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How Atera Started

We’re now living in a new era of remote work. The industry most affected, who ensures all our remote work is managed and secure, who works virtually 24/7, are the IT service providers.

Because there’s not a company in the world without an IT System​. IT Services are so needed in fact, that IT service providers put out more fires in a single day than most firemen do.

However, despite IT Departments servicing and managing every organization on earth, there’s one specific IT Provider that was constantly and deeply underserved: the small and medium IT operations.

Atera’s vision was to simplify and streamline the work of Managed Service Providers and IT professionals. To create something that saves them time, energy and money and free them from needing to constantly put out fires.

That vision created the remote-first IT management software – enabling IT professionals to shift from reactive task takers to proactive problem solvers.

Now operating from our beautiful offices on Rothchild, Atera is currently used by thousands and thousands of IT professionals all over the world (75+ countries). As we rapidly grow, our goal remains the same: transforming the IT industry with a revolutionary technology, while creating one of the happiest and healthiest work environments in the world.

Atera’s Values

Openness and Transparency

Openness and Integrity is root level. Information is open internally by default and sharing is a first principle.


Courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to make better our products, our people, our place.

Build with Passion and Impact

Impact the customer, build with passion and urgency, get-things-done with excellence.

Win as a team

We strive to put what’s right for the team first, we optimize for the team win and we are friends.

Enjoy the Ride

While we’re very serious about our work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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Gil Pekelman

Chief Executive Officer

Oshri Moyal

Chief Technical Officer

Adi Perry

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Peer

VP Customer Success

Yoav Machlin

VP Marketing

Tal Dagan

Chief Product Officer

Shani Brounshtein


Atera’s Investors

We are delighted to have the support of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For more than half a century, the Hebrew University has been granting technology licenses to support commercializing an array of successful products. To date, they have granted more than 880 technology licenses, and the resulting products continue to generate more than $2 billion in worldwide annual sales. We’re in good company! More than 110 spin-off companies, including Mobileye, Collplant, Qlight, Briefcam, and Avraham Pharma, have had their start at the Hebrew University.

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