Atera Plus Presents: AI Ticket Auto Tagging

Atera’s automatic ticket tagging lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy automatically cataloged tickets. For targeted auto-ticket assignment, auto replies, help-desk organization, and to extract solutions to common problems for training, documentation, or informational purposes, you can always count on Atera Plus!

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AI Ticketing

Add Standardization to Your Workflows

Let AI take the hard work out of managing your ticket queue. Instead of each technician using ad-hoc tagging based on their own instincts and workflows, you can create a consistent language across your whole team, with tickets automatically categorized according to relevant predefined or custom keywords.

Add Standardization to your Workflows

Analyze Tickets by the Most Common Issues

AI auto-tagging makes your help desk manager’s life easier by automatically categorizing tickets by specific keywords. Search via specific tags to uncover the areas of the business that are generating the most challenges for customers, and target education or support where it’s needed the most. Technicians can see up-front what issues need solving, saving valuable time.

Analyze Tickets by the Most Common Issues

Benefits of Atera Plus, our Automatic AI Ticket Dispatcher

As each ticket will be categorized by keywords and type, you can automate the sending of your customer tickets from any source to the right technician according to their areas of expertise. Free up time for the helpdesk manager by automating these workflows so that managers can focus on higher-value tasks.

Automatic AI Ticket Dispatcher

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