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Looking for Atera alternatives?

Finding the perfect IT management platform can be a time consuming process—the good news is that you’re in the right place. Learn why when it comes to Atera, there is no competition.


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Empower your organization with AI‑powered IT

Harness the power of AI to 10X your IT efficiency, and free your team from the limitations of yesterday's IT tools.

Auto ticket summaries

  • Minimizes constant back-and-forth
  • Streamlines technician workflow
  • Speedy ticket resolution every time
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Auto-generated response

  • On-demand AI-powered assistant
  • Responds to tickets 90% faster
  • Auto-resolves approx. 50% of tickets


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Ticket solution suggestions

  • Actionable, best-practice suggestions
  • Provides multi-layered suggestions
  • No more hyphenated work orders
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Automated script generator

  • Generate advanced scripts instantly
  • Save scripts to our shared script library
  • Automate using the script generator
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The proof is in the numbers

  • Cut response time from

    1 h to 3 sec

  • Ticket resolution from

    4 h to 10 min

  • Daily avg. tickets solved from

    7 to 70


Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Get full visibility and control of your IT environment—unlimited devices, fixed monthly cost.


Atera AI

Unlock new standards of organizational efficiency with Atera’s AI-powered solution.


Remote Access

Start sessions instantly and easily with AnyDesk, Splashtop, TeamViewer, or ScreenConnect.


Helpdesk & Ticketing

Deliver immediate, efficient, reliable end-user support and issue resolution at scale.


Network Discovery

Network Discovery provides complete security scans of your network in real time.


Patch Management

Automate Windows, Mac, and Linux software patches on your end-user devices.

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