI. 

Transforming IT support with AI

AI is reshaping many aspects within IT support, and IT departments and MSPs alike are better for it. When IT professionals can drastically reduce the manual and routine tasks from their workloads, they can reallocate their time to more strategic projects. For instance, take the example of AI helpdesk

Many IT departments are overwhelmed with support requests and tickets from end users who are struggling with routine problems. More often than not, these problems can be resolved through a simple and predictable solution — but the end user doesn’t know that. 

Often, IT technicians get engaged in endless back-and-forths that take time and resources away from other, more value-driven pursuits. The solution? AI for IT support. 

AI ticketing assistants can help technicians address tickets more quickly and efficiently than ever — boosting both technician and end-user satisfaction. AI can generate auto ticket summaries, minimizing constant back-and-forth and compiling data into a short, readable paragraph. This streamlines technician workflows and helps aid in faster ticket resolution. 

The AI ticketing assistant can even write an auto-generated response to address problems faster, minimize the chances of human error, and ensure consistent IT assistance for users. Stuck on a tricky ticket? The AI Suite can help you generate actionable, best-practice solutions and come up with multi-layered suggestions and can even generate advanced scripts to help solve complex problems.

Not to mention, when a ticket comes in after hours, our AI will automatically tag it and ensure it gets to the right technicians right away. This ensures your IT support team is spending more time where it’s better spent, and wasting less time trying to figure out who is needed.

With AI and supercharged resolutions, technicians can understand each ticket at a glance — and 50% of tickets can be resolved without the need for technician involvement. When ticket resolution times go down, productivity goes up — and everyone is happy. 

AI-powered tools for enhanced support

Atera’s AI Suite is the leading software in the RMM space when it comes to AI integrations and functionality. With Atera’s AI-powered offerings, the possibilities are truly endless.

Traditional IT solutions often leave IT professionals struggling to juggle time-consuming tasks, complex issues, and a never-ending stream of tickets. But with Atera’s AI-powered IT management platform, all of that is poised to change. 

With its proprietary AI mode, countless data points can be used to anticipate and predict IT problems. Intelligent insights and AI-suggested solutions take this platform’s capabilities far beyond simple ticket summarization and auto-generated responses (although those are included, too). How do we do it? 

It all comes back to our partnership with Microsoft Azure and Open AI. With seamless AI integrations that operate end-to-end in the Atera platform, our customers are experiencing an incredible boost in efficiency. Time-to-resolution has been slashed, and accuracy is better than ever. 

Atera’s AI capabilities fall into two overarching categories: Auto-Pilot and Co-Pilot. Auto-pilot allows for end-user troubleshooting for common IT issues – think items like password resets and computer rebooting. Our AI-powered systems can resolve these issues without the need for technician action, clearing up time and space for more pressing and complex concerns. 

Co-Pilot harnesses the power of AI to aid IT techs and teams in complex problem-solving and scripting tasks. With streamlined workflows and exponentially increased efficiency levels for IT teams and IT departments around the world, this is no longer the future. AI-powered IT is here… and it is here to stay. 

The entire Atera platform benefits from these AI integrations, which make our whole product even better. It includes features like…

  • Remote Monitoring and Management: IT teams can monitor and manage unlimited devices from anywhere and at any time – all at a fixed cost. Our disruptive RMM pricing model means you pay per technician, not per end user. 
  • Helpdesk and Ticketing: You’ll be able to respond to issues faster and more efficiently than ever before, with users reporting 10X as many tickets closed per day. 
  • Remote Access: Integrations with top-notch tools like AnyDesk, Splashtop, TeamViewer, or ScreenConnect make it easy to manage your network from anywhere with an internet connection. 
  • Network Discovery: Ensure you’re up to date on network security and cybersecurity with complete scans of your network available in real-time
  • Patch Management: Automated patch management software on end-user devices for all of the most common operating systems with comprehensive patch management capabilities.

When your team can work more efficiently, you’ll get to devote brainpower to the most complex problems, highlighting the value of your department to business development and growth. AI-powered IT is set to be your IT team’s trusted partner from here on out. 

Streamline your IT operations
with AI

Create scripts, automate tasks, and troubleshoot issues with a click of a button, cutting response and resolution times by almost 100%.

The future of IT support

AI capabilities in the world of IT have come a long way, but they are far from complete. In the coming years, we are sure to see further adoption to AI service desk, products, services, and features. 

Emerging trends in the field include AI-driven chatbots, predictive analytics, and autonomous actions. With AI-driven predictive analytics and increased data mining capabilities, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions for your organization’s future. 

All the while, the AI sector continues to pursue ethical implementation and ensure that these developments are conducted fairly, smartly, and without breaches of privacy or security.

The transformative power of AI in IT support 

What we know for certain is that AI is sure to continue revolutionizing IT support processes and driving innovation in the field. As an IT professional, it’s crucial to embrace these AI-powered solutions rather than shying away from them. 

The potential for increased efficiency, more positive user experiences, and better technician usage is staggering, and understanding how to take advantage of these AI-driven tools is a surefire way to set yourself and your team up for success going forward. 

Atera’s AI Suite is the first and foremost example of how AI is reshaping the world of IT. The incredible results we have seen are a testament to the power of AI in driving IT support and innovation, and we aim to continue bringing game-changing AI functionality to our global base of users. 

Want to learn how you can transform the way your organization handles IT support and increase your efficiency by 10X? Get in touch with our team today!

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