Customer Stories

Lekker Foods keeps remote employees connected and productive with Atera!

We sat down with Lekker’s IT manager Robert Dick to look behind the scenes into the needs of a company that makes ‘delicious’ part of their daily routine and to hear firsthand how they brought their IT management in-house and all the benefits that came with that move.

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Bringing clients into the digital revolution via Atera’s App Center

“It was easy to onboard, implement, and understand the entire interface with next to no training. One of the employees here has a lot of familiarity with scripting, and he showed us that its power was incomparable to others in implementation and use.”

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Atera keeps an IT company agile, without a sales team

“Before Atera, we had basic kind of patching capabilities, but it was never as robust, so it couldn’t really be trusted. Now we can push out patches, scripts, and programs without thinking about it. It makes it easier when onboarding new clients, and their machines have 40-50 patches to do.”Adam Beer, IT Technician

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Fast-tracking to scalability and agility with Atera

“When we brought in IT members from the acquisition, it was very easy to onboard them to Atera because of its intuitive interface and the built-in onboarding flows.”Rick Moreschi, IT Director


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Aspen Solutions is Using Atera as a Force Multiplier to Resolve Customer Issues Faster

“We want to provide support services to more of our clients, and we quickly realized that Atera is going to be the tool that allows us to do this in a scalable fashion.”John Clark, Head of Business Improvement

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"Atera’s technology is so good that it has become second nature for us"

Since starting a year ago with Atera, Amerihub has seen some wonderful changes to how they support their customers. “We are very happy with everything Atera has provided our business,” says Vince. “As we grow, we are gradually adding more and more of their services to increase our efficiency and deliver even better support to those that matter most, our clients.”

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"Atera has helped us streamline our processes to become more operationally efficient"

Gartner expects cloud migration to affect $1 trillion in IT spending by the end of 2020, making cloud computing one of the most disruptive technologies today, promising lucrative opportunities for those ready to meet this demand. With Atera, Cloudscape is set up to capitalize on the cloud opportunity in the market.

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