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Atera’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a seamless part of our All-in-One platform, enabling you to support customers and run a successful MSP business.

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What is Professional Services Automation (PSA)?

Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a technology toolset and platform designed to help IT service professionals and MSPs manage their customers with ease. From billing to the helpdesk to accounting, Atera’s all-in-one RMM and PSA gives IT pros everything they need to streamline their business so they can offer the best service possible.

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Customer Relationship Management

Manage all of your customers from just one system with a 360◦ view. Atera PSA software organizes all of your customer information in one place, including all relevant RMM and PSA information in-one view: Contacts, Contracts, SLA, Devices, Tickets.

Customer Relationship Management with Atera's PSA software for IT pros

Helpdesk and Ticketing

Manage your helpdesk like a pro with Atera’s simple and intuitive ticketing and time tracking system, designed specifically for MSPs and IT service providers.

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Knowledge Base

Simplify your customer knowledge base within Atera’s all-in-one centralized platform. With Atera’s PSA you can stop storing your important and sensitive customer knowledge in spreadsheets or notepads. Now it’s easy for everyone on your team to access the most up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

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Flexible Contracts and Services

Whatever contract you need to create, Atera’s PSA gives you the power and flexibility to create it with ease. Including differentiated rates for off hour work, projects, 3rd party products and tons more.

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Import Contacts from Azure Active Directory

Atera’s integration with Azure Active Directory (AD) enables you to import and sync your customers’ contacts from Azure AD to Atera, so your Atera contacts stay effortlessly up-to-date. The integration entails a simple and secure, one-way sync in which new contacts in Azure AD are created in Atera and existing contacts are updated in Atera to mirror Azure AD.

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AI Ticket Auto Tagging

AI auto-tagging makes your help desk manager’s life easier by automatically categorizing tickets by specific keywords. Search by specific tags to make things smoother.

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Add Standardization

Supercharge Your Tickets and Ticket Automation

Speed up your repetitive and manual processes by creating Quick Reply templates based on your customer and business requirements.

Search through your tickets based on specific client environments or across all tickets to find similar use cases and support quick resolution.

Automatic AI Ticket Dispatcher
As a medium size MSP, our technicians time is extremely valuable and a lot used to be wasted in administration tasks and inefficiencies.
Thanks to Atera’s sophisticated set of PSA functions – such as ticketing, time capturing, billing and QuickBooks® integration we are able to dramatically increase our efficiency and reduce the end of month billing effort.
RG Digital, USA

Automatic Time Capture, Monthly Billing & Time Sheets

Take your contracts to the next level with professional services automation.
Automatically apply time to any contract type, end the tedious process of creating monthly bills and invoices. Stop billing disputes with ticket, time, and invoice details that are configurable per customer.

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Integration with Accounting Software

Create beautiful invoices with a click of a button to in your favorite accounting software, saving hours of work every month. Atera currently integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero and can output a General CSV for input in any Accounting software.

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Customer Portal

Give your customers even better support with our Customer Portal. This is where your customers can track tickets, access your knowledge base posts, and open their own tickets. Best part? Customer Portal is 100% brandable, giving you the perfect support platform for your MSP business.

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Run your entire IT business from the palm of your hands from anywhere with Atera’s mobile app. Resolve alerts, manage devices and tickets, contact customers, get more billable hours and so much more. Now you can solve problems before they happen, even on the go.

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Reports and Analytics

Get a comprehensive birds-eye-view of with a full range of reports to hit your data-driven goals. Measure your support load, activities, customers’ satisfaction, billing, and your support team’s performance with intelligent analytics to streamline your operations and services.

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