Pioneering a new era of AI-powered IT

Join Atera and Microsoft for a virtual event that offers an in-depth look into how AI-powered IT (AIT) is revolutionizing the IT industry—and how you can leverage AIT to 10X your organizational efficiency from end to end.

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  • Date October 30
  • Time 12:00 EST
Microsoft and Atera


Gil Pekelman
Gil Pekelman

Chief Executive Officer


Gil is the CEO and co-founder of Atera, the most innovative platform for IT professionals. Prior to founding Atera, Gil held senior positions at Indigo NV (now a division of HP) and Exanet (acquired by DELL). He has a degree in Economics and Management from Tel-Aviv University (Cum Laude) and is the sole inventor of three patents.

Oshri Moyal
Oshri Moyal

Chief Technology Officer


Oshri co-founded Atera, and now leads the engineering team as well as Atera's technological vision. He was formerly the sole developer of a breakthrough SMB Firewall and spent years in the MSP field. Oshri has been developing software since the age of 14, and is also a non-conforming innovator and an elite football player.

Adir Ron
Adir Ron

CTO, Microsoft for Startups


Adir Ron is the CTO for Microsoft for Startups. Adir is responsible for leading the technical startup community in Microsoft, driving innovation at scale across Microsoft R&D, and cultivating key partnerships for developers, entrepreneurs, accelerators and the investor community in the region and around the world.

Tal Dagan
Tal Dagan



Tal leads Atera’s products, and previously served as VP Product at Redis Labs and Taptica, and Head of Products at Flash Networks. Holding a BSc in computer science and business administration from the Hebrew University (Cum Laude), Tal won the Tel Aviv University prize for outstanding achievements during his MSc and also previously studied at Columbia University.

Mika Luzon
Mika Luzon

Data & AI solution specialist


What you can expect

With the race towards superintelligence at full throttle, no industry will be left unchanged. This transformation created an unprecedented opportunity to invent a new way to do IT, making Atera’s vision a reality as we lead the launch of a new category, AI-powered IT (AIT).


  • 12:00 pm EST

    A behind-the-scenes look into the world’s first AI-powered IT platform

    Join Atera’s leadership as we unveil the technological breakthroughs achieved by the fusion of Atera and Microsoft OpenAI, signaling a new era in IT management. Find out how you can leverage this cutting-edge technology to revolutionize your IT operations and cross-organizational efficiency. Explore a range of vertical use cases and impact made with Atera’s CEO Gil Pekelman.

  • 12:20 pm EST

    Demo of AI-powered IT in action

    Put Atera’s AI-powered IT to the test in a hands-on workshop—led by Atera’s own CTO and co-founder, Oshri Moyal.

  • 1:00 pm EST

    Live QA

    Join Atera's founders, CEO Gil Pekelman and CTO Oshri Moyal, in a live Q&A.

  • 1:25 pm EST

    The Future of AI by Microsoft & OpenAI

    In early 2023, Microsoft & OpenAI announced an extended partnership, focused on building the future of AI. By collaborating on advanced AI research aimed to democratize AI as a new technology platform, new possibilities for improving workflows and enhancing productivity with generative AI capabilities are quickly becoming limitless. In this session, we will cover the strategy and roadmap of Azure OpenAI, demo key features and best practices for this shared technology and showcase emerging use cases across various industries.

  • 2:15 pm EST

    Innovation, responsibility, and AI-powered IT

    Every so often, technologies that transform the labor market as we know it appear and make their mark. Based on its predicted economic impact and the various capabilities it offers, artificial intelligence is promising to create that kind of transformation. Adoption, however, is still in its infancy for a variety of reasons. Join our panelists for a discussion exploring multiple early movers' perspectives across the IT industry.

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