Customer Remote Access Enables Remote Work Within Minutes

With Customer Remote Access, your end users can connect from home to their office computers with a click of a button.

Customer Remote Access

Connect your End-Users to their Computer

Customer Remote Access enables remote work. Whether your customers work from home occasionally, on a regular basis, or need to transition during uncertain times, it is important to help them establish a remote connection to their work computers, from home.

Connect your End-Users to their Computer
Customer Remote Access Central Management

Central management

As the IT professional, you will use Customer Remote Access to control who can access which workstation, doing so within the Atera platform.

Enhanced Security

Customer Remote Access has a built-in 2FA mechanism that ensures users get a notification each time someone logs in with their credentials. Providing you with a secure high-performance remote device access capability.

End User Remote Access 2FA Security
Only Pay for Enabled Devices​

Only Pay for Enabled Devices

Once Customer Remote Access is activated, the activation page will appear. There, you have a 7-day free trial that becomes a subscription (unless cancelled). Note: You will not be charged until you enable remote access on at least one customer device.

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