Unlimited Agents, Limitless Capabilities

Our Story

We conceived Atera in 2011 in Tel-Aviv. We had one simple goal in mind. To help MSPs build better businesses by making things easier for them. This became a reality with the launch of our easy to use all-in-one platform.

Our aim is to provide MSPs of all sizes with the most advanced tools and data. We hope to improve our customer’s business and as a result improve the quality of IT for SMBs everywhere.

We started building our platform with three guiding principles. The first, to have a single code base for all three “products” RMM, PSA and Remote Access. The second principle was a simple and intuitive user experience. Lastly, we wanted an infinitely scalable architecture. This architecture ultimately became the basis for our price per technician / unlimited agent’s philosophy.

Atera is used by MSPs, VARs and IT Support companies on 5 continents in 21 countries. Our user base speaks 10 different languages.
Worldwide, our users support thousands of SMB companies. The Atera user community is growing at a record pace.


Gil Pekelman

Chief Executive Officer

Gil is the CEO and Founder of Atera. Under Gil’s leadership, Atera has grown into the most innovative, industry leading platform for MSPs both large and small. A combined RMM, PSA and Remote Access Platform. Atera has MSP customers in twenty one countries around the world.

Prior to founding Atera, Gil held senior positions at Indigo NV, now a division of HP ($1B NASDAQ IPO), and Exanet (Acquired by DELL). He has a degree in Economics and Management from Tel-Aviv University (Cum Laude), and is the sole inventor of three patents. He is also an avid triathlete.

Oshri Moyal

Chief Technology Officer

Oshri co-founded Atera. He now leads our engineering team and oversees the technology vision. Formerly Oshri was the sole developer of a breakthrough SMB Firewall and spent years in the MSP market.

A non-conforming innovator and elite football player, Oshri has been developing software since the age of 14. He specializes in networking and cloud computing but that’s like saying Messi specializes in scoring. When not with his R&D team, Oshri enjoys snowboarding or playing football.

Eran Ben Horin

Chief Financial Officer

Eran co-founded Atera and steers our Finance and Operations with a steady hand. Pre Atera, Eran held leading positions at PwC and taught Finance & Accounting at the IDC and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Eran has a BA in Economics and Accounting and an M.Sc in Finance from the Tel-Aviv University. He is the author of the leading textbook on Corporate Valuation in Israel and has extensive teaching experience in various universities. When not working, Eran enjoys writing his blog, Python programming and training with gymnastics rings.

Jan van der Marel

SVP Customer Success

Jan is an experienced executive with extensive knowledge of the MSP markets both in Europe and globally. Jan has overall responsibility for customer success at Atera.

Liron Hanania

Director, Customer Success

Liron is responsible for making sure our customers are happy and successful. No technological challenge is too great for Liron. Previously, Liron managed Customer Success at the leading Israeli ISP and Telco companies.

A little about our Investors

Over the past 52 years, the Hebrew University has granted more than 880 technology licenses and is responsible for commercializing an array of successful products that generate over $2 billion in worldwide sales every year.

More than 110 spin-off companies, including Mobileye, Collplant, Qlight, Briefcam, and Avraham Pharma have had their start at the Hebrew University.