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Specifically tailored to the way IT departments accomplish their day-to-day tasks, Atera’s helpdesk solution and ticketing system are intuitive and user-friendly, enabling you to communicate with end-users using a live chat, in addition to managing tickets like a boss.

Intelligent ticketing and Helpdesk software

Streamline and automate ticketing in just a few clicks. With Atera, your tickets are automatically synced between the client Customer Portal and the Atera UI enabling instant communication. Emails can be automatically configured to respond to new and closed tickets.

  • Schedule tickets ahead of time
  • Manage technician schedules with ease
  • Open tickets from email or chat
  • Send automatic customer feedback surveys when tickets are resolved
Intelligent ticketing and helpdesk software - helpdesk - Mobile - EN

AI ticket tagging

Automatically categorize incoming tickets by specific keywords, so that all requests are allocated to the IT professional who can provide the quickest expert support with the smartest resolution. Less tasks in the dispatching queue means more time for strategic value. Game on.


  • Auto-tag tickets by specific keywords
  • Route tickets to the right technician for quick response
  • Customize tags with your customer or business context
AI ticket tagging - Helpdesk - Mobile - EN

Automated reports

In-depth automated reports and analytics enable you to prove your worth day-after-day. Instead of wasting time endlessly filling in complicated excels that don’t even begin to highlight the full scope of tasks your team accomplishes on a daily basis, get back to doing what you do best — providing next-level proactive support to your users.


  • User satisfaction reports
  • Total tickets resolved
  • Average ticket duration
  • And so much more
Automated reports - HelpDesk - Mobile - EN

Knowledge Base

Create and maintain a robust knowledgebase to centralize the storage of important articles, information, and essential tips and tricks. It’s now easier than ever to give end-users the next-generation of self-serve expertise.


  • Add informational articles tailored to the users’ needs
  • Offer tutorials and video content for onboarding or support
  • Create a repository of documentation

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Get full visibility and control of your IT environment—unlimited devices, fixed monthly cost.


Atera AI

Unlock new standards of organizational efficiency with Atera’s AI-powered solution.


Remote Access

Start sessions instantly and easily with AnyDesk, Splashtop, TeamViewer, or ScreenConnect.


Helpdesk & Ticketing

Deliver immediate, efficient, reliable end-user support and issue resolution at scale.


Network Discovery

Network Discovery provides complete security scans of your network in real time.


Patch Management

Automate Windows, Mac, and Linux software patches on your end-user devices.