Supercharge Your Tickets and Ticket Automation

Our ticketing system is the most effective way to manage your customer environments, time-tracking, communication with customers, and details across the organization. Atera Plus makes it simple – with intelligent AI and automation rules, and seriously smart integrations with email, billing, your Customer Portal, and your SLA.

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Tickets and Ticket Automation

Introducing Atera Plus' AI Ticket Auto-Tagging

Classify ticket tags automatically using AI to get better results, faster. Atera Plus is smarter way to manage your tickets, delighting customers and ensuring that nothing falls through the gaps.

Details, Please
Introducing Ticket AI

7 Ways to Create Tickets

Did you know that there are seven ways to create tickets from within Atera? Your technicians can craft them up manually, your customer can use the hotkey combo of CTRl+F12, or they can also create a ticket automatically by sending an email to support. Alerts can prompt tickets either manually or automatically, and your customer can also create a ticket using their Customer Portal. Remember, if it’s necessary during a chat session – a ticket can be created from there, too! You can also create tickets ahead of time, planning recurring tickets for repeated tasks, and building a schedule that works for you.

6 Ways to Create Tickets

Elevated Ticket Communication

Think of your ticketing system like the easiest way to communicate with all the people involved in your daily work. Want to open an issue with a customer? Ticket. Want to reply to a customer about troubleshooting or a pressing issue? Ticket. Now want to reassign a task to another member or staff, or escalate the problem to a new department? You’ve guessed it – ticket. Speed up your repetitive and manual processes by creating Quick Reply templates based on your customer and business requirements such as welcoming them to your service, resolution of an issue, password resets, service updates, and anything else you can imagine!

Ticket Communication

Robust Ticket Filtering

Search through your tickets based on specific client environments or across all tickets to find similar use cases and support quick resolution. You can even create your own custom fields to search by, or use our pre-set standards such as priority, business impact, due date, status, or the product in question. Clear the search in a single click and start over to begin a new filtering process, or save filters for later so you can go back and view it again next time. 

Ticket Filtering

Create Ticket Automation Rules

Automations streamline the way you work and allow you to free up time for technicians elsewhere. With Atera, you can create as many unique automation rules as you like, from sending emails to customers to update them on ticket status, auto-assigning tickets to the right technicians for the task, and setting time or event-based triggers that work with your business context.

Create Ticket Automation Rules

Get Customer Feedback from Tickets Seamlessly

Customer feedback is the best way to keep improving your processes and ensure you’re raising those satisfaction scores and NPS rates. We bake-in our customer satisfaction survey directly into the ticketing process to make it easier for your clients and customers to provide the feedback you need to continually improve your service.

Get Customer Feedback from Tickets

Atera Plus' Automated Ticket Tags

If you’re not benefiting from ticket tagging – you’re going to love this feature! Atera’s smart AI solution automatically assigns tags based on keywords to help you better organize or extract information from your tickets. Auto Tags categorize based on topics such as password management, configuration changes, specific hardware like printers, or even the status of that hardware. You can also manually create and add these tags yourself – and even search by them.

AI Automated Ticket Tag

Integrate Ticketing With Your Calendar

Atera’s Office 365 integration uses Outlook’s existing interface to schedule your calendar events so that you and your technicians can see all scheduled events from within the tickets themselves. When you update your calendar, this will be automatically updated in any ticket that’s impacted too. Connect a single calendar for each account, including a shared calendar for your whole team to ensure seamless visibility and transparency across your staff. Google Calendar is also available for exporting event and ticket information.

Integrate Ticketing With Your Calendar

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