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Atera and N-Able are two of the leading IT management platforms that are frequently compared by IT decision-makers who are choosing the right IT solution for their organization. 

It’s not surprising that the two are compared: they each offer a host of essential IT features and capabilities that IT teams need. This leads to the crucial question: how do you decide which is best for you?

That’s where our decision-making guide comes in. We’ll go over key factors to consider, from usability and price to security and reliability, so you can make an informed decision for your IT needs.

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User interface and usability

Both Atera and N-Able offer a platform that allows you to keep tabs on your IT department’s network; however, N-Able’s interface is criticized by users for being slow and challenging to use. Atera, on the other hand, has been praised for its ease of use — even receiving recognition in the industry by G2 as the top-rated platform for its ease of use and implementation.

We are very proud of this recognition; because here at Atera, user experience is a core technical component we take very seriously. We aim to create a seamless, easy-to-use platform that grows and evolves following user feedback and insights. 

We know the value of real user feedback and insights. We take the feedback you give us and apply it to our platform to increase the quality of your experience. So, not only are we working to meet your needs, but we’re also continuously working to create the best experience possible for your IT department.

As a result of the ease of use we’ve designed our platform with, G2 reported that users felt Atera was easier to use than N-Able, so users prefer us in this category.

Features and capabilities

Atera and N-Able allow for essential IT features and capabilities like RMM (remote monitoring and management), remote access, patch monitoring, and IT ticketing. But let’s be honest, these are features basically every IT management platform you’re considering needs to have. So, the more significant consideration here isn’t what they can do, but what sets them apart and makes things easier and more efficient for your department.

This is where Atera’s AI-powered features and abilities stand out and leave N-Able falling short. Our AI-powered IT capabilities take on repetitive tasks, increase response times by 99%, and increase ticket resolution times by 95%, all with the support of AI hands-free solutions. 

How exactly does AI do this for your IT department? By creating ticket summaries, solution suggestions, and even response suggestions — streamlining the entire process and even resolving 50% of tickets before your technicians even realize they’re there!

Plus, our AI automated script generator helps your IT team save research and coding time. For those recurring problems, you can add the generated script to the script library to further streamline processes and save your team even more time.

We’re not exaggerating when we say harnessing AI can allow you to 10X your operational efficiency! 

Performance and reliability

Reliability is an essential quality for IT departments that’s likely at the top of your mind as you weigh your IT management options. After all, you want to be sure your network is protected from security threats and that IT day-to-day responsibilities can be completed with minimal interruption. 

Atera users have reported that our platform has been reliable and user-friendly and have credited it with reducing downtime and delivering enhanced security. We strive to be proactive in addressing IT issues before they become disruptive, and a huge aspect of this is patch management.

Since vendors and software providers have their own schedules for updates and patches, patch management is an essential function both Atera and N-Able provide. 

At Atera, we’ve developed our next-generation patch management with various customizations and automations to help technicians keep pace with these releases. These allow you to rest easy knowing that your system is operating as smoothly as possible.

As in any industry, hiccups and unexpected problems happen, questions arise, and help is needed. This is when having additional support is important for your IT department’s performance and your peace of mind. 

To deliver peace of mind, Atera and N-Able offer data backup, protection, and cloud services to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity should disaster strike.

At Atera, we know the importance of having access to answers and help when needed, so we go above and beyond to get them to you with live support agents (available 24/7 — literally!) and a community knowledge base that allows you to get support in using our platform in a variety of ways.

We also have an active user community with its own platform so you have more brains to pick. 

Pricing and value for money

Your IT budget is influential in your decision-making process when selecting an IT management solution, which is why at Atera, we believe in transparent pricing so that no surprises are coming your way. We offer plans starting at just $99 per month with a tiered pay-per-technician pricing model that allows room for growth to meet your organization’s evolving needs. 

With Atera, you’ll also find detailed costs for adding integrations, so you always know what to expect when it comes to the price of your IT solution.

N-Able’s pricing is a pay-per-device model which also starts at $99 per month. However, their overall pricing lacks transparency; you have to dig into their website to find the costs of different add-ons, but even then, the details listed are limited. N-Able encourages you to contact their sales team rather than offering a pricing guide, which slows down the decision-making process.

Customer support and community

Getting the support you need can make or break your experience with an IT management solution because odds are, you’ll have questions or need a little extra help at some point. 

At Atera, we recognize how important this is to your ability to make the most of our platform. That’s why we’ve created a rich resource center with tutorials, discussion boards, and real support agents. We even have a shared script library that you can access. 

N-Able’s customer support, on the other hand, has been criticized for the quality and timeliness of its support. That being said, both Atera and N-Able also provide resources like blogs and videos.

At Atera, we’ve got you and your IT department covered, regardless of the help you need or the questions you have.

Security and compliance

As the IT decision-maker for your organization, you’re likely very worried about the security of a potential IT management platform since it is a core responsibility for IT departments.

Leverage the benefits of RMM with Atera and N-Able RMM to identify and address security risks in your network. However, customer reviews of N-Able have raised concerns about security when using their system, making Atera a better N-Able alternative.

At Atera, we invest a great deal in security. Security is integral to our platform, from a cutting-edge firewall to data encryption and MFA utilization. Our users find our platform to be reliable and secure and even to enhance security for their IT departments. We are also SOC II certified as well. 

While both Atera and N-Able help to monitor and manage risks, our Network Discovery feature is a step above in maintaining your network’s security. Through this feature — which we like to think of as your always-on security guard who never misses a thing — we not only provide reliable security that meets industry standards, but we go above and beyond. If there’s even a hint of a problem, our Network Discovery software will help you spot and address it ASAP.

With Atera’s Network Discovery feature, you can easily onboard new users, keep tabs on the health of devices, and develop reports and data insights to plan infrastructure updates and replacements before they need to happen.

User feedback and reviews

Overall, Atera outranks N-Able in customer reviews thanks to the quality of our features, customer support, and usability on G2 and PeerSpot (spaces where users can publicly review software like Atera and N-Able).

For other decision makers who were deciding between Atera and N-Able, these were some of their reasonings for going with Atera in the end:

Atera is the stand-out option for your IT department

With these different qualities, features, and reviews in mind, we can’t help but conclude that Atera is the ideal solution for IT departments. Atera supports getting all the core responsibilities and tasks of IT departments done, and we implement cutting-edge tools to get them done efficiently — whether it’s our AI-powered IT, helping you 10X your efficiency, or our Network Discovery, helping you stay on top of every aspect of your network.

Atera’s dedication to creating an IT department and MSP solution that goes above and beyond the basics shows in its ease of use and implementation, but most importantly, in how confident teams and technicians feel about using it.

We aren’t just sharing how we feel about Atera vs N-Able — Atera has hundreds of more reviews than N-Able, and maintained a higher rating than them in nearly every category. 

So, if you listen to what other IT professionals are saying—Atera seems to be the better choice in most cases.

Take advantage of our free 30-day trial to see how well Atera integrates into your workflow. And, if you have questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

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