Frequently Asked Questions

What does Atera sell?

Is your Agent Brandable? Can we white label it with our logo?

Do you have monitoring, automation, and remote access modules for OS X, and if not, do you plan to implement those in the near future?

How is your security? Is data encrypted on the servers since it is multi tenant? Are their options for MFA? How do you ensure that my customer’s data cannot be accessed from another environment?

What kind of failovers do you have to ensure your end-users do not experience downtime?

Are you affiliated with ACBRO? Do you have ACRBO discounts?

How do you handle new onboarding? Does your staff spend any time to properly get the new client up to speed after migration to fully utilize and learn your new system?

Other than licensing, how does Atera compare with the traditional RMM vendors? What does it do better or worse or different?

How does your pricing compare to the traditional RMM vendors (Kaseya, N-able, Labtech, GFI)?

Can I generate automatically a Service Ticket from an Agent Alert?

How does your pricing compare to Autotask and Connectwise?

Do you have integration with 3rd party accounting systems such as QuickBooks / Xero?