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Instant scans for seamless user onboarding

Atera’s Network Discovery tool eliminates the pain of onboarding new users. Upgrade your process by letting our solution take care of all your complex challenges and time-consuming tasks.

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Discover network devices efficiently

With the right tool, the complicated onboarding of new users and devices is a thing of the past. It’s time to upgrade complex and time-consuming processes, and always be in-the-know when it comes to your network devices.

All devices connected to a network are automatically uncovered and reported directly to you. Onboard new user devices, computers, and networks quickly and conveniently. When you feel stuck on level-1, Atera will help you take new users to the next level. Seamlessly.


Inventory that stays updated, always

The never-ending hassles and checklists you need to stay vigilant of disappear into the ether with our Network Discovery. Its continuous scans spot any unauthorized devices that connect to the network, which enables you to act proactively. Bright-thinking for the next generation.
Next-level means total peace of mind with your always-updating inventory list.


Capacity planning

Whenever a new user or site joins, you can examine their entire remote system. Knowing how many devices are under your authority at any given time means you can plan on the right sized team for any given task right from the start of the service agreement. So, if a system sweep reveals that there is a lot more equipment to support than was initially declared, you’ll be able to accurately determine if you have allocated enough technicians to it. Working smarter just got a lot faster.


Right-sizing resources

Atera’s Network Discovery tool creates a log of exactly what equipment is attached to the network at any one time, so you can see in real-time what changes occurred in the composition of the system should there be any sudden changes in performance.

Getting a timestamped record of when devices were added to a network will support all your investigation efforts into security breaches. The system documentation provided by Atera’s Network Discovery will become part of the project documentation should the hunt for any rogue device become a real security issue.

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Absolute security

Consistently ensure your end-users’ security with Atera’s Network Discovery. Our next-generation security feature unearths unauthorized devices, prevents overload on the network, and facilitates the onboarding of end-users faster and better than ever before.

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