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Customer Advisory Board: Do You Need One?

May 30,2021

It’s true that the company has a features portal and pages on Facebook and Reddit to get customer feedback. But Atera wanted to go beyond this.

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May 30,2021 Forbes

Customer Advisory Board: Do You Need One?

It’s true that the company has a features portal and pages on Facebook and Reddit to get customer feedback. But Atera wanted to go beyond this.

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May 05,2021 ZDnet

Atera was named one of the Best network monitoring tools in 2021 by top expert.

Keeping track of ever-expanding networks is getting more and more challenging, especially as hybrid and cloud-only networks are growing in popularity. We've found the best remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to help keep your network up and running...

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April 26,2021 Market Watch

Atera Shows Strong Momentum in First Quarter 2021

Atera, a remote-first IT management company helping businesses transform as the world shifts to a remote work model, today announced a successful first quarter following its recent $25 million funding announcement...

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March 01,2021 Venture Beat

Investments are Fueling the Evolution of IT Services

IT service providers, and the vendors they rely on, are scrambling to raise capital in anticipation of a major shift in the way IT will be consumed and managed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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February 23,2021 Wall Street Journal

K1 Investment Backs Latest Israeli Deal With $25 Million Atera Bet

Software-focused K1 Investment Management LLC has invested $25 million in an Israeli software and services company that helps businesses manage and monitor their information technology operations.

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February 23,2021 Yahoo Finance

Atera Partners with K1 to Meet the New Demands of IT Management

Atera is the world's first all-in-one platform that combines remote monitoring and management ("RMM") with helpdesk, reporting, and operations management in a single intuitive system.

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February 23,2021 Channel Futures

Atera Investment to Help Company Assist More MSPs, IT Pros

Atera works closely with more than 6,000 MSPs and IT professionals in 75 countries.

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February 23,2021 Channele2e

MSP Software Provider Atera Raises $25M From K1

Atera, an IT management software company that serves MSPs and IT departments, has raised $25 million from K1 Investment Management.

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February 04,2021 Channel Partner

RMM Provider Atera is Building up Business in Germany

Atera has a completely self-developed, cloud-based offer for Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) as well as Professional Services Automation (PSA).

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January 28,2021 Yahoo Finance

GoodFirms List of Varied Management Software

In the world's current scenario, the businesses have been disrupting as the COVID-19 made it challenging for everyone...

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January 25,2021 eWeek

Atera Brings IT Management to Distributed Workforces

Perhaps the biggest challenge for enterprise IT was one of provisioning, securing, monitoring, and maintaining endpoints...

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January 24,2021 Tech Radar

Best Network Monitoring Tools of 2021

The best network monitoring tools make it simple and easy for remote monitoring and management...

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January 12,2021 Tech Beacon

Remote-Work and Burnout: 10 Ways to Avoid It on your Tech Team

For many tech pros, remote work is hell because all the traditional work/home boundaries are blurred...

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January 10,2021 Globes

One Computer Failure Can Stop the Operation of a Company

How did many companies gain the ability to work from home? The first phone was probably...

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January 06,2021 Cyber Defense Mag

Cyber Defense Magazine January 2021 Edition

Cyber Defense Magazine, published monthly, shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next cyber threat...

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