Automate Your Patching with Ease with Ninite Pro

Now you can patch all your Apps across all your networks with Ninite Pro. No toolbars or unnecessary clicks. Just choose your apps and they’re updated. It’s that easy.

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Manage All Your PCs Simultaneously

Atera manages all the computers on all of your networks. With Ninite Pro running in Atera, staying secure and current is as easy as clicking Update.


Run Scheduled Patch Updates

Using Atera’s IT Automation Profiles you can create specific profiles for machines or companies and schedule automated periodic patch updates.

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Run On Demand Patch Updates

Is there a patch you want to run immediately on a single machine or group of machines? No problem, it’s all run from inside Atera with the click of a button.


Easier to Stay Safe

Ninite Pro has an Update mode that detects all supported programs on a computer and upgrades them with the latest versions and security patches. There’s no need to pick a fixed set of apps or worry about forgetting anything.


Save Bandwidth

Remote mode uses just one download for all your PCs. Ninite gets the job done even if your PCs are firewalled. It’s that powerful.


Total Silent Mode

Ninite Pro can run completely hidden in the background without interrupting users. It’s easy to script, schedule, or customize silent mode using PowerShell scripts.

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