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Whenever you are evaluating options for IT platform management, conducting thorough research on the platforms you are considering is essential. Effective research begins with compiling a detailed and complete picture of your needs, use cases, budget, and more. When you delineate these factors, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision about which platform is the right fit. And luckily, we’re here to help!

Atera and Lansweeper are two of the top contenders in today’s IT management platform market. Each platform offers users a broad suite of tools to accomplish IT management tasks, including a network discovery tool, analytics, and more. 

While Atera offers a comprehensive selection of tools that make up our all-in-one platform, Lansweeper provides a targeted product focused on asset discovery

In this article, we will share a side-by-side comparison of Atera and Lansweeper, giving you an in-depth look at the pros and cons of these two platforms. While we at Atera work tirelessly on our industry-leading software… here, we’re going to put our bias aside to give you the most informative overview possible.

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User interface and usability

Atera and Lansweeper both offer a range of user benefits, including network discovery capabilities and security features. But while some of their features are similar, the two platforms are designed with very different dashboards and user interfaces, making them two distinctly different options.

Screenshot via Lansweeper

Verified users have commented that they have experienced quicker time-to-start and better ease of use when using Atera’s modern interface. At Atera, as we have dedicated many resources to ensuring our dashboards and user interfaces are intuitive and easy to work with. We want you to be able to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Screenshot via Atera

Features and capabilities

Both Lansweeper and Atera cater to a range of users, including IT departments and managed service providers (MSPs). Lansweeper has also expanded its target audience to include system administrators, C-level executives, and cybersecurity teams. Atera’s streamlined offerings, however, put the right tools in the right hands. 

Lansweeper’s IT discovery platform is equipped with features like cross-platform asset discovery, unified asset inventory, robust analysis capabilities, risk insights, and visualization tools. 

While this set of features is deep, it is not particularly broad – Lansweeper has homed in on the asset discovery portion of an RMM software arguably at the expense of other key aspects and features of IT management software. The right platform for you will depend on the needs of your organization. 

Atera, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive suite of features that includes items like remote monitoring and management, patch management, AI-powered IT, Network Discovery, helpdesk, PSA, and numerous native integrations to seamlessly expand your capabilities. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into one of those areas. Atera’s AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities are one of the key features that help our platform stand out. Through our partnership with Microsoft, Atera has cemented itself at the forefront of transforming the IT industry via machine learning. 
Innovative AI integrations allow Atera users to experience unmatched productivity, supercharged response times, and automated workflows.

User feedback and reviews

At Atera, we’ve earned a 4.6/5 star rating across the leading review-generation sites. With straightforward and accessible RMM pricing, our platform appeals to both start-up and enterprise customers. Plus, with an easy learning curve, our set-up times are much shorter than those of other platforms. Here is one of our user reviews, which highlights our feature-rich platform:

Screenshot from G2

And here is another customer’s review of Lansweeper, which illuminates concerns about the pricing structure and features:

Screenshot from G2
Screenshot from G2 comparison

Performance and reliability

In the world of IT, performance and reliability are among the most important aspects of choosing the best IT management tool. Frequent or lengthy downtimes can cause serious issues for you and your business. 

Downtime and lessened productivity can lead to security risks and problems down the line – so it’s crucial to find a reliable IT system that will protect you from these inevitable stressors.

Comparing user reviews of Lansweeper vs Atera, you’ll find that Atera has stronger reviews from users about reliability and performance. Through this review search using the keyword “downtime”, you can see a number of verified reviews that mention reduced downtime, allowing our clients to do a better job within their organization, and for their clients.

Pricing and value for money

When considering IT management platforms, like Atera vs Lansweeper, you’ll definitely want to factor in your company budget. At Atera, we are committed to transparent pricing — we want you to understand exactly what you will be paying for and the value that we provide. Plus, with our unique pricing model, we make growth and scalability accessible and simple.

That’s why we use pay-per-technician model at Atera, which starts at $99/month per technician. We offer a number of different tiers to our services, ranging from professional to enterprise, because we know that every organization has different needs. 

At Lansweeper, you can try out the platform with a free package designed for at-home and small-network use, but from there, the price increases dramatically to $166/month. As you add more assets, you may also need to upgrade your plan. Lansweeper’s Enterprise plans start at a whopping $2,083/month.

Lansweeper’s pricing model is more piecemeal, meaning that you’ll have to pay more for any integrations you want to add. You should evaluate total costs to find the best option for your organization. 

This is why our customers have shared that they prefer our upfront, “black and white” pricing model.

Customer support and Community

We mentioned the importance of reliability earlier — and customer support is a crucial piece of that equation. Both Atera and Lansweeper have strong resources online: blogs, guides, eBooks, and knowledge bases that users can lean on around the clock. 

However, some users of Lansweeper have reported that it is difficult to get customer support when they’ve experienced issues. A G2 user shares that there isn’t any phone number or live support method — only an email that isn’t regularly monitored.

So what makes Atera stand out? It’s an easy answer: Our active community supports each other 24/7. The community has received plentiful praise, and many customers say that this online environment is a perfect place to troubleshoot issues and receive feedback from others who have been in the same boat. We also offer 24/7 live support, for your most difficult issues.

We are quite proud of the amazing Atera community of IT professionals, and we are excited to welcome you into the Atera family if you end up choosing our platform. With real-time help available from live agents as well as the user community, plus numerous digital resources to harness self-serve learning and assistance, we have your back whenever you need it. 

Security and compliance

As part of its network discovery offerings, Lansweeper has a focus on security and compliance that stems from advanced risk insight reporting. Users can gain visibility of assets with known vulnerabilities, allowing for faster triage and response to incidents. 

Plus, lifecycle information helps track the support status of products in your IT environment. Overall, Lansweeper has a strong focus on security. 

At Atera, we are increasingly focused on our commitment to compliance and security. With smart logging and reporting as well as adherence to industry standards like MFA, we can give you the ultimate peace of mind so that you know your organization, or your clients’ organizations, are not under fire from hostile third parties. 

The user reviews don’t lie: choose Atera in 2024

We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful as you compare Atera vs. Lansweeper for your organization. We hope we’ve been able to showcase the differences between the two platforms and the areas where each one shines. 

While Lansweeper has a targeted focus on asset discovery, Atera offers an enhanced range of features, increased functionality, and a lower barrier to entry due to our short setup times and intuitive dashboards. 

Users also enjoyed Atera’s robust online community of fellow IT professionals, who can help with troubleshooting — plus 24/7 live support available via live chat. Overall, Atera offers a strong alternative to Lansweeper and is capable of meeting the needs of organizations throughout their growth journeys.

As you reach your final decision about which IT software to choose, conducting thorough research is key. We encourage you to request demos, sign up for free trials, and speak with company representatives to gain a complete picture of each platform’s offerings. 

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