AI ticket tagging

Enjoy automatically cataloged tickets with the next-generation in ticketing – Atera’s automatic ticket tagging.

AI ticketing Desktop

AI-based ticket tagging and dispatching

AI takes the hard work out of managing your ticket queue. Instead of painstakingly tagging your neverending list of tickets manually and in an old-fashioned ad-hoc way, you can now create a consistent language across your entire team, so tickets will be automatically categorized according to relevant predefined or custom keywords. With Atera Plus, AI is not just a fancy Millennial buzzword but the driving force behind your work processes’ upgrade.


Take your helpdesk workflows to the next level

AI auto-tagging makes your work-life easier by automatically categorizing tickets by chosen keywords. Search by specific tags to highlight the areas that are generating the most challenges for your users, so you can target education or support where it’s needed the most. See up-front what issues need solving, which tickets are more urgent, and save the queuing for the insanely long lines at this year’s Comic-Con.

Analyze tickets by the most common issues

As each ticket will be categorized by keywords and type, you can automate the sending of your user tickets from any source to the right technician, according to their areas of expertise. Free up time for the helpdesk manager by automating these workflows so that managers can finally focus on their higher-value tasks that require their actual expertise.


more sub features

Customer Portal

Sync your ticketing system, provide instant responses, issue articles and tips in your knowledge base and launch your service into the next level.

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Flexible contracts and billing

Easily create the perfect contract and service level agreement (SLA) that turns prospects into signed customers with the customization and flexibility you crave.

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Reports and analytics

Generate on-demand or automated reports that track and measure end-users’ networks, assets, system health, and overall performance.

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Ticket automations

Fast-track your ticketing system to the next level with the most effective way to manage your users’ environments, time-tracking, communication, and details across the organization.

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