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Choosing the right IT management platform to meet your company’s needs is no small task. With the vast number of options available in today’s crowded market, it can be tough to determine the differences between these offerings, especially the small distinctions. However, not all platforms are created equal. 

You have probably already heard of NinjaOne and ConnectWise, two leading IT management platforms with significant industry adoption. With features and capabilities specifically designed for the needs of modern IT providers, these two platforms are often found at the top of the shortlist as teams evaluate the best solutions for their needs. 
NinjaOne and ConnectWise are both RMM (remote monitoring and management) platforms that are looking toward the future with modern integrations and intuitive interfaces. However, while they might seem similar on the surface, there are numerous differences that IT decision-makers should understand before making the ultimate choice.

User interface and usability

ConnectWise and NinjaOne are both mature RMM platforms with a strong set of reporting capabilities, patch management tools, and more. However, many users have reported that NinjaOne has a more intuitive and updated UI than ConnectWise, and find NinjaOne easier to set up and get started with.

Screenshot of ConnectWise’s RMM dashboard (via ConnectWise)

ConnectWise users have commented that the dashboard’s comprehensive coverage makes it simple to gain a big-picture overview of their network. However, in terms of updates and features, many users are not fans of where the company has been going—some even say that the old interfaces were more intuitive than those introduced with new updates. 
At Atera, we’ve dedicated significant resources to building our UI, which is appreciated by customers for its high-quality visual design, intuitive processes, and easy navigation. With the ability to manage IT assets, workflows, and tasks all in one place, our system is built specifically for IT departments and managed service providers (MSPs), prioritizing the needs of both groups.

Features and capabilities

As you look at NinjaOne alternatives and compare ConnectWise vs NinjaOne, it is important to keep a key differentiator in mind. One of the main distinctions between NinjaOne and ConnectWise is that ConnectWise is specifically targeted toward MSPs, whereas NinjaOne offers a broad range of solutions for both MSPs and IT departments. Therefore, ConnectWise may not be as aligned to the needs of IT departments and larger organizations as other alternatives.

ConnectWise offers features like cybersecurity management, unified monitoring and management, RMM offerings, and more. At NinjaOne, you will see similar capabilities, such as endpoint task automation, script deployment, software management, flexible reporting, real-time monitoring, and more. 
While both NinjaOne and ConnectWise have robust RMM offerings, neither has made significant progress with smart automation driven by AI (artificial intelligence), which competitors have brought to market. At Atera, we are always bettering our product to meet client needs. That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of AI to improve IT department efficiency, automations, and more.

Performance and reliability

Whether employed in an internal-facing IT department or an MSP, IT technicians across the board understand the importance of performance and reliability. IT systems that are underperforming may experience excessive downtime, and may also be exposed to increased security risks. Choosing an IT management software that is renowned for its robustness and reliability is a sure way to ensure solid performance of your IT ecosystem.

NinjaOne is well-regarded as a reliable tool, and offers a wide range of customer support channels to deal with issues and glitches that arise. While ConnectWise is a preferred platform for many MSPs, users have reported that the platform can be slow and glitchy.

In today’s market, there is no need to settle for software that’s known for its heavy downtime. At Atera, we pride ourselves on high levels of performance and reliability. Plus, if you ever do run into problems, you can access our support 24/7, offered in several different languages.

Pricing and value for money

Budget is one of the basic factors that must be taken into account for any software acquisition, including IT management platforms. Neither NinjaOne or ConnectWise shares their pricing online, so it is not possible to do initial cost-benefit analysis without first contacting sales and scheduling demos to request a quote. This can be frustrating when you are trying to do baseline research to determine viability. 
At Atera, we believe things should be different. We are committed to transparent pricing, and to facilitating your growth and scalability without breaking your budget. Our MSP pay-per-technician model starts at $129 per month per technician and includes all of our top features, including RMM and PSA, as well as unlimited endpoints. From there, you can upgrade to different tiers, ranging from “pro” to “superpower.”

Customer support and community

One of the ways to ensure the reliability and performance of an IT management platform is solid customer support. Users of NinjaOne and ConnectWise can take advantage of a wide range of online resources, like blog posts, guides, and tutorials, which they can access at any time to get their questions answered and learn more about specific features and processes. This is invaluable, particularly as reviewers of both platforms are fairly critical of the available tech support, and lament the difficulty of getting in touch with live support agents. 

At Atera, we provide a wide range of online resources, such as the blog and knowledge base. We also host an exclusive online IT community, where IT professionals come together to collaborate on issues and troubleshoot with others who have dealt with similar situations. Our live support team is also available to help in many different languages.

Security and compliance

When exploring the right IT management platform for your needs, RMM security is a top requirement. For both MSPs and IT departments, staying ahead of cyber threats, and ensuring compliance across your IT environment is a key aspect of the job.

When it comes to ConnectWise vs NinjaOne, it’s important to point out that ConnectWise lists cybersecurity as one of its top goals. However, NinjaOne does not really consider the issue in its description of RMM offerings. That said, both platforms have strong security protocols, and according to users, the platforms do enforce security updates on a consistent basis, which provides the necessary compliance.
Similarly, Atera is strongly focused on compliance and security in our endpoint management strategy. With smart logging and reporting, and strict adherence to all industry standards, we give our customers unmatched peace of mind, helping to keep their IT systems and organizations safe from the growing threat of cyber attacks.

User feedback and reviews

NinjaOne gets strong reviews in the areas of usability, patch management, scripting capabilities, and support for remote access, which many users value highly. However, some users have noted problems with missing features, limitations to devices, and issues around reporting. 

ConnectWise sometimes attracts reviewers with negative feelings about the product. A common thread seems to be overpromising from the company’s sales team. This does not necessarily mean that the product is problematic; rather, it indicates a lack of alignment in messaging as compared to results.

NinjaOne vs ConnectWise, the bottom line

As NinjaOne vs ConnectWise go head-to-head, this guide has provided an overview of pros and cons of both platforms. Each has a wide range of RMM capabilities. While NinjaOne focuses on serving both IT departments and MSPs, ConnectWise is more suitable for MSPs only. Neither allows for transparent pricing information online, making it challenging to determine suitability budget-wise without approaching the sales team first. 

Other competitors on the market, such as Atera, offer affordable pricing, scalability, online communities, multi-language support, as well as unique AI-based automations
Would you like to speak to the Atera team to get more information about our all-in-one IT management platform capabilities? Talk to our sales team today.

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