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Absolute security

Consistently ensure your end-users’ security with Atera’s Network Discovery. Our next-generation security feature unearths unauthorized devices, prevents overload on the network, and facilitates the onboarding of end-users faster and better than ever before.

Absolute Security Desktop

[Ctrl-Alt-Del] unauthorized devices

Network Discovery conducts around-the-clock scans to spot any unauthorized devices connecting to the network, enabling you to spring into action and lock out those devices in lightning-fast time. You decide exactly what happens when a new device connects, sending alerts to the relevant personnel, clients, or team leads, and overseeing the necessary logs to keep tabs on all activities such as how long a connection has been established for, or more information about a device.

Network Discovery generates an always-updating inventory of any equipment connected to the network, so you can create an inventory of all the devices that you’re managing and avoid blind spots.

Launch into the future of IT with this simple, automatic method of detecting unauthorized or out-of-scope devices that are attached to the network.


Onboard new devices quickly

You pride yourself on being quick and agile, so want to onboard new users and devices efficiently — we’re so here for it. With Network Discovery, you can now onboard new users or departments with your personalized monitoring schedule, process them, and get them up-and-running effortlessly and in less time than it took to read this.

It’s no secret that unmonitored devices present a big risk to the system. Your end-users may have end-of-life operating systems, outdated firmware or software, or other unpatched exploits and are therefore putting your entire environment at risk. Today’s infrastructure is increasingly interconnected, which means that it only takes a single weak link to bring down the whole network. Atera’s Network Discovery always ensures you’re on top of any potential weak link, every single time.

Getting all new equipment updated and logged into the Atera patch management system quickly is vitally important to maintain system security. Rapid logging of newly attached devices through the automated Network Discovery tool gets that equipment subscribed to the patch management program immediately. Working faster means working smarter, not harder.

Prevent system overloads

We all want to believe that our networks are perfectly balanced and maintained without a hitch, but the truth is that infrastructure always tends to add up quickly, and become very complex. Atera’s Network Discovery tool ensures that everything under your authority always has up-to-date documentation, including virtual networks, cloud servers, wireless networks, and any devices or endpoints.

Capacity planning, infrastructure updates, and setting intelligent backups just got an upgrade.


Support incident investigation

Network Discovery creates a log of precisely what equipment is attached to the network at any given time, so if there’s say a problem troubleshooting, it provides data on anything unusual that happened during the timeframe specified. You’ll now be able to see what changes occurred against a baseline and instantly forward these reports for incident response or investigation where necessary. Smart-thinking 2.0.


Safety first with Atera’s Network Discovery

Unmanaged and unsecured devices are a total security risk. Atera’s Network Discovery add-on is a simple, automated way to always ensure you know exactly what devices and SNMPs are connected to your network at all times, providing additional peace of mind that you are protected today, tomorrow, and to infinity and beyond.

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Customer onboarding

Atera’s Network Discovery tool eliminates the pain of onboarding new users. Upgrade your process by letting our solution take care of all your complex challenges and time-consuming tasks.

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