For any IT department or technology solutions business, choosing a comprehensive IT management platform management is an essential piece of day-to-day efficiency. Atera and ConnectWise are two of the top IT management platforms for IT departments, and both have received rave reviews in terms of ease of use, customer experience, user interface, and more.


So, which is right for you and the unique goals of your company? In this article, we will provide an in-depth comparison of the features, usability, pricing, and support offered by each platform. This guide is formulated specifically for IT department decision makers, so you’ll find all the relevant information you need to make an informed choice.


Both Atera and Connectwise have hundreds of reviews on review sites, but on G2 for example, Atera garnered a rating of 4.6, while Connectwise has a rating of 4.1. So, which platform is right for you?


User interface and usability


Both Atera and ConnectWise have received positive reviews in terms of user interface and usability. ConnectWise offers an interface that is easily navigable, although some users have commented that there is a bit of a learning curve. With comprehensive coverage, ConnectWise allows users to gain a big-picture understanding of their full network.


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At Atera, we’re renowned for our high-quality visual interface, intuitive user journey, and ease of navigation. With the capability to manage IT assets, workflows, and tasks all in one place, our system is built specifically for IT departments and managed service providers and prioritizes the needs of these groups.


In fact, Atera’s userface is so intuitive and easy to onboard, that it gets a ton of shoutouts on customer reviews like this one!


Plus, with a variety of integration options, Atera’s potential for customization is virtually endless.


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Features and capabilities


Both Atera and ConnectWise offer a core suite of features highly relevant to IT departments. ConnectWise’s features include cybersecurity management, unified monitoring and management, RMM offerings, and more. Over at Atera, our platform offers many similar features, including world-class RMM (remote monitoring and management), network discovery, patch management, helpdesk, AI integrations, and more. What really differentiates Atera is its AI-powered capabilities that enable 95% faster ticket resolution and 99% quicker response times!


Atera’s AI-powered IT platform is a game changer for IT management worldwide. Its AI-powered IT Platform with Azure OpenAI Service integration allows end users to troubleshoot and auto-resolve tickets without IT intervention. With this, IT professionals can focus on critical tasks, reducing the first response time to zero and enhancing IT teams’ capacity exponentially.


Atera’s RMM capabilities allow for real-time monitoring and alerts that make it easy for IT professionals to gain complete visibility into device, network, or group behaviors. With advanced helpdesk/PSA tools and a robust set of integrations with tools like Webroot, Acronis, Emsisoft, Malwarebytes, Keeper, AnyDesk, Splashtop, and more, the Atera system offers highly customizable solutions with new-age features.



Performance and reliability


When it comes to choosing the right IT management software, reliability is key — after all, what’s the point of next-generation capabilities if they’re not working properly? ConnectWise and Atera are both recognized for reliability and limited downtime, with users commenting that Atera’s system is easy to use and easy to troubleshoot should something go wrong.


ConnectWise offers a resource center with materials like infographics, checklists, and guides to provide asynchronous support for users. At Atera, however, we take reliability to the next level with a self-service Knowledge Base as well as a robust IT community that can help with troubleshooting and support 24/7.


Pricing and value for money


ConnectWise provides personalized pricing for each client, but the company does not share that information publicly, making it challenging to gauge the true price-to-value ratio that the company offers. At Atera, on the other hand, we believe in upfront and transparent pricing for IT departments and MSPs.


Atera plans start at $149 per month for the “Professional tier,” and the pricing model is billed by the technician — rather than the user or endpoint. This makes Atera’s system more affordable and scalable for startups and large organizations alike, as we charge by the IT department professional rather than by the number of employees in the company.


Customer support and community


With a wide selection of online resources, including blogs, recorded webinars, and other materials, ConnectWise offers a variety of educational resources. However, some users have commented that it is difficult to get in touch with the support team and that the online resources can be difficult to navigate.


At Atera, we have aimed to solve those problems by offering an extensive Knowledge Base of resources for you to peruse at your own speed, as well as collaborative support like a shared script library and an active online community that can help troubleshoot when the need arises. Many users have applauded this live community, in particular as an excellent source of industry knowledge and support from others in similar roles benefiting from Atera.


Security and compliance


Both ConnectWise and Atera offer strong programs for security and compliance. These topics are crucial for modern-day IT departments, as cyberattacks and security breaches have become more and more common. ConnectWise is perhaps best known for its suite of cybersecurity measures, including zero trust architecture and incident response services.


Here at Atera, we aim to go above and beyond regarding security and compliance. We have integrations with numerous highly-regarded cybersecurity platforms. The platform allows IT department professionals to bulletproof their IT cybersecurity strategies with strong endpoint management.


Atera is also SOC II compliant, HIPAA compliant, and more! You can view Atera’s trust page here.


Atera reviews on Getapp

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Over at Connectwise, they have their own collection of reviews as well, albeit Connectwise has roughly ⅓ as many reviews as Atera does on sites like G2.


Atera compared to ConnectWise


In conclusion, choosing the right solution for your IT management needs is a pivotal decision.  It’s clear that both Atera and ConnectWise offer robust, comprehensive solutions for IT departments. But the question remains: which one is best for your company and your growth? Of course, we’re a little biased… but we wholeheartedly believe in the capabilities of Atera to serve emerging and seasoned organizations alike. From cybersecurity to helpdesk to patch management to RMM and more, Atera consistently comes out on top.


With transparent and straightforward pricing, proactive monitoring, and a user-friendly interface, Atera empowers IT professionals to deliver top-notch services without the complexities associated with other platforms. The seamless integration of remote monitoring, management, and customer support makes Atera a clear winner in streamlining IT operations. When it comes to a dynamic and comprehensive solution, Atera proves to be the better fit, enabling businesses to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of IT management with ease. If you are ready to switch from Connectwise to Atera, then read here how to do so.


Want to learn more about what Atera can do for you? Check out Atera’s blog to read about ever-evolving features, conduct some more research through additional platforms, or reach out to the sales team today to talk about your unique needs.




What is ConnectWise and how does it compare to Atera?


ConnectWise is an IT department management platform that offers features like RMM, helpdesk, cybersecurity, and more. Atera, however, is tailored uniquely for IT departments and managed service providers, which allows us to provide the most specialized solutions for your needs. Atera offers RMM, cybersecurity, patch management, helpdesk capabilities, and so much more.


How much does ConnectWise cost compared with Atera?


ConnectWise neglects to share its pricing model publicly. Atera, on the other hand, believes in honest and upfront pricing. We also employ a unique, disruptive pricing model that allows customers to pay by technician, rather than endpoint or user, meaning that it’s easier to grow and scale with Atera’s pricing concept.


Is ConnectWise a PSA?


ConnectWise is a PSA, or professional services automation, platform that’s targeted toward technology solutions businesses. Atera’s IT department management product also has PSA capabilities, including helpdesk, ticketing, remote monitoring and management, and more.


What are the features of ConnectWise?


ConnectWise has several different features, including RMM, cybersecurity management, business management, and integrated expert services. Likewise, Atera’s services run the gamut, covering everything that an IT department professional could need – including automated ticketing through helpdesk, remote monitoring and management, and more.


What operating systems are supported by ConnectWise?


ConnectWise supports MacOS and Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows. Atera similarly offers a wide range of supported operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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