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Network Discovery

Atera’s Network Discovery provides a comprehensive security scan and complete view of all of your end-user networks and devices, automatically updating to ensure you always see the full picture. Providing updates at-a-glance, with the Network Discovery software add-on you have real-time visibility of all the digital assets and open ports within your monitored networks, irrespective of network firewalls. Smart, eh?

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What is Network Discovery?

The environments you’re monitoring and maintaining are never static, and there are always new IT assets that come under your control. As a manual task, this is nearly impossible. Network Discovery automatically monitors your Workgroup and Domain Controller (DC) networks, identifies and lists every asset and component of an IT environment, and uncovers upselling opportunities that you can take directly to your customers.


  • Onboarding: get a complete snapshot of a new environment, ready to be used as an intelligent baseline
  • Security: any new device could signal a serious breach. Be the first to see any addition to the network, in real-time
  • Opportunities: make it easier to add services for new endpoints and add support exactly where it’s needed
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Absolute security

Network Discovery is a powerful tool for ensuring airtight security in an IT environment. With our Network Discovery software, you can immediately mitigate cyber threats, such as viewing unmonitored devices, as well as those behind on patching, or those that do not have Antivirus installed. Think of Network Discovery like an always-on security guard who never misses a trick.


  • Set up alerts for unmonitored workstations, servers, and SNMP devices
  • Automate notifications for new devices connecting to the network
  • Immediately know about scanning agents that go offline or whose IP address changes unexpectedly
  • Manage BYOD and unchecked Shadow IT
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Port scanning and potential CVEs

Open ports signal a risk to your IT environment, and can be open doors to attackers and anyone with malicious intent. By mapping the entire attack surface of your network using Network Discovery, IT pros can reduce this attack surface to a minimum by eliminating any unnecessary open ports.


  • Avoid the manual workload of multiple firewall user interfaces
  • Get all port information from all networks automatically in and in one place
  • Test intrusion detection systems with a thorough port scan
  • Ensure the full security health of your environment

Active Directory and Workgroups scanning

By integrating with Windows Active Directory Domain Services, Network Discovery can access information about devices and users on a specific domain or subdomain. On top of that, use Network Discovery for Workgroups to get a breakdown of all assets and devices across a Local Area Network (LAN). You’re multiplying visibility tenfold.


  • Monitor Active Directory devices
  • View connected devices across a LAN
  • Breakdown information across a workgroup, including OS versions, workstations, servers, and SNMP devices

Dynamic graphs and reports

For all Network Discovery scans, reports provide a complete picture of everything IT professionals need in order to effectively monitor their environments, including device types, workstation or server status, OS platform, and monitoring status. For Domain Controller scans, you’ll also see the aging of the OS, and information on device storage.


  • Device types
  • Workstation/server status
  • OS platform
  • Monitoring status
  • OS aging (Domain controller scans only)
  • Storage (Domain controller scans only)
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Customer onboarding

Atera has one of the most comprehensive and in-depth Network Discovery tools on the market. Simply select your scanning agent, and by clicking Discover, your scan will begin, by default running once each day for complete visibility.


  • Run multiple scans simultaneously on multiple sub-networks for faster results
  • Set Network Discovery scans to run once each day, or at your own regular schedule for total flexibility
  • Create a complete picture of your environment, both as a baseline and to compare against a real-time view
  • Automatically install Atera Agents on supported devices, found in Scan Results
  • Find opportunities for IT support such as aging storage disks, old OS versions, or unmonitored assets
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