Highlights from a Recent Review of Atera’s Network Discovery: Here’s How it Worked for SMB Nation!

We love nothing more than hearing your success stories and learning how you achieved incredible business growth by using Atera. After all, that’s what we got into this business for!


We got a sneak peek at a new white paper published by Harry Brelsford at SMBNation, who recently supported Andy Higgins at IMCollaboration in installing Atera on the client’s data center.


Download the whole Network Discovery White Paper, we guarantee it’s well worth a read. Here are some of the highlights.


“This is the first time we have seen a technical tool that crosses over to a marketing machine”


This description hits the nail right on the head for us here at Atera. Watch as two disparate elements of your business come together to show new value for the first time. The technical side is the algorithm, working hard continuously to scan all the inventory data that comes in via the RMM solution. This effortlessly produces relevant marketing related information, giving you valuable insight into what upsell opportunities are waiting right there on the table, ready to present to your customers – with an automatic financial value assigned.


“It’s safe to say the ROI is fantastic and off the charts!”


The stats we shared during this quarter’s Fireside Chat got a lot of our MSPs talking. The average MSP has almost $90,000 worth of untapped revenue, if they could only gain the insight and visibility they need to spot where it’s hidden.


These opportunities could be anything from warranty upgrades, to End-of-Life machines, hardware or software replacements, or security patches and feature-fixes. By going to your clients with actionable intelligence of the gaps or risks in their IT network, there’s almost no selling to do whatsoever. Couple this with Atera’s innovative per-technician pricing, and you’ve got the most cost-effective and revenue-generating solution available in the MSP world.

Atera is particularly well-positioned in the SMB marketplace for MSPs seeking a lightweight and effective management tool.”


As part of the white paper, Brelsford looked into what makes MSPs choose Atera, something we’re always interested in hearing more about. He found that there are two key ways that MSPs become part of the Atera tribe.


  • As a migration from a larger MSP solutions provider: Oftentimes, the bigger players in the market are just too “bulky” for a targeted MSP business. They might offer dozens of bells and whistles, but what the organization really wants is great features that work well, for a streamlined cost and more personalized customer service than the large RMM or PSA technology providers can offer.


  • By comparing similar solutions and rating Atera #1: We were proud to see that we’re consistently getting it right, winning out against our competition in two key ways. Firstly, our per technician pricing can’t be beat for affordability and control. Secondly, our features are driven by you, the Atera community, and we regularly add game-changing functionality as we’ve seen with the new Network Discovery tool.


If you have your own story to tell about how Atera is helping you kill it in the MSP industry, get in touch and we can help you share it with the world! Make sure to read the full white paper, which includes some great tips and tricks to make installing Atera even easier for a new client.