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Why Use PSA Reporting & Analytics?

Having a comprehensive birds-eye-view of your IT business empowers you with actionable insights. Use the intelligent data points from your world-class reports to measure customer profitability, track timesheets, understand technical performance, load analysis and so much more from one beautiful, simple centralized platform all within just a few clicks.

Below are just a few reports that you get inside Atera’s all-in-one RMM and PSA.


Load Analysis Report

See the bottlenecks in your business that prevent productivity. With Load Analysis Report, you instantly see which tickets are being held up or being resolved, all with super-smart analytics. You’ll see Ticket Load by Status, Tickets by Time of Arrival and more.


Top Load Report

Get a better understanding of your business with better Ticket reporting. With Top Load Report, you gain complete visual intelligence with hard-data for all things Ticket metrics. Measure Total Tickets, Total Duration, Average Ticket Duration and lots more.


Technician Performance

Double your productivity by measuring the performance of your technicians. With Technician Performance Report, you can quickly analyze and compare your technicians by performance. Use this report often to turn your IT service into a well-oiled-machine.

PSA_Technician_Performance image

Customer Profitability

Grow your profits with smarter reporting on your customers. Use the Customer Profitability Report to instantly see which of your customers are helping your business the most and which are costing you the most. Use this report to be a brilliant decision maker and operator.

PSA_Customer_Profitability image


Master your time and efficiency like an IT super-hero. With the Timesheet report, you’ll see the precise metrics on all the time allocated to your customer tickets, time entries, hours worked related billing information.

PSA_Timesheet_Report image

Satisfied/Dissatisfied Customers

If your customers are the lifeblood of your business, then Satisfied Customer Report is one of the most crucial data points you need as an IT service provider. Use this report to fully understand how well (or not well) you’re doing in the eyes of your customers.

PSA_Satisfied_report Image

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