The powerful IT ticketing system you need to supercharge your service

Research reveals that 59% of consumers say customer service is essential for brand loyalty. However, most companies need help delivering excellent customer service resulting in poor brand reputation, customer retention rates, and loss of revenue.


Today, thanks to technology, businesses can deliver compelling customer experiences across different channels using ticket management tools.


These tools work to boost productivity and resolve issues for both internal and external error resolution. One such tool is the IT ticketing system


Learn more about intelligent IT ticketing systems and how you can select the best solution for your business. 


What is a ticketing system in IT?


An IT ticketing system is software that helps to streamline IT support processes, track support issues and deliver seamless IT support services. The IT ticketing software equips the IT department with tools to effectively collect, track and resolve problems internally without losing vital information or forgetting to resolve an open case. 


When a user encounters an error or issue with their tool, create a request with details and submit it through the IT ticketing system. This request is called a ticket and holds information about the nature of the error, priority status, and tool. 


Subsequently, the IT department can view error logs, report, prioritize and delegate the task to the IT professional with the expertise to solve that issue.


Unlike the manual process that sometimes leads to losing track of open cases due to heavy service requests, the tool automates ticket management. It eliminates the stress of repeating monotonous activities. 


With automatic notification, the IT department will receive service requests promptly, and users can keep track of the resolution process, which supports employee satisfaction and seamless operations.

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Why use an IT Ticketing System?


Do you know that  91% of customer service teams say a help desk system increases productivity? Hence, running your business without an IT ticketing system is simply self-sabotage. Using ticket management software will help you achieve the following result. 


  1. Organize a high volume of requests in a centralized system
  2. Maintain users satisfaction and brand loyalty
  3. Automate request resolution workflow and management
  4. Automate Reporting and analytics to anticipate customers’ needs better 
  5. Deliver personalized customer service experience to users
  6. Simplify team collaboration
  7. Helps users find information easily to aid self-service adoption
  8. Support team collaboration and improve agents’ productivity
  9. Deliver effective customer service, which will boost business revenue.


Is an IT ticket system a CRM?


Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool that equips you with a centralized platform to manage customer information. On the other hand, IT ticketing software provides organizations with tools to manage internal support requests. CRM differs from IT ticketing systems  in the following ways:


  1. CRM software focuses on delivering proper customer information management to enhance decision-making. On the other hand, an IT ticketing system aims to resolve employees’ technical issues timely to improve employees’ satisfaction and effective resolution process.
  2. IT ticketing software works on a problem-solution basis in the form of IT support when an error arises. While CRM provides Many features to cater to customer-related issues, it’s equipped with modules for sales, marketing, HR, and IT support services, to name a few. 
  3. CRM software helps you build better employee relationships. While a ticket management system automates error handling for seamless error resolution workflow and employee satisfaction


How to choose the best ticketing system for your business?


Ticket management software aims to quickly resolve internal service or customer issues to eliminate workflow deadlocks. The services support businesses’ IT departments with tools to boost employee and customer satisfaction without losing track of vital records. 


The benefits of using It ticketing software in your IT department are unlimited. However, the market is saturated with many solutions that fail to deliver on their promises. Here’s a list of features to look out for when searching for the best IT ticketing system for your business. 


Supports seamless customization and integration


As your business grows, so do your business needs. You will need to adopt new tools to enhance productivity and efficiency. Hence, it’s essential to use an IT ticketing system that supports integration with popular software


Whether it’s Finance management software, CRM, HR management software, etc., it’s best to check if ticket management software integrates seamlessly with your existing business technology. 


For example, Atera’s helpdesk integrates with TeamViewer and Screen connect and supports creating a session Via AnyDesk for remote access services.


Supports workflow automation


When choosing an IT ticket management system, an important feature is workflow automation support. The system should provide tools like AI ticket tagging that automatically categorizes incoming ticket requests based on predefined keywords. This feature will eliminate the deadlock caused by queuing tickets until a service agent is available. This way, tickets are rerouted to the best support professional that can resolve the issues fast and effectively. 


Provides a knowledge base for self-service adoption


According to a Microsoft report, 90% of customers globally expect brands or organizations to have an online self-service support portal. Also, a knowledge base helps to save time and cost on repeating mundane service requests. With a built-in knowledge base, users can easily find information on common issues and fix them themselves. 


When selecting an IT ticketing system to boost productivity, you should look for one with a provision for the knowledge base. For example, the Atera helpdesk provides a customizable knowledge base module that supports automatically rerouting unresolved issues to a live agent. 


Select a ticket management system that allows you to customize self-service options to suit your unique business needs.


Provides automated reporting and analytics


Report creation takes time and effort, especially when you have to log every detail on a spreadsheet. Aside from the hassle, it also affects how fast companies can make effective business decisions. 


With about 66% of consumers expecting companies to anticipate their needs, the need for fast data and analytics is a prerequisite for successful customer satisfaction. 


An automated report collects and partitions data following set parameters. 

You can generate a user satisfaction report, resolved tickets, and average ticket creation data. 


It’s best to choose a tool that offers these features, as timely insights will equip you with information to anticipate users’ needs and stay ahead of future issues.


Boost productivity with Atera’s powerful IT ticketing system 


Companies that invest in good customer service have seen up to an 8% increase in revenue. With customer service’s current growth and benefits, you need to be at the top of your game. You need the best IT ticketing tools to achieve the best results, like boosting productivity, organizing tickets, and improving customer service delivery. 


These tools help you to cut costs on a repetitive task, improve productivity, automate workflow, and boost user satisfaction.  


Atera offers businesses an intelligent way to streamline their ticket management workflow with powerful help desk and  IT ticketing tools

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