Network Discovery Grows Your IT Business, Period.

From remote IT monitoring & management to powerful ticketing and customer satisfaction surveying, Atera brings your entire IT business together. Less hassle, more control, and an MSP strategy that actually works.

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With Atera's Network Discovery You Get:

Upsell Opportunities​

Discover new upsell opportunities from new devices, aging servers, HDD upgrades and so much more within minutes​


Customer Onboarding​

Instantly get the full view of your clients’ entire network to streamline your customer onboarding​


Security Scans​

Boost your service offerings with automatic security scans and proactively prevent security threats​

Instant Scans

Scan your clients’ networks in minutes to discover all end devices and SNMPs. Evaluate the associated workload instantly, onboard more clients and scale your business. Read more here.

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Upsell Opportunities

Research shows that the average MSP has $89,000 a year in missed upsell Opportunities. That’s money in your pocket with a simple click of our “Opportunities” button. Automatically discover new devices added to the network, outdated disks and outdated OS for fast, irresistible upsells.

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Absolute Security

Discover unmanaged and unsecured devices on your client network to guarantee all devices are monitored and secured.

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